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  1. Any chance for Deimos Arcana on consoles before you leave for vacation ? Would be cool to have something to do in-game during the holidays instead of playing something else... Especially now that we have the glorious PS5 version to play on...
  2. Yeah having the exact same problem (Can't get the Ventkids Standing , Solaris Standing, All Caves Cetus, All Caves Fortuna, All Races Fortuna and Build a Railjack Trophies) since I got them in the past before the PS5 version. Might need a script in the background that checks and awards you the trophy the second you get any Ventkids Rep / Solaris Rep / After you enter any cave / do any race / enter your railjack. Also would be nice if there was a background thing that checked and awarded you the Weapon Mastery Trophies when you went to the modding section of fully leveled weapons of each o
  3. Shooting My Vidar Carcinoxes is one of the most satsifying things I've experienced in a long time XD... That haptic feedback + rumble combo is glorious, some of the best stuff i've seen from the Dual Sense so far... Reallly gorgeous looking game with five second loading times for open worlds, awesome ! . Not gonna lie, the PS4 version always kinda looked bad and ran like crap, and I was mostly annoyed I had spent so much time building my main account on a platform that struggled with FPS and looked bad and not on PC , but not anymore !!! Just awesome ! PS5 master RACE !!! Thanks a bunch DE !!
  4. PS4 here , also didn't get the slots. There's a topic on the PS4 boards about this too, so it does seem like a global / multiplatform issue. )
  5. Same, only got a single slot for completing the MR30 test... I'm now at 19/19 Slots where I should be 19 / 34. Did you guys have bought slots in the past ? I had bought a few, wondering if it's the reason why the bug occurs... or if it's for everyone ? I asked around my alliance and the only other MR30 that responded also didn't get his slots... So it does seem like a global issue.
  6. Never thought logging in was much of an issue or commitment, as most people are sedentary and can thus afford a split second in their daily routine to boot up the game and quickly see if there's an alert and get their login reward. Then again I know many people who are forgetful / don't care enough to spend 1 minute daily to log in and build up their days played counter. Mastery Rank on the other hand requires real effort, as you gotta farm everything the game has to offer and all the materials needed to craft everything, plus actually level all that stuff up , which takes quite some time
  7. Whenever you check another player's profile, you do not see their actual xp and how far they are from their next MR level correctly. A good example is when looking at a MR29 that's 14998 Xp away from MR30. When you check his profile, it will display the player is 70000 Xp away from MR30, and when you check at the detailed view for the XP , you will see the player has 0XP on starchart and 0XP on steel path starchart, even though said player has obiviously cleared both. This isssue has been present ever since the steel path update... It seems only the active player can see his starchar
  8. Primary Kitguns never gave any specific mastery before, and they don't appear to do so now either. But now in the profile there's two of each chamber of kitguns (one for primary and one for secondary), and the profile doesn't mark the primary kitguns as lvl 30 if they were crafted and gilded prior to the update... Meaning my profile now says I completed 583/587 weapons and that I haven't leveled the 4 primary kitguns to 30 yet when I did (have all of them gilded and some of them with multiple formas on.
  9. Have a clanmate that had none of the primary kitguns built and that built one. The kitgun is appearing in the profile page as being leveled up (it's currently lvl 13 for him) , but he's not getting mastery for it... So yeah , it does seem like there's now duplicate entries for Primary and Secondary Kitguns, and that the profile is unable to check if an user has already leveled and gilded all four primary kitguns like I did.
  10. Not gonna lie , I am kinda dissapointed with what was announced as the rewards for sticking around and playing the game for the last 7 years. The 15 Loadout Slots and 30 Riven slots are nice and all, as it does add up to 900 Plat worth of slots, but it's not exactly something you can show off to other players and be proud to wear as a symbol of all the time and effort you put in the game. It's a good reward, but It doesn't have the wow factor of getting let's say an exclusive armor set for your frame / operator or a cool exclusive weapon for your efforts, something you can get in a missi
  11. Going to bump this again as this has yet to be adressed after pretty much a full year without the Glutt helmet being part of the Nightwave Loot Pool. At this point everyone I know is aware the helmet seems missing in action, so it would be greatly appreciated if you guys could check the NW tables and make sure that it's indeed still present in the table...
  12. Heyo, with the new update, the profile page is now showing 4 unranked kitguns as unleveled ... I'm guessing these are the primary kitguns that might now give mastery points ? That said, I already built and gilded all four of these weapons, yet they are marked as incomplete ? Could you check if it's intended for these to give mastery now and if now, can you guys run a script to fix this and give us the mastery we're supposed to be getting for these ? Have no intention of rebuilding and re-guilding 4 primary kitguns if they indeed now give mastery ...
  13. Remember reading a week ago that we would get double the loot bag for those that had the error and got the script with the broken title and headline early, why did it change all of a sudden ? Was looking forward to getting the double drop after reading the message about us early adopters getting double drops... Then I find out it was changed today and we're only getting that one drop we got earlier as a mistake now... Sniff. Also, not to complain, but shouldn't the loot bag be bigger on consoles since we've had to wait like 50 days for the changes to occur, meaning most vets have pretty m
  14. Just letting you know that there seems to be something wrong with the legacy mastery rank sigil, which now shows a monocolored square instead of the old design or the new design. I know the new update change the MR sigils, but it seems like this one , at least isn't working as intended. Tried resetting all parameters to default and the colors to default, but no matter how I tweak the sigil, it still loooks like a monocolored square.
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