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Biased changes for things I would like to see...


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Time for me to go into pretentious consumer mode, and list somethings that I think would either improve or spark inspiration for the game and if not hopefully generate discussion with some of my peers.

I ain't a coder, so keep the spaghet to yourself, I understand implementation and balance is a ton work for even the tiniest of things and the devs work super hard. 

I also know that some of these things will be much harder to implement than others...

 So here we go.


1. Updating older or less played game modes to the more modern form of Warframe's proactive play style.

2. Ideas on status combination and weapon type.

3. Ideas difficulty without level increase.

4. Rewarding players to farm the lower level maps and possibly interact with newer members.

5. Stance acquisition or progression ideas

6. Warframe! not "wait frame", mod acquisition for builds and greater involvement of the flawed mods system. (similar points to 5)

7. No spoilies, bad spoilies!

1. Gamemode additions and ideas 

addition of those hack dudes from Fortuna bounties ( yes I know they're corpus, but I would assume it would be easy enough to add a grineer variant such as the seekers from PoE) into mobile defence, this increases the overall interactivity with the gamemode and rewards people for skillful play instead of spamming frost bubbles and the dreaded waiting. Hijack could have the movement speed of the target scale off people interacting with it, so a solo player has the same speed as 4 players however still has the shield drain, if people want to run inaros/hildryn on it let them, this is more to facilitate those poor solo baby players getting stuck and frustrated on the low level Hijacks when clearing star charts. To add: an addition would be shield recharge kits that drop from enemies thus making it more interactive instead of the dreaded waiting. Defection: red veil assassins attack every squad on defection and if you kill them the dudes get a speed buff as they're no longer afraid of the edge lords music; Elimination defence exactly what it says on the tin kill x amount of enemies makes sure point doesn't die where enemies would spawn in "ramsled" pods in squads of 4-20, more Infested salvage nodes possibly incorporating the other factions, Single node interception where you have an efficiency depending on the number of enemies alive on the map ( in a similar vein to SO or ESO).

2. Status on Status.

Whens the last time you used magnetic or gas(when it wasn't "busted now! plz nerf!")? Turn these into CC forms similar to blast whereby a mag proc'd enemy gets the lifted status increasing damage to them by [insert balanced % here] as blast opens them up for a ground finisher and a gas proc'd enemy starts choking or something, you know actually making the combination of status mods do something other than 'make stick bigger' do more damage to X enemy.

Impact should chance to stagger and overall increase the effectiveness of stuns (if it doesn't already) and puncture should increase the likelihood of status being applied to the enemy.

3. Difficulty without just adding numbers or removing abilities. ( well technically there are numbers here but I mean stats)

Add additional status effects ( no sorties don't count... oh yeah puncture status is so dangerous) that the enemies(outside of eximus class) can apply at higher levels or having status's mix, additionally the addition of a status that disrupts you from entering operator mode for that crutch elevate. Viral procing enemies actually beind dangerous for inaros if he's not taking care with his 4. More access to corrosive attacks and heat attacks making those high armour frames a little more damaging.

This is more to stimulate ideas of difficulty beyond, "You can't do that!"... ( Which I personally hate"

4. Ideas to stimulate the community into playing through lower level nodes.

What do I mean, let admit if it isn't a friend, most of the Warframe community would laugh at doing any of the low level missions outside of the highest drop chance, nightmare mission or rifts, therefore are less likely to interact with the newer members of our glorious community and thus reduce the amount of possible customers and friends. What I would do is create nontransferable affinity boosts to these nodes specifically earth, venus, mercury where you're most likely to find newer players, thus you can't just focus farm a quicker node, (yes I know this would open us up to exploiters but is that really something that matters) having people have fun as fast as possible.( additionally a similar buff could be applied up to jupiter but this would be vastly reduced).

Notes to this is that the "helper" must have a warframe, companion, weapon not max level to be eligible for the buff. On endless missions it should stop being active after rotation C.

25% of all enemies that spawn into the mission would be marked, baby fodder. These enemies would go into the parazon kill state upon receiving lethal damage( this would be overkill damage from beyond 50% however all armour shred and status effects remain except do not deal damage.) from any source apart from the baby or the parazon finisher from the "helper". This means that the parazon actually gets used (YAY) and baby gets to think they helped. For extermination or any mode that requires a kill count this could be reduced to 10%.

Adding thralls would be a good idea too, however it wouldn't stimulate as much interaction as it is.

This wouldn't remove the amount of people running Hydron, SO etc, but it would still provide a possible alternative.

5. Removal or change of stance mod acquisition.

Wow Wtf!? What's this mad lad thinking... I farmed x-stance for a drop-chance Y-decimal for 6 months while I walked to school both ways with a rock, in the snow, all the while a volcano was going off.

Stance mods should be earn through use of the weapon type, completing challenges with the weapon or just levelling, instead of by a drop. ( note I think making it a flawed version could also work while keeping the stance drop) but I found with the recent melee change everyone was like nice super epic a lot more weapons are viable I'm going to play them... Oh what's this I don't have any stances for X-weapon oh its a 0.02% drops chance, nvm then.

6. Removing the wait from progress.

Baro is a good thing, Baro is a great thing. Stimulates the economy for all the little new players who can't wait for their primed mods to get min/maxed. It's a fantastic thing to keep people invested in their final building stages. But I think everyone agrees that aura mods are far more important.

Well one of them is, that sexy dash polarity, corrosive projection. Or some other ungodly abomination you want to run, you do you fam!

Locking aura mods behind Nightwave I feel is almost sinful. An aura mod is like a Warframe's underwear, its what you put on first when you're creating your build, you try out all the styles till you feel comfy and you just don't feel right without it.

Firstly not only is it a weekly based rotation, most new players can't even do most of the nightwave challenges even if they have the MR or get dragged through it by their friends.

Also remove the "Build a spectre" from Europa junction K-thanks. -As an aside I get that a fair bit of revenue comes from rushing the foundry and if you're at Jupiter you're probably invested (but in my newbish 800 hours I haven't used a spectre once.)- or at least acknowledge its building and tick it off.

With the addition of railjack we've come to learn of the different schools for avionics, as a wish I would ask that we add lesser or flawed corrupted mods to the dark sector missions on each planet, as corrupted mods are kind of a big deal in 99% of Warframe builds. Thus meaning you can actually get some of those builds off the ground earlier, additionally placing the derelict blueprints to the could also be added to the drop table as well as the market, creating a more natural integration. E.g. Crossfire exterminate drops derelict exterminate Bp, Crossfire sabotage drops Derelict Sabotage Bp. etc.

Additionally this would also be a good place to have the vault keys Blueprints drop from these missions, in addition to be crafted from the Dojo.

7. Option to turn off 5th ability outside of removing key binding.

I think everyone in this community want to try their best to not spoil "after Neptune" but I think a lot of us, myself included, have the built in muscle memory to get that mission start energising dash. So I would just ask for a quick feature to disable it if someone hasn't done "After Neptune" this should be relatively easy as they should still be getting chased by naked (basic) stalker.

8. A quick thank you to Digital Extremes for the phenomenal game they created and to anyone who managed to make it to the end!

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