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  1. I really hate the gild and forma challenges like all of you. That said, it's a little less aggravating when you realize the following. 1 - For the gild challenge, you can build a cheap mote amp and destroy it the minute you gild it. Just build one, level it once and delete it the second after you gild it. Then again, the mote amp is the worse thing ever created and it's absolute torture to level it up... But at least you won't have wasted a gazillion materials on an useless weapon. 2 - For the formas, you don't have to level the items either. You could just forma three MR fodder weapons that are sitting in your collection and never reveling / deleting them, or you could put three formas on stuff you like, then wait for an affinity booster and level them in a couple of weeks. Then again , might as well put them on things you enjoy using. Again, both challenges really suck, I don't want to feel like I approve of them, just giving you tips and tricks to make the thing less painful to do.
  2. The thing is, augments are usually bandaids for abilities that weren't that good to begin with, and were "fixed" by a mod. Personally, I think every frame should have a dedicated augment slot, or at least be allowed to slot any augment into the exilus utility slot. This would increase build variety and would allow more builds with more than a single augment (because right now, very few frames can afford to dedicate a slot to augment, let alone two or more). My ash uses two augments, but that means sacrificing power strength and other niceties to fit them, which sucks. It's also really inconsistent, with some augments being considered "utility" and going in the exilus slot, and the rest not being allowed to be slotted in the exilus slot. Why is Octavia's Resonator , Mesa's Walts and Vakyr's Hysterical Assault ok for the exilus augment slot, but not ash's smoke shadow ? Dunno, guess it makes sense for someone at DE.
  3. It honestly wasn't that much of a problem, especially with many phone apps that could track alerts and notify you of alerts. Sure you got a few alerts while at work, and I did have to wake up at 3Am a couple of time, do an alert half asleep before going to bed, but I'll take that over farming bounties for three months to get what a fraction of what I used to get instantly by just logging in and doing a five minute mission a couple times a week when the alert showed up and I was available... And again , this would be fixed by making alerts that pay wolf credits, that way you can miss many and still buy exactly what you wanted when you do get one.
  4. Not true since there's prestige mode, which gives users the ability to actually farm wolf credits before the end of the season. Otherwise, you'll barely reach lvl 30 or might even miss your target if you ignored too many objectives. You're not forced, but are heavily enouraged to do so in fear of missing out on forma and exclusive cosmetics. The fact that there's only a vague comment that you "only need about 60% of the tasks" isn't proof that you can ignore every challenge you don't like... Especially when you factor in the prestige mode being the only efficient way to farm wolf credits anyways, which are needed to afford the gazillion different helmets and cosmetics available there. If you're a newer player ,you pretty much have to 100% the weekly challenges if you want to get that 40% more XP needed to be able to spend it in prestige mode to get wolf credits.
  5. The thing is, I think Warframes having sentience improves the game, overall.. It makes frames feel more alive and makes players feel like warframe and operator are a team, switching back and forth like a dynamic duo instead of being a kid that hijacks an inanimate object. It also solves a gameplay plot hole, the fact you can switch into your operator , walk 20 kilometers, then switch back to your warframe and poof, it's magically teleported there. With sentient frames, it makes sense since the frame just moves on it's own and follows behind your operator, but without sentience, it makes no sense that the immobile husk you left behind 20 kilometers away magically warps to where you operator stopped moving. Keep in mind non-umbra frames do show sentience already, just not all of the time. Think of when your frame broke the war after being stabbed by it in Second Dream.. That was sentience on a frame not know to have sentience. I know canonically, not all warframes probably had umbra prototypes, and I'm fine with that., since i'm not asking for the real deal. I just want the ability to awaken the creature inside the frame, to make it more than a husk of metal and infested tissue. DE will never be able to release 40+ different umbras, since making custom quests take time... So at best we'll probably be getting like one a year, and that's being optimistic.... Problem is , we all have our favorite frames, and even if de does release X new umbras over the next five years, it probably won't be our favorite umbras... Let's say we end up getting mag, volt and rhino over the next few years ,that's still like 37 ish frames that are not getting an umbra form and being stuck as an inanimate object being poseesed by a kid. Which is why I'm proposing an in-between... Give us a way to awaken the dormant creature inside our frame and to commune with it through a very rare orokin collectible, making players decide which of their frame they want to make become sentient. Again, in a perfect world, I would love it if when using an umbral forma, a small, minute long interactive sequence would trigger where you would walk in an abstract void thing . maybe with a couple lore lines being played , then reaching he conscience inside the frame and communing with it, but that might be too much work , unless it's a generic sequence that plays the same for every frame when you put an umbra forma on it... But I would be more than happy with just the ability to use an umbral forma to "merge" into the frame and tap into the being inside.
