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  1. Is there an upcoming fix for the bug where the interface color theme keeps reverting to the default color on logon on PS5 ? It's been hapenning since last hotfix... Not a huge deal, but annoying to have to go into options each time and re-enable the stalker theme...
  2. I think most people will agree right now that Lavos is probably the best pilot for RJ due to him having cooldowns instead of using energy, to the point that it kinda make him the Meta choice for piloting the ship. You skip both the tedium of having to mod him for energy AND to constantly have to funnel new WF energy to refill the energy bar of the ship... There's also been tons of complain about the decision to tie your warframe's energy economy with the ship's economy, mainly the following. It forces you to have dedicated RJ build for each of your frames , with big energy pools.
  3. Personally , I still get the feeling that the RJ part of the mission is long enough to be it's own mission ,especially when you get like two on-foot side objectives that take a long time like killing the drones plus the the side objectives and destroying crewships... So at the very least the rewards from the RJ part should be saved and given to the player even if he fails the ground part. Thankfully they seem to have improved Volatile to be more forgiving for solo players, although orphix can still lead to a wipe if your mech gets blown (since they removed most of the rent-a mech in the a
  4. Can we get a fix for the "All members of dojo have left" error when going to strata relay in a railjack ? Makes them unable as mission exit points ... Even though they are supposed to be the best mission exit points since you get random MR30 perks going back and you don't screw your crewmates by kicking them out of the dojo when host leave.
  5. I had it work only once in months. I'm starting to think it only works on the base relay when you are using a vanilla frame with no deluxe skin or tennogen skin... Or that there's only a few statues they made and the frames that are not on the short list do not get a statue and celebration. Would maybe try with vanilla ember / rhino / hydroid / loki, as we know these statues do exist.
  6. Have no idea how this passed cert , but it needs to be hotfixed ASAP.... Getting the Bug on PS5 in solo 100% of the time in missions. At first I though it was only wreckage by kills from your crew, but after unequipped crewmembers on the turrets there's still tons of wreckage I cannot pick up. Current theories are the following: Either it's some components that cannot be picked (for example I don't remember getting a single reactor / engine / shield array from gameplay)... then again maybe they only drop for end of mission rewards now... Another theory that some of m
  7. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TYPE: Progression DESCRIPTION: Many of the Ship Upgrades cannot be picked in space. REPRODUCTION: Two missions in a row so far where I could only loot a couple of parts. EXPECTED RESULT: All purple parts should be lootable. OBSERVED RESULT: Unable to loot many of the purple RJ parts. REPRODUCTION RATE: 80% (some parts do get picked up), but I think the ones that your crew kills do not). -------------------------------------
  8. Don't really run sorties, but yeah, this map is really badly suited for defense. It's too big, enemies keep getting stuck everywhere, they take ages to get to the pod, when they do get to the pod, they keep ducking on the railings to the side making them annoying to shoot, it's also really badly designed to see where enemies are coming from in all directions due to the way each cardinal point is segmented by structures and the fact it's on a pyramid like shaped slope means you can't really see where the enemies are coming ,forcing you to constantly do a 360 sweep around the pod to make sure yo
  9. Yeah, crewships still deal no damage and they move so slow they are basically unusable. Sucks because one of the thing people want in RJ is four players piloting a ship simultaneously, yet currently the only ship worth piloting is the Railjack. Second the fact the plexus and everything the player unlocked in RJ should apply to the crewships.
  10. Strange , never got that issue... You launching from Dojo / Relay / RJ Atop of Orbiter / Main Starchart play Raijack button ?
  11. Disagree with the three umbra solution.. For one hardly any build uses three umbral forma mods. I don't want to gimp by builds by being forced to have all three mods equipped or to have a mismatched polarity with negative cost just so my frame can shoot a couple bullets when I'm in operator form. Still think the best solution is to make Command Intrinsic 10 Rank the ability to have Necramechs have rudimentary AI provided by the Railjack's Cephalon when deployed and have the same AI also work on frames when using operator mode... I mean there's already working Necramech AI in Deimos and AI
  12. What's even more annoying is when they retroactively remove the ability to do some combinations that were possible before. For example for a long time I had the Ceno Armor's Helmet on with a mask and some glasses on, making me look really cool. Then one day out of nowhere they removed the ability to do so even though there wasn't really any clipping going on... Also belive at this time they decided to make it so that any hair the operator have gets removed when wearing said helmet, when before it would show up normally... WHY ? Likewise the Wolf Hood that was just released would be so muc
  13. Yeah TBH I feel like current-gen VR is a gimmick past it's prime at this point. I'm sure in a couple of generations we'll have better headsets that are super comfortable, with high quality lenses and great 4K hd 120 FPS screens, with awesome cordless battery life and that they will have mostly solved the motion sickness and control issues, but for now, It's not something I want to play for more than an hour before feeling like going back to traditional games... A cool gimmick to rent or borrow and play for a week as you try a couple tech demos and shorter VR experiences, but not something
  14. I know Clem is powerful, but I mean, the guy currently manages to be in three places at once (At Darvo's Shop, in the Steel Meridian Syndicate Area and in his Small Secret Hut in Iron Wake)... Not counting the fact he can be in multiple Relays at once . Not sure he can handle being full time on every single Tenno's ship too.. Who need grineer Clones when a Single Clem is quantum Physics omniscient and can be everywhere and nowhere at once.
  15. Honestly there's been quite a few updates that were released in the last few years on PC that had gamebreaking or major 100% occurence gamebugs in the main path of the new content that had to be hotfixed like an hour or two after launch, which gives credit to the theory that DE doesn't really playtest the updates before dropping them that much. Really feels like the minute they have all the content in the build they do a quick smoke test check and poof ,it's time to ship it and let people find the bugs for them, as it's more cost-effective than having actual internal testers playtesting the n
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