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  1. I don't mind having to do animal captures, I mind having to do "Perfect" captures... Since the mechanics to get perfect captures are finicky at best and you often have to try multiple times with a perfectly stealth frame (since you nerfed the ivara sleep arrow thing that made perfect captures bearable).
  2. What's wierd about the "Taking Breaks" solution is that Steve himself said he prefered warframe to be the "wife" you come back to regularly instead of the "mistress" you enjoy then get burned out of of quickly, which imho is fine and all, but clashes with actual design decisions like daily login rewards and Nighwave seasons requiring weekly , if not daily playing. Really wish I could take long extended breaks like I do in games like Path of Exile in between big updates, but at the very least I have to login once a day... And play at least like 8-10 hours each week to complete the nightwave stuff, so fully taking a break is not really an option, unless I want to miss out on some exclusive stuff. I kinda miss the pre-nightwave period, because i could just lasyly log in the game for my daily reward before going to bed, only playing when I really felt like playing of if there was a tactical alert or event... But now that we get Nightwave Seasons, followed by Intemissions, it feels like it's a daily obligatory grind, with the only breaks allowed being when you reach max rang in nightwave and can stop doing these tasks.
  3. Better now ? For some reason the copy paste from word screwed the formatting and it didn't seem abnormal using dark forum mode.
  4. Disagree totally. I work five days a week, and the last thing I want when I get to the weekend is to spend 8 hours doing menial tasks grinding content that i've already done a thousand times for nora standing strictly due to the fear of missing out on exclusive content. I don't have as much time to play weekly as I did when I was an unemployed slob a couple years ago, and I wish my time spend with warframe each week was spent playing content I enjoy and doing tasks I need to progress my account further, rather than doing chore lists by surrogate space mom. In your proposed list, i hate most of these tasks, asides from the three capture missions... I don't need fishes, gems, invasions, nightmare missions, profit takers, I don't need to "prove" I can survive 30 minutes , I don't need to guild an am, I'm MR27 already ! I don't usually need to put five formas on anything, and If I , I wish I could do it at my own pace.
  5. Guess it could be a toggle option if it's something that's widespread. That said, it's just a virtual character saying "hey kiddo" and goofing around your ship, I feel there's so much more frightining and unexpected things in life that this, although it can sometimes startle you, and I guess it becomes one of those "I'm scared that i'm going to be scared" situation where the anticipation of the act is worse than the act itself.
  6. I’ve been thinking of making this topic for a while… So wall-of text incoming. First of all, disclaimer : This topic will address the situation of veterans versus then content that’s being released by DE, if you’re a new player, you probably won’t be concerned by this because you have five years’ worth of unplayed content to catch up before you reach the content drought veterans are talking about. My main reason to make this topic is because I feel DE’s current content production model doesn’t work at providing sustained and meaningful new content through the year, and I hope to hopefully help acknowledge some of the problems and hopefully find a solution. Sorry in advance for the wall of text. It’s also important to realize I’m not making this topic to bash DE, just stating what it’s like to experience what is essentially a perpetual content drought for most of the year for us veterans. It’s also important to give credit where credit is due: Warframe is by far my most played game of all times. I clocked almost 2000 hours into this game on multiple accounts, and I’m still logging every day, a feat no other game has ever managed to accomplish (I usually quit most game after a playtrough). So it might be slightly dishonest on my part to complain about a game that gave me 2000+ hours of enjoyment being lacking content when most other games I buy last me 20-40 hours. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter 1 – A series of patterns. