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Railjack unable to go to drydock


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When I use my own railjack for a mission and when I want to return to my drydock because the not marked on the star chart or Drydock planet and I have to abort the mission and loose all my rewards. At first I thought it was my clan so I left and joined a new one but nothing changed all my clan mates can come to the drydock when they are done except me. I have upgraded my ship but can’t use it. Please fix this

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12 hours ago, (XB1)WaxySand2879748 said:

Yes I can pull up star chart. I can also see the drydock planet but it’s not marked. I always start from drydock but also sometimes I start from orbiter but nothing changes.

So, here's some things to try:

  • Zoom in/out over the dry dock to see if you can find a spot where it's selectable
  • Select another mission and start that up, then abort.   You should be able to keep the items/XP that you got from the previous mission.  It might not show in the summary screen, but if you go to the dry dock and check the RJ panel, your stuff should be there.
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