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  1. This is why the crew should take their posts when a tenno is not manning them rather than if a tenno is missing from the party. That way you can have people in space and ground at the same time and still be efficient rather than crippled. Still, i don't think railjack is salvageable at this point. The update sounded awesome on paper, but to me, it made railjack even worse, and it was already bad to begin with.
  2. Heh, welcome to the club. I was like, oh, well I had everything maxed. Free endo, I guess, but DE played us like goddamn fiddles. You thought you'd have everything maxed out? Ha! I double the levels of most mods and nerf them! Welcome to the new grind. The funniest S#&$ is that the endo I got back is only enough to level up a single mod of the ones I used to have maxed.
  3. Same here. The update sounded bonkers and amazing and I got fed up after a few games because now I have to farm for hull upgrades, the endo I got back barely covers levelling up 1 of the mods that got its levels doubled, the railjack turned into a taxi and most important, I can't play with mine! They've proved incapable of fixing this gamemode once again, and it would as easy as make space gamemodes that are also compatible with ground play. FFS, you have 4 people and a crew of NPCs. Is it so hard to keep the people who want to pew pew in space occupied with fun objectives while the groun
  4. Crewmembers should take their post so long as there's no Tenno manning the station (and leave if a Tenno wants to use it). That way, nobody's forced to do something they don't want to and the railjack is ever uncrewed because people are more interested in ground/archwing combat than manning turrets or playing fix-it-Felix.
  5. And that's probably not gonna change with the new matchmaking. If anything, now I'm flying solo so I can use my Railjack. Congrats to DE on achieving the opposite of what they wanted.
  6. Not someone else's ffs. If I board my railjack and start a mission from the railjack I want my railjack. If someone wants to crew, they can use the starchart.
  7. I can't claim my second octavia noggle. All I get is one error after another.
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