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you’ve been playing Warframe for a while, you know DE has been following a semi-predictable pattern when it comes to updates… A few “big” updates that keep player occupied for a while (open worlds, mostly), followed by months of “hibernation”, with mostly chores, recycled past events and a couple new toys and cosmetics every here and then. There is also a huge timespan between when they announced a new upcoming feature and the time it actually ships (can take two to three years to ship stuff sometimes, think Excalibur Umbra and the sacrifice quest). When it comes to making live service content, there’s a few interesting numbers and indicators you can look to determine if new content is relevant, the first one being “Average Playtime by millions spent on development”. Since we don’t know actual studio budget numbers, we’ll have to settle to something more akin to the “Average Playtime versus the time spend developing an update”, as we can more accurately gauge the time between DE teasing an upcoming feature, the time it takes to release said feature , and the time it takes to consume the new content. To put this into perspective, let’s say a developer spends a year developing a new feature for a game, then said feature gives players three hours’ worth of content, that feature would be considered a “failure” , in the sense where it kept the whole studio occupied for long without producing enough meaningful content to warrant such a long development time. As such, if we look at most Warframe updates and associate them with the gameplay hours they produce, we would get the following: · Adding a new frames or new weapons = A couple of hours / days of content (farming the frame, putting formas, etc). · Adding new tennogen or deluxe skins = No impact on playtime asides from maybe just playing to see the cool new skin you purchased in action. · Remastering old systems / frames / planets = A week at best of playtime, since said reworks usually only have a few new rewards that can be obtained. At this point, since we already have so many frames and weapons, these can feel kinda lackluster since, let’s face it, you can only use a single frame, primary, secondary and melee at a time and we already have our favorites. Most people will build the new prime or use the new frame for a short while, then go back to their old favorites. This could be helped by allowing us to carry multiple weapons in missions, ala destiny where you can have multiple primaries, secondaires and special weapons and swap during missions (making having a more varied and situational arenal more important. · Cinematic Quests = This one depends of the scope of the quest. For the most parts, the actual quests only usually keep you occupied for two to four hours, but some of them come with new content that make them more relevant , like a new tileset, new faction , new rewards, new systems. Some of the best quests in that regard would be the Second Dream and The War Within, mostly because they added new tilesets, gamemodes and systems (rivens, sorties, kuva farming, combat operator, focus, drift mods), versus some of the “Worse” offenders like the Sacrifice (two years of waiting for a two hour quest, a frame that was available in china two years prior and a new sword). · New Systems = This is where the bulk of the playtime is introduced. Systems like Rivens, Operators, Arcanes and Eidolons can potentially give players nice long-term objectives and playtime, and will keep you playing and leveling your account , so to speak , for a while at least, if you care about min-maxing and getting optimal loadouts. · New mods = The mods themselves do not add any meaningful playtime, although they can be leveraged and placed into gamemodes to revitalize them and stay relevant. Sadly , De seems scared to screw up game balance and they hardly ever introduce any meaningful mods, meaning you’ll be mostly passively farming non-essential gimmick set and non-meta weapon mods you won’t use in any of your existing setups just for completion’s sake and not constantly evolving and tweaking your builds. · New Open Worlds = While some might complain open worlds are grindy and feel like a chore, they do offer a lot of hours of playtime. There’s the time exploring the new worlds, the time doing all the bounties and other tasks, the time building all the new weapons and frames that comes with said system, the time leveling the new factions, overall it’s a pretty big chunk of gameplay. While the player fatigue is real after two open worlds, I do feel it’s one of your best “bang for your buck” in terms of time spent developing content versus time spend playing the update. · Nightwave = As Much as I despise nightwave for being essentially a work-like weekly chore list that impose you tasks you would not have touched with a ten foot pole otherwise, I have to admit it requires very little development team effort to produce sustainable weekly content for the player base for essentially forever, provided they don’t burn out the fanbase by making us waste 10 hours a week doing stuff we didn’t needed to do just to get nora standing. · New Tactical Alerts = Another great content provider. Throw in a couple of new voice actor lines and a couple cool new rewards and you got a reason for people to play and for clans to work together. We should have a tactical alert every two weeks at the