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[Re] Jackal (Venus) Concept


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Basic Pattern


1. Heavy Machine Gun


2. Guided Missiles


3. Sticky Grenades


4. Shock wave stomp


5. Boost jump (side)

Along with the sound that steam comes off( Psh...)

It will move a certain distance to side to side.

(damage, knockdown)



Special Pattern


1. Boost jump (up)

Every 60/30% of his health, he jumps up to the wall and fires missiles.

when he gets certain amount of damage, he'll come down with a BIG shock wave stomp.


2. Rage

When Jackal's health is below 40%,

he gets 20% of change to get in rage mode when he is knockdown by users.

(motion : shaking head, standing up immediately)

He will be immune to skill, and wont be knockdown for 3 sec.

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