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  1. They said several times they don't want to invest the time and resources to create and monitor the market, with the legal ramifications it entails, like money laundering.
  2. I mean, this fine tuning would be completely optional and no mods are necessary. f people do nothing, their shields would remain as they are right now, but min-maxers would probably invest the time to create their perfect shield loadouts. And since you could technically change them mid-mission, you can experiment to your leisure.
  3. Oh, those mods. Well, they exist. I still see no issue, as damage reduction still caps at 95% (or 90%?) and stuff here stacks multiplicatively, not additively. You won't get say 110% cold resistance. People have been asking for shield hardening and shield resistance since forever. I think this is a cool way to implement those, allowing quick customization on the fly. Without numbers, it'd be hard to say if this would be useless or too overpowered. I think this would help with sorties if there's an elemental modifier to enemies, and it'll help overall. Being able to tailor your shie
  4. I see no reason to change any of that. My idea just adds some extra customization to shields. I mean, it's not like Warframes are stupidly survivable as is. This would be a cool, extra detail and a way to utilize the foundation they've already laid. Combined element resistances can be calculated based on what you have assigned. ie.: 10% fire and 50% cold equals 30% blast. Or they could add more sliders, yeah. It was just a simple mockup. Shields have vulnerabilities as well. So, I guess sliders could go to something like [-100% to +95%] and you'd be able to customize it, cranking one up decrea
  5. Gotta point out that no matter what you claim you have or the price you're attempting to sell it at, warframe market only takes into account confirmed trades. So, even if you claim you have 1 million helios sets and you put them at 1 platinum, the average price won't drop down a single bit. Everything else is supply and demand.
  6. Wouldn't it be cool if we could change the frequencies at which our shields operate? Wouldn't it be cool if Warframe shields had their own separate loadout? but not with mods. How about repurposing that unused UI from the Railjack trailer, the one where they showed power level management, and apply that to warframe shielding in the Arsenal. That way, we could adjust our shields beforehand, save our various loadouts. Say, I'm in Deimos and I want more toxin resistance, so I crank the shield's toxin resistance, but then it's vulnerable to other elements. Same with capacity, regene
  7. This is a stupid boss that removes every aspect that makes Warframe, Warframe and turns it into a generic Super Mario bossfight. I mean, if you're masochistic or love those kinds of games, sure, you might love it.
  8. One of the things that I saw was some kind of weird blue crystal sword and I went crazy looking for the glaive as an option. Then, another time there was those 3 tarnished gold symbols that I thought were the central thing of the legem, but none of them looked like the one I got, and the wave conduit, I tried with the 3 different options I got presented with, because the first time it didn't work, despite me looking at the picture, and the 3 times I fell to the void. So, wtf is this S#&$?
  9. At first I thought I was going insane, but I took photographs of every piece of evidence. I keep getting presented with options that were never part of the evidence I gathered. I've already attempted that S#&$ 5 times and I keep failing because of the random-ass S#&$ that keeps appearing as options. The latest attempt showed me some weird tarnished gold pieces that I've never even seen, and I checked if they were part of the other 4 series before but they #*!%ing weren't. So, is it bugged for me or what?
  10. Wouldn't it be cool if the talented community artists could create map tiles and unique maps? It'd increase variety and lighten the developers' workload. They'd, of course, be added free of charge. We've already seen Dojo decorators create awesome tiles with very, very limited resources. I wonder what they could do with a proper mapping tool?
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