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operator transferance to Kuva lich companion


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Hi, odd idea but as the title suggests what are the chances of having operators being able to use transference into our lich companions? could be a cool project to have on the back burner,

  • it adds to both operators and liches and effectively gives people a tonne of new gameplay options and is usable in all game modes and types.
  • liches already share the same shield/armour/health types as warframes and use weapons warframes can use so it could be easy to balance.
  • they have cool versions of existing moves which adds fun without taking possible new thematics.
  • it adds a new randomized "end game" goal.
  • room for comedy VO on entering and exiting transference
  • could add a ton of new gameplay types "using your companion to sneak through a grineer security outpost"
  • it soft alleviates the poor companion AI
  • it makes for a more interesting bond between the converted companion and the operator (similar to how people feel towards warframes)
  • can expand on the storyline in its release.
  • it makes some sense due to the old blood/kuva/war within links.
  • could generate revenue with kuva lich themed market items or additional cosmetics farmed via relic farming / rare drop on lich kills.


  • requires new animations
  • a fair amount of bugs to work out in the process
  • it would take quite a lot of time to release, does this balance with the impact of its release?
  • might be under utilised by the player base / not as important due to lack of Kuva fashion frame.
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