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  1. Got the issue once too. My solution was to notifiy the rest of my crew to allow the RJ to get boarded so the grineer made their way to the cabin to murder me... And it worked !
  2. Still think DE needs to make a dedicated small team solely tasked with providing regular events to make the game alive. Doesn't have to be huge, very deep events, i mean tons of early WF events were basically a classic procedural Mobile Defense mission with a couple darvo and alad v lines thrown in to give it context and a couple meh rewards. Just give us something to do in between big updates that gives a little context about what's going on with the various factions in the galaxy through simple dialogue.
  3. While I have a feeling this wasn't intended, I feel this is personally a great thing. Gives players more build variety and allows for more dedicated builds (want to focus on hp, armor, shield, raw dmg, you can do it thanks to this). Also feel like these mods would be essentially useless if it wasn't for the buff to the RJ. With a 100m range, they are nearly useless for Archwing anyways, and I doubt anyone would sacrifice their RJ damage and survivability mods for such a lame tradeoff. In an ideal world , their range should be extended to like 500-1000m and they should be slightly worse in stats that their dedicated RJ counterparts... Making them a tradeoff of "do I want a slightly stronger RJ or a slightly weaker one, but with stronger AW support. I also don't feel like there should NOT be any restrictions like "you can only have one hp / armor / dmg mod"... I mean, frames don't have this either, meaning you can build them for hp/shield/armor/energy/ etc and you're already limited by avionic slots, so you have to pick your battles and what to focus on. Edit: Well , judging by the latest patch notes , buff no longer applies to RJ.. Rip build variety.
  4. There's many ways to block abort farming in specific contexts : For example, making some of the rarest rewards unidentified until you finish a mission and lost if aborted . We already have a not-so negligeable affinity boost for finishing a mission , and we could also get a ressource boost for completing missions, to motivate people to actually complete missions instead of leaving early. Alot of missions also already have end of mission specific rewards (like our current vidar and lavan parts in RJ), making it still desireable to finish a mission instead of quitting it. DE could also offer less ressources if you abort (like let's say you abort, you only get half your credits and materials)... Would still be better than losing everything because of a bug, a host migration fail or someone that made a mistake. While yes, you might run into the occasionnal player that aborts after getting his four argon crystals, is it really such a big issue anyway ? He's going to be replaced by another player through matchmaking anyway. Even if everyone else were to leave at last minute, leaving me alone to protect a cryopod, woudn't be such a big deal because ,gasp, I woudn't lose the stuff I picked up if the missions failed. In the end, i feel the mild frustration of having someone occasionally leaving in the middle of a round (which already happens sometimes when something comes up IRL) more that makes up from the frustration of getting that 2% drop to finally appear, then losing it due to a bad host migration issue or a bug where you can't extract the mission. And as other players stated, even soulsborne game aknowledge it sucks to lose progression by allowing you to retain every item you picked up and every shortcut you unlocked, plus giving you the ability to retrieve the XP you "lost" provided you can get back to your body... Because even they realize people hate spending an hour carefully navigating a level, picking every item up, then failing at the boss and having to re-explore every nook and cranny again because none of your progression has saved, having essentially wasted an hour plus of your life. There's very few games in this day and age that don't include auto-saves, checkpoints and other methods to save recent progression because most game companies undestand that time is precious and limited and that when you spend an hour playing a specific game , it's to get things done. Again if warframe was a very stable game , which nevers suffers from host migration issues and other gamebreaking problems... they could get away with this ! But cetus, fortuna and RJ all shipped with a plethora of host migration issues and gamebreaking bugs making them nearly unplayable for weeks, with constant objectives not working and other issues making you lose all your progression, leading to more and more frustration as you keep trying to get things done while being bombarded by problems and time lost. Just yesterday , I lost a quellor bp and a shedu part due to a crash. My friend lost 1 million credits due to people jumping off high risk index a split second before round started and host migration failed. Once lost a wolf of saturn mask after a 60 minutes kuva survival run because I could not make it to extraction in time and host migration failed. This stuff is common and way more serious that a guy that quits mid-mission because he was there to farm 1500 plastids and he got them.
  5. Whatever you do, DE , please do not send a build to cert that doesn't have the upcoming reactor changes ! Last thing anyone wants on console is to spend another two weeks or more getting unusable reactors.
  6. While it's cool to move away from RNG-based rewards and into skill or dedication based rewards, I sincerely hope this change will take into account runs done before the fix and not ask us to run yet another 50 runs of the anomaly or something of that nature. Many of us put the legwork already , and doing it again would kinda be annoying.