very least. · Recyled systemic content = Warframe has become that game that keeps recycling the same bland events over and over again… Hey look, it’s the ghouls again.. How about another Razorback Armada for you, you look like you want sixth rerun of plaguestar or to close fissures on venus. Sure , it’s cool for newbies to catch up on older content, but for vets, it does offer no playtime. Heck , it even gives the impression the game is on life support. · Experimental new gamemodes = Think Lunaro, Conclave, Frame Fighter, Archwing… And maybe Railjack (hopefully not). These try to inject something new into the game, but often fail because people like warframe for what it is, and said modes are usually not on par or as fun a space ninja speedrunning a mission in a minute. Hopefully Railjack integrates well enough with the main game not to be a tedious side activity and hopefully the payoff and hours of sustainable platime will be there for vets and new players alive... · New Gamemodes = Another one of those gifts that can keep on giving. Adding new gamemodes can provide many hours of meaningful content. However, DE tends to put non-sutainable rewards in said gamemodes, meaning it’s usually a case of “Farming for a couple of days till you get the new drops, then never touch these modes again unless they add new rewards down the line”… · Visual / Interface / Optimizations : As much as Steve has a boner for updating the engine and old stuff that was perfectly serviceable , and while it’s important to keep working on your game so it stays relevant and modern, the fact remains that these do not really contribute to making any meaningful new playtime. In the end, as you can see, there’s quite a big portion of the yearly updates that does not really provide any meaningful content to experience, with the exception being new open worlds that can keep you occupied for a couple of months, a couple days of playtime on a couple yearly cinematic quests, new frames, events and big rewards, and the rest being mostly filler updates that does not really provide much gameplay hours (fixes, cosmetics, new MR fodder weapons, recycled events ,etc.). This causes veterans to feel in a perpetual content drought through the year, because there’s like one or two months worth of content scattered through a whole year worth of releases, leaving us with huge downtimes with just recycled events , reworks and essentially just running back and forth in your ship. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter 2 – Tennocon and the art of promising features not due for years. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I like Tennocon, it’s always cool to see new gameplay. But the truth is, I feel TennoCon is part of the problem here. DE is so caught in the act of dropping “bombs” at TennoCon that I feel it kind of eclipses the regular content drops scattered throughout the year. It also doesn’t help that we get shown glimpses of stuff we won’t get our hands on for another two or three years, which gets frustrating after a while, since you’re stuck waiting for so long, and by said feature finally releases, you’ve already seen so much of it in devstreams that it almost feels like old news and you already can’t wait for the next best thing. This creates a situation where you feel like nothing is happening in game while you wait for the big updates that will hopefully give you content , yet said content usually isn’t sustainable for remotely as long as it took to make. Waiting two years for a two hour cinematic like the War Within and a new Kuva Fortress tileset that didn’t really anything worthwhile to farm on kinda felt dissapointng, just like waiting for four years for Excalibur Umbra and two years for the Sacrifice Quest to complete it in a three hours sitting feels like a misuse of hype and development time spend. Even open world can usually be cleared in a month or so of daily play, which leaves you waiting for another year or so for the next big chunk of content. Last year, Fortuna Was Announced, The New War Was Announced, Railjack was Announced, we saw another Glimpse of the Stalker Invasion mode… Up this day, the only thing that actually released was Fortuna. This year, it’s once again the New War, Railjack, only now we have plains of Duviri, which probably won’t come out for another two years based on current track record. It’s cool to have big things coming in the future, but I think we would rather have a strong, sustained model that keeps us coming back through the year that these big, often delayed and often not living to their full potential huge updates that take an eternity to release. In the end, it seems we’re stuck waiting for half a year for a Christmas cinematic quest that will probably last us a week at best (with the side content and new tileset), then wait another six months for Railjack, who might be another of these gimmicks that doesn’t pick up and never gets touched again by DE unless the community really loves it, then probably wait another six months for Duviri. In the meanwhile, we’re probably getting reworks, tweaks, skins , a couple new frames and weapons that aren’t that important, maybe a couple new tactical alerts, perpetual nightwave cycles to keep us busy doing menial tasks and not much meaningful. