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Mission node randomization and difficulty selection


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This is something that needs to happen at some point or another. There are so many "Kill everything" missions someone can repeat. A mission randomizer can give us the replayability we've been asking for since forever.

Think about it. Instead of having a single, long mission objective like defend for 5 waves or kill 200 enemies or defend 3 computer terminals, etc. why not have shorter, randomized ones that can link organically with one another? Even going to as far as having multiple different objectives at one.

What if you had to capture a target, which happens to be carrying a datamass, which you need to insert in a console to gain access to a prison to rescue an operative which you have to defend for 1 minute before extracting?

There are millions of possible permutations.

For example:

-Escort an operative so he can hack an signal tower which you have to keep under control (interception style) while supplies beam down and you have to capture them. All the while, you still have to defend the operative.

-Take a datamass to hack a mobile drone which then you have to escort so he can unlock a spy vault all of that while demolysts are constantly trying to take it down.

-Defend an objective so more life support capsules can spawn, all the while you have to bring in energy cells to the defense objective.

Multiple mini-objectives merging together nicely and randomly. There are tons and tons of possibilities if we pair all the various mission types with bounties and narrow the scope so the objectives can be done quickly.

On top of the above, once we have the node complete, we should be able to select increased difficulty levels, ranging from simple high level enemies to sortie/nightmare/disruption/arbitration modifiers in exchange for increased rewards.

This would allow us to tailor missions to our playstyle. Too easy for you? How about level 150 enemies with speedboost, high eximus percentage, low energy and vampire mode?


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