  7. People don't run the exploiter orb anymore because they ran it 250 plus times to get the 2 percent ephemera and they burned out on it. Same with pretty much every mode and feature released. You spend so much time grinding the new system that by the end of it, you don't feel like touching it with a ten foot pole for many years to come. Loved Poe at launch. Now I kinda despise it. Loved eidolons so much, loved orb vallis , loved all these activities when they launched. Now you pretty much have to force me to go back there with nightwave to even make me consider doing most of these features .There's still rewards I don't have there... I could return.. Just don't feel like it. Been there, done that hundred of times. In the end everything begins to feel like a chore when you run it a hundred plus times. Oddly enough what I truly enjoy nowadays is going to my favorite tilesets (Lua, Void, Kuva Fortress) and just spending time there.
  8. Quick bump since just this week I got two crashes where I lost an hour of playtime, a couple veil solo runs where I ran out of lives after getting oneshotted by unavoidable homing missiles one too many times and quite a few uncompletable missions due to glitches or bugged objectives. Everytime i lose an hour or more of progression, I usually quit for the day in anger. That's imho not a good sentiment. Time spent doing activities should be rewarded. Before at least you got to keep the intrinsics when the game glitched, now it's time going down the drain.
  9. Quick bump since none of these issues appear to have been addressed on pc till now.
  10. Just letting you know this isn't switch specific, had the issue multiple times on PS4. And yeah, you can usually fix issue by boarding RJ from orbiter then driving it into drydock.
  11. Pretty sure the idea is that it's basically "early access" to the ephemera, in the sense where when we do get the sentient tileset with the new war , suddenly the low drop chance will no longer be such an issue. Basically don't really stress over it so much till we get dedicated repeatable nodes on the starchart to farm it.
  12. Yeah, same, dismantled at least 5 vidars... But hey at least I kept one, so at the very least I'm going from 58 capacity to 90 capacity.
  13. Thank you Reb and DE...Thankfully kept my "best" vidar and lavan, which should recieve a nice buff. Can you sent that update to cert asap to consoles the minute it ships on pc, we've been sitting on a pile of resolved issues for a while now and I would love to actually get to experience all those quality of life improvement myself.
  14. Yeah, I know that feel. I'm 9999 in intrinsics using very littlle ivara stealth farm and i've completed probably like 700-1000 veil missions , yet i've only dropped 6 vidar reactors, with only one above 50 (a measly 58). At this point I don't even believe I'll ever get a decent reactor anymore. Maybe once the PS4 patch drops... I ponder every day when I log into the game why I even bother running those veil missions ,as I know very well i'm gonna get relics I don't need, diracs when I already have 100000 stored and nothing to upgrade and when I do get one of those rare vidar or lavan components, it's going to be worse than the zekti stuff I have repaired already. The fact I'm probably going to hit 10-10-10-10 before I get a decent reactor tells you alot about that farm and how unrewarding it all is. Nothing drains your hype about a gamemode than running the same missions over and over and not getting that one item you need fit a full build on your railjack. At the very least there should be a way to reroll our existing reactors with diracs, even if it costs like 5k diracs each time. PLEASE DE... We've wasted enough of our lives on this. Free us from this farm ! There's more than enough stuff to farm in RJ without needing the reactor farm (farming for avionics, for ressources to craft parts now that there's no rush repair drones, farming for intrinsics to reach 9999, farming from absolute perfect rolls on all guns and parts).
  15. I think the real problem is not the islands, but the way we interact with these islands as players who "experience" them: - All these so called "islands" are build with their own gigantic , grindy economies and progression systems. - All these so called "islands" are released in buggy and someone un-fun states, with constant lost of progress and other frustrations (like 2% drop rates). Eventually they get partially fixed, but by the time most hardcore players suffered to all the early issues and bad balancing. - By the time you finish the grind associated with an island, you never, ever want to set foot on said island ever again (and you don't unless de forces you to go back , but since DE abandons content every time to focus on new stuff, this rarely happens). - De releases the next "island" for you to burn out on. To me , if the grind was less intense, people would not end up hating the island and never wanting to touch it ever again afterwards... Which is currently what's hapenning to me in regards to eidolons, profit taker, sorties, defection, disruption, the ropalolist, fortuna, cetus, arbitrations, kuva syphons and floods, the riven reroll system, the lich system, fissure, syndicate missions, archwing, railjack (yeah, really getting sick of it already after running 300 plus veil missions without a reactor). TLDR when you design content designed to be no-lifed for months, don't expect your players to ever want to set foot in that content ever again after doing it once. If you want a rich , unified game world where player play the content they enjoy, start making islands that don't feel like unclimbable mountains.
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