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Operator as RJ Pilot doesn't have access to intrinsics abilities.


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Just letting you since it's it's been bugging me for a while now and it hasn't been addressed yet. It's a cross-platform bug, so not PS4 exclusive.

When you switch to your operator and attempt to use him to pilot the ship, the operator gets into the seat just fine , and will pilot the ship, but he won't have access to the Intrinsics the player has unlocked. In essence , you're gimping your playing experience if you ever try to pilot your RJ as your operator.

For example, I'm Rank 10-10-9-10 , yet when my operator is driving , i cannot boost or use any of the advanced pilot maneuvers, and my ship is much less responsive. Assuming it also applies to gunner intrinsic like the overheat reduction... Basically it's back to when you were at intrinscs zero.

It also begs the question if this is a global issue whenever the player switches to operator at any time in a mission.



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