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Conclusion – How to keep warframe relevant for veterans. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I’ll go in bulletpoint form: · Bring back regular tactical alerts with unique rewards and that keep up occupied while slightly moving the lore forward. Improve nightwave so it gives you more freedom on the tasks you want to do. · Improve the pipeline to be able to produce cinematic quests faster (no waiting two years for a three hour quest) and associate them with new, sutainable systems (rivens, focus, sorties, etc) and new tileset and gamemodes. Heck, I would take regular but somewhat lasy quests with a couple new recorded dialogues every few weeks over wating two years for two hour long cinematic quest I will probably never replay (and that don't even have a repeatable boss node for some reason). · Spend less time reworking and more time adding new content. New content keeps players occupied, while reworks are just a short term diversion. · Leverage and work on providing new rewards and stuff to farm and collect. We should be getting cool new mods and weapons all the time and there should constantly be a reason to play activities for a chance to get something great. Most games have some form of RNG-based drops that keep player farming forever for the best rolls, maybe introduce new mods or systems to justify running the same old content over and over once you have the rewards. · Add sustainable rewards and long-term goals for players to seek. Stuff like maxing out your focus school and so on… Stuff that keeps players coming back and trying to get that elusive new mod, that cool new ability locked behind a challenging milestone, etc. · You should have a dedicated team that works 100% on the time on producing new events and fresh content, even if said content is sometimes lazy. Kinda annoying to ask players to log in everyday for their daily reward and their nightwave grind only to realize they have litterally nothing new to do and just log off afterwards. · Finally, before producing any content, ask yourself “will this provide players with multiple hours of involvement with our game”, or will it be two-hour long diversion that doesn’t promote player retention. In the end, I just hope DE can go back and manage to produce content that keep players, well, playing the game, instead of feeling like it's wating for months time, then binge playing the new content in a couple of weeks while it was hyped for two full years.
  7. Ash Suggestions : Make Smoke Shadow exilus compatible and have bigger aoe effect so you can hit more allies. Make Fatal Teleport The Default Behaviour for Teleport (since it feels like a band aid mod for bad targeting) and make a new augment for it (damage or survivability buff when using finishers maybe ?). Bladestorm Augment should go increase the targeting reticle for the bladestorm targeting making targeting groups easyer, plus your mentioned changes. Seeking Shuriken could maybe affect shields for corpus... ? Honestly it's fine as it is....
  8. Yeah, I think I posted a topic myself a while back on the matter... I just feel it might be stuck in WNF limbo at this point... Which is imho not a good solution... Hence why it's important to bring this back up till it's at least acknowledged by DE as being an intended "nerf" / "worsening of combat fluididy during actions" or a "Bug".
  9. Got it again... It really is 100% repro rate. Got back from hibernation, joined Fortuna social space, went back to ship so I was in sync with server and alerts.... Loaded a syndicate spy mission, ran the mission, doing the "do ten finishers" and "hack 8 consoles" challenges, go back to ship, check on my nightwave, have 2000 new points and both tasks are back in the log. Doing them again would not net me any rep, so I'll let them expire this time... Unless you guys want to check the logs and see what is wrong with them before that...
  10. I'll say it again in every topic involving nightwave... Can we please, please, please get a big list of potential weekly tasks to do and choose the tasks we want to do each week, that way we can tailor our daily "chores" to content we enjoy or need doing !!! So sick of logging on Sunday to check my weekly chores then spending half the week clearing content I didn't need to play. We are all different and we enjoy different activities. Stop forcing everyone to do the same menial tasks each week or people will quit. Please. I don't need fish, I don't need nightmare mods, I don't need to Gild a mote amp, stop making me do stuff I hate doing.