  6. First, since nobody has it yet, it could already be the implemented for all I know... But can you please make it so that when an user puts an Umbra forma on a frame, it gives the frame sentience like Excalibur Umbra. Let's face it, you guys will never have the time to make every frame into an Umbra frame... Nor should you as it would invalidate all our hard earned primes. Giving users the ability to in effect make our own homemade umbras would be great. Maybe release a couple universal scarf cosmetics and we'll be able to make our favorite frames into umbras... Use Excalibur umbra's animations, a scarf and a similar color a scheme, put a couple Umbra formas and you got yourself ash / chroma / whatever umbra. It's not even alot of work for you guys , or imbalanced as you can already make sentient frames by using specters. Counter argument : It would make new Umbra frames non special .... Not really, since they would come with new umbral mods and would have different powers to damage sentients, plus probably better stats. Other Counter argument : What about the lore. Well, we know frames have an organic being in them, but are probably "wiped" to have zero personality. Maybe the forma could reawaken dormant parts. Besides we already have specters in both junctions and as consumables, so it's not a stretch.
  7. Do the chore or you're not getting paid at the end of the month . Maybe you can skip a few chores here and there, but that's the jest of it.
  8. I also feel there's a couple unique problems with the new system. 1 - It kinda hurts when it comes to playing with friends. - The way the system is set up currently, if I play and do all my weekly tasks early in the week, when my friends log in later, we're at odds because they have to "catch up" and do their tasks while mine were already done. This means I won't be playing with them until they catch up. With a system with more available bounties, it would be easyer to choose tasks we both have not done and play together. This would also remove the "I can't do this bounty problem cause too hard / etc" problem. 2 - Removal of the alert system and putting the rewards behind wolf credits also removes one of the big motivation for new players. I remember when I started playing warframe, one of the main reason I kept playing and logging in everyday was because I wanted all these cool looking helmets in alerts. By removing alerts, you also remove the incentive to log in constantly to check on said alerts... Which in turn means people are less likely to play for extended period of times. The game kinda feels "dead" now ,as there's very little popping up daily to make it exciting... Asides from a few gift of the lotus and invasions that might have a good drop, there's no longer the feeling the game is alive and constantly evolving. I still think alerts should be decoupled from nightwave and should now give wolf creds, allowing the player to buy what they want from a list . That would fix the feeling of having to be here at the right moment for the specific helmet you need and make it more about instant gratification. You do the alert, then you buy the thing you want the most, then comes the next alert and you buy the 2nd coolest thing... Etc.
  9. It's not really asking, more "forcing" your hand into doing stuff I would otherwise have never done. Again, I think it's great there's a system with seasons , rewards and weekly objectives, I just wish the tasks were choosen by the player and not Digital Extremes. Forcing veterans to go back and do old content they did a gazillion times when said content has had no new rewards or things added feels like wasted time. I spend the last few weeks doing bounties in cetus and fortuna while being already capped in both in terms of rep, farming gems I didn't need, doing stuff like Derelicts , Orokin Vaults, Lua Vaults , Syndicate missions, Invasions, closing fissure all off them I didn't need to do because I have all rewards that drop in said activities. Meanwhile, I'm slacking off my own endgame goals (like getting new operator arcanes). At first, it was kinda "Cute" , as it made me do stuff that I had not done in a while in the game, which I suppose gave variety... But the novelty of going back extinguished quickly after doing laundry lists of stuff like doing 10 syndicate missions and such, so now it feels more like chores than anything else... And the situation will only worsen in new seasons, once we start getting tons of repeat bounties we had in the previous few weeks over and over again... That is unless DE gives us tons of possible bounties and allow us to choose the ones we want to do each week, instead of shoehorning everyone into the same mold and expect everyone to like doing the same tasks every week. Each player is unique and enjoy doing different things in the game. I might like doing long survivals, while the other guy loves cetus bounties. I might hate fishing, but the other guy loves mining. A sustainable system would allow the user to choose his own tasks each week, in effect allowing the user's own intrinsic motivation to dictate what he does in game, while rewarding the player for it (that's the extrinsic part of the equation, not as a series of chores, but as a way to reward playing the game how we want to play it).
