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Serious UI/controls concern - "Tab" info


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Ever since the UI update when some info (like hints in warframe Abilities screen) have been hidden in a popup window, contents of which are supposed to be toggleable by pressing "Tab". It never worked for me, but, as a veteran player I never concerned myself with it, hoping it will get fixed eventually, by the time some crucial stuff will appear in similar popups.
That time has come, and the problem still remained.

With help of General Chat I was able to pinpoint the issue: for years I had "Tab" key bound to "Show player list", which I bound in the days when I was playing Conclave often, and for which I found other uses now, in fact I tend to start most squad missions pressing "Tab" to see how many people are in the squad or whether or not everyone loaded already.

Turns out that action somehow overrides the "Tab" input. While I can rebind it for a temporary fix, and view the Railjack weapon stats with "Tab" as intended, I'd hate for this rebind to be permanent as it is something I am very much used to.

I believe I am not the only one having that problem and I really hope someone at DE reads this and addresses the issue.

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