  11. Also feels it's bogus / exaggerated. Highly doubt anyone could farm the traces and run 400+ refined relics in three days , let alone in 4 player refined groups which take time to find in recruitment chat, especially for older primes. And it's Ludacris to think topic creator did not get a single rare drop with the equivalent of 400x4 chances of getting the drop they wanted, or not get anything worth enough plat to trade for the missing parts in such a time. Bad luck streaks do happen, but not of this magnitude. On new primes I had a couple bad streaks myself in the past, where a pesky relic would just not drop the part after ten attempts, but the average is 2-5 runs.
  12. These are tedious because: 1 - I do not need to do these invasions, syndicate missions, nightmare missions, Silver Grove mods, etc... Already have all the rewards these give. 2 - Even if I find the "fastest, most optimal way" to clear these chores, the fact remains that these are obligatory chores that waste a decent amount of time each week doing, time I could be spending playing game modes I enjoy and make my account progress. 3 - I'm pretty sure the consensus in regards to nightwave season 1 stated that people wanted to be able to choose which chores they wanted to do, yet we're still getting a list of universal obligatory chores each week , with only a few having been made slightly less tedious. Still had to Gild yet another mote amp, and I still waste half my weekly playtime doing menial tasks I don't enjoy, like mining gems I don't need, fishing for fishes I don't want, complete invasions when I have 30+ fieldrons and other materials stockpiled. Just give us the ability to pick our 7 weekly chores already out of a huge list of potential chores, so we can do content we enjoy.
  13. Pretty sure it's a bug and not intended. Plz fix, makes mining, scanning and fishing tedious.
  14. It's been unfixed for a few patches now, really annoying for both mining and codex scanning. Before melee rework, you could use your melee weapon while codex scanning, nowadays, when you melee, you see the name of the melee weapon pop in the hud as you hit, follow to the weapon auto-switching to your primary or secondary weapon, instead of switching back to your codex scanner. This makes any scanning or mining really tedious, as you can litterally no longer fight back and flow between melee and scanning... Can provide video or keybinds if needed (if this is keybind-specific) ? Also, another lingering issue that's been bugging me for months. When I enter captura, the game tells me to touchpad swipe left to activate captura mode... Yet said inputs do not register... Meaning if I ever want to captura, I have to rebind my "place marker" button somewhere else than touchpad temporarily because it's not supported...
  15. Have to bump this, this has happened to me three days in a row now... So 3/3 Repro rate... Reallly annoying, especialy since I do take precautions to avoid said issue (joining a social space or random mission before attempting any nightwave to ensure server is in sync, due to having multiple issues like this in the past). Also note that I even logged out and restarted the application once after a daily login, yet I still got the issue... Here's my repro steps : 1 - Finish your day of warframe gameplay , then put your playstation in rest mode while still in warframe. 2 - Boot PS4 from rest you will start in your ship where you left off the previous day. 3 - Either go to a relay or dojo then leave or start and quit a mission to trigger the daily login screen and ensure you are "in sync" in terms of nightwave , alerts and other live content. 4 - After claiming your daily reward, Go into the nightwave menu and check the daily tasks. Look at the new task. 5 - Start a mission and either complete the task or partially complete the task fullly (both cause the issue). 6 - Once back to the ship , notice the following two situations: A - If you had partially completed the task, notice the counter is back to zero, forcing you to do objective again (even if you had like 145/150 Kills done). B - If you did complete the task , notice you were awarded the rep points (+1000), but the task is still visible and you can do it a second time. Note that completing it twice will not yield points the second time, but will clear your log of the pesky already completed task (might also cause problems down the road when you reach the end of nightwave and you can replay uncompleted tasks). Expected behaviour : Nightwave challenges should become available immediately after daily reset and player should be able to complete them without issues even after coming out of system hibernation, especially when said user spends the time to visit a social space or play another mission just to ensure everything resets properly like I do... Counters should never reset and points should always be awarded when a task is gone from the log...
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