  10. Could we get the corrupted golden glow thing metallic color when an enemy is taken by void fissure... And maybe the glowing effect you get when you get 10 void orbs... Both look kinda cool... Although the glowing effect could lead to confusion, as it's a sign and feedback in the void relic unlocking.
  11. Quick definition : " Intrinsic motivation involves doing something because it's personally rewarding to you. Extrinsic motivation involves doing something because you want to earn a reward or avoid punishment. " As a vet , Warframe has always been a game I returned to and got lost in for days. It was imho one of the best at giving you tons of things to pursue, but leaving you the freedom to do what you please, for the most part, and set your own goals. Granted, that open structure wasn't for everyone, but it worked for me and I believe most of the fanbase that stuck around with the game over the years. As I remember when I started playing warframe , these self-imposed goals kept evolving as i progressed. At first , I wanted to clear the starchart to have acccess to all alerts, then I started to want the coolest frames and weapons, then It evolved into trying to get all the frames, then all weapons ,getting all alt hemets, all mods, all kurias, maxing syndicates, putting a gazilion formas on my favorite weapons, getting rivens, improving operators, getting arcanes, getting MR27 the list went on and on and is no way exhaustive. I could spend weeks just trying new builds for fun, doing endless survivals , etc. Which brings us to nightwing... And how it drastically changes the motivation style of the game. Now everyone's given the same goals as everyone else, refreshed weekly, like a chore list from an absent space mom. Do your dishers , make your laundry, kill 250 grineers with gaz damage, put three formas on a piece of gear even if you have nothing you want to forma, gild a weapon even if you already mastered everything... All of the sudden, the game is no longer about intrinsic motivation , but about extrinsic motivation.. Do it or you'll miss the big reward in like two months . And I kinda ...hate... this... The underlying idea behind this and how it makes me feel... Spending half a week doing tasks just because I'm forced to instead of setting my own goals... It really sucks. Worse still ,when I do finish my chore list, I often feel drained and unmotivated to do my own tasks. Hell, I would even say I get discouraged from doing them because, sadly, i'm starting to think with the mindset of "it's probably going to be a challenge next week anyway, why bother doing it unrewarded now when I can wait for it to show up in nightwave". So yeah , sorry for the mini rant, i'm just curious to see if you realized how much it switched the dynamic of motivation in game when you changed the system, and if you could perhaps consider adapting the current system to be more open in terms of tasks. Here's my proposed solution: * Instead of weekly tasks, give us all the possible tasks at the beginning of a season, with way more tasks than necessary to reach max level. (Allowing us to choose the ones we want to do, when we do them how we do them). This would also fix the annoyance of doing 10 Cetus bounties for fun on a Saturday, only to have to do 10 the next day because it's a weekly task now. * Put a max weekly cap to avoid people burning out and doing 50 tasks a day. * Refresh the large list every week (so people can find a set of weekly tasks they enjoy doing and do them each week based on their own desires and motivation). Can you imagine starting the week and saying , hmm this week I feel like doing tridolons, I feel like fighting profit baker, I feel like doing an hour survival... Plus just getting random challenges done without even being aware they existed. Congrats, you now have a system that proposes you tons of tasks you might enjoy each week, yet that allows player to choose the ones they want to do based on their own tastes, progression goals and desires... Instead of getting a list of chores by mom that wants me to farm 60 gems when I hate mining.
  12. Can you just remove all annoying keybind restrictions on controllers ? My main issue with Warframe's Controls on both PC and Consoles for years have always been tied to the fact that I can't rebind the keys where I want to put them. Let us users decide where and how we place our inputs without constantly getting annoying "cannot rebind here, can't be put on touchpad, must have channeling on a melee attack, etc". Also, instead of doing a "validation" everytime a user tries to move a button, do a validation when the full setup is done... Because right now , just trying to move buttons is often impossible, even if i just want to temporarily move a feature somewhere else for a few seconds while I rebind something else. That way us users actually have time to bind all our keys as we see fit, then when it comes time to "save", if we're missing let's say a key component, notify us that it's missing. Don't block us from saving the preset though... Just notify us "Warning, you did not bind a melee attack"... And if the user is fine with this, let him use said setup. No use babysitting us if we want to make setups that don't correspond to the norm.
