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Leaving Railjack seat automatically re-enters it


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Very very frequently, leaving a railjack station (piloting, gunning, forward artilery) will play the animation of leaving the seat, and then immediately re-enter it. It is very frustrating when you are trying to go deal with a critical issue. 

I haven't found steps to reproduce, but it happens maybe 4/5 times I try and leave a station when playing regularly. It could be placebo, but it sometimes feels like attacking or rolling helps prevent the bug from happening, but it's not guaranteed. 

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I can confirm that this happens to me as well. This has been going on for me since the beginning of Empyrean. I've failed to find ways to get it to happen every time, though. Hopefully, if I do end up being able to reproduce it 100% of the time, I'll make a new reply with a video recording of it in action.

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