  13. Yeah, this is quite a mess. Arcanes were "Fixed" to work on exalted weapons a while back and people enjoyed this for months, if not years... Now someone reports the bug that arcanes no longer work on Mesa, which prompts DE to go all "well, peacemaker were too strong", so we'll make the bug a "Feature", unaware that the "bug" actually affects all frames with exalted weapons. And now since DE talked about things being "consistent" across the board, chances are we're gonna see the global nerf to all exalted weapon stay because hey, let's be consistent here... Just revert things back like they were before. Let your fanbase use the arcanes they spent time and paid money for on the frames they like . It's not like it breaks the game or anything... Besides, do you expect your users to report bugs and exploit to you if you keep doing bad decisions (like vivergate) and nerfing everything when someone was simply asking to fix a bug... Or outright banning great youtubers like Noobshowtek because they showed a leveling exploit in one video after years of loyal services and plat purchases, or banning everyone that entered a baro relay when they should not have a while back. Let us have faith that when we report a bug , exploit or issue, it will be "Fixed" in a matter that respects our user.
  14. How to fix the KDrive experience. 1 - Remove Cap per trick. 2 - Make it so the score that's shown is the XP / affinity you get. No division or breadcrumbs. 3 - Give the boards some stats to make actually building four for mastery worth something. 4 - Buff damage, range and usability of offensive mods and allow us to shoot secondaries while on the drives. 5 - Add a double tap / charge mechanic on the accelerator which makes the turbines go into overdrive and sends the KDrive flying like a rocket you can aim. Make the speed of rocket flying close to an archwing, but requiring skill and allowing you to catapult yourself over large distances.
  15. Gotta agree, this is getting old really fast being forced into huge chore list of stuff to do each week just to progress a perpetual event counter. It it was a once and done deal, it would be fine, but seeing as nightwave is here to stay and we're getting multiple seasons back to back, this is going to get more and more tedious to do these laundry list of tasks, especially when they start to repeat and rotate each week or season. Part of what's great about Warframe is that it's kinda open in terms of our progression goals. We get to choose what content we want to do based on our goals and objectives. I want a frame, I farm said frame, I want that mod, I farm it, etc... Nightwave is the opposite of that. Each week I have to do content I have no reason of doing... In gamemodes where I already have all the rewards. I don't need drift mods, all my syndicates are capped, I have hundreds of filled ayatans statues, ect... I understand the desire to make old gamemodes relevant, but if you add no rewards in said mode and just force us to grind old content each week to get standing... Kinda sucks. Last week I needed gems, so I farmed plains and Venus for quite some time. This week, two of the challenges are to mine rare gems... Meaning I have to do it again, but this time I'm not doing it for myself, for my own progression, just because you DEcided we all had to do it. Just let me set my own goals, kinda like destiny does. In destiny you get multiple daily and weekly bounties, then player gets to choose the ones they want to do. If I don't feel like playing gambit today or this week and I want to do strikes, I will skip gambit bounties and pick only bounties I want to do. If I suck at PvP, I can skip PvP bounties. If I love raiding, I'll pick the raid bounties. Just give us more variety and allow us to choose our weekly bounties... Maybe put a weekly cap so people don't go overboard and complete every single one (then again, who cares, if someone wants to nolife and get the umbra forma on week two , it's his problem). Cause right now i'm starting to avoid doing most tasks in-game because "Hey , why bother farming kuva when next well we'll probably get something like "Do 10 Kuva Floods, why do anything really when I'll be forced to do it again for a challenge next week. Heck,can't be the only one that would prefer getting all the season goals at the same time, then getting to progressively pick the ones I need to do and do them in the order I see fit... Or at least getting the full list of weekly challenges in advance so I know, hmmm, week three I'll have to do five sorties and farm many gems , maybe I won't do any sorties on week one and two and I'll wait to do my gem farming...
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