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  1. Yeah, think you guys need to tone down the VFX on many ephemeras when flying in RJ / Archwing... Makes it really hard to aim, especially with the shockwave ephemera...
  2. Yeah , it's a non-issue. You just need one free slot for the transition period, which is immediately free to be used again after you sacrifice the frame. Also, you can just leave the 44 cooked frames in your foundry without claiming them and claim them one by one as the previous one finishes getting digested, so it's not like you actually have to buy 44 slots to pull this off , just one free buffer slot.
  3. Technically , you're not killing them, just fusing them into your ship... Hope that makes you sleep better at night !
  4. I really don't get the constant "there's no endgame" complaints. 1 - There's a whole new hard mode that was just released in steel path, allowing you to fight souped up lvl 100/150 enemies in greater numbers and with +250% modifiers on them. 2 - They added the lich system recently, which allows you to fight lvl 100+ enemies at Rank 5 liches, including your own nemesis boss, and gives you lvl 100 nodes even on regular starchart. 3 - They have added numerous endgame-like bosses over the years, including Tridolons, Profit Taker, Exploiter Orb and Rolalolyst, plus tons of long-term systems to level and work on (Intrinsics, Focus Schools, Riven Collections , Mastery Rank). 4 - There's also daily sorties giving you missions that go to lvl 100 with added modifiers. 5 - There's elite sanctuary onslaught ,arbitrations, both which can pretty much be run endlessly... Plus stuff like Kuva Survival, High Risk Index that you can push to a high duration for a some challenging gameplay. 6 - Finally, Warframe has always offered the ability to infinitively scale any endless mission to ridiculous enemy levels, meaning even the most hardcore players can in theory push the system to it's limits if they feel lilke it. So yeah, there might not be an "endgame system" , but there's tons of endgame-like activities a veteran can pursue on a daily basis if he wants to test his arsenal.
  5. Currently it costs 1 million 850000 simaris rep just to get 2nd copies of all the quest frames we crafted already... This is way too much, even divided by two...
  6. How are ppl supposed to know 7 years in advance a new system is going to be added that uses non-prime warframes as food ? And even for those that did keep all their non-primes, they probably kept them for a reason (because they are collectors) and will not be willing to have them consumed, meaning they will also have to farm a whole set of 43 frames a second time too. It's not the user's fault the quest replay system isn't sophisticated enough to check if you have a frame or weapon already and give you another copy if you deleted it... And it's not our fault we deleted non primes frames after DE made it so that primes were upgrades to non-primes that can use the regular prime's cosmetics and look, but have better stats. Litterally zero reason to keep these non-primes before this !
  7. Did the math and it currently costs 1 million 850000 simaris rep to buy the quest frame parts, which is ridiculous. Even if it ends up being divided by two , that's still 925000 standing from a system with limited one simaris bounty per day awarding less than 10K standing average. Needless to say, you guys at DE need to figure another way to reintroduce quest items or to allow us to reclaim frames we deleted because they were useless. It's not our fault you guys just changed the rules after 7 years so that non-prime frames have a purpose, and it's already tedious enough to have to refarm 43 frames because of this, but asking us to farm simaris rep for three plus months everyday just to afford frames we already have / had / deleted is obscene. Here's my solutions : A - Starchart frames - They stay as they are now, as they are somewhat fast to re-acquire. If you really want to make it even better for players, maybe you could add duplicate protection so that you get no duplicates when doing bosses, as it really sucks running the same boss 25 times because RNG is against you. If your goal is to motivate players to get into warframe and get frames, perhaps starting by not having them replay the same boss over and over is a good start anyway. Nobody enjoys running the same node 25 times in a row. B - Tennolab frames and fortuna syndicate frames - These are fine, as they are easy to buy and re-craft. C - Quest frames where only the BP is given in quest (Revenant, Protea, Octavia, Nidus, Harrow, Gara, Garuda, Atlas) . Either you add the BP back into the replayable quests, or you drop their simaris rep cost to 25k. We already have to farm the three remainaing parts a second time, it's insulting to have to also pay 100k per BP, especially given how easy it would be to just give the bp a second time to the player after replaying the quest from the codex. D - Quest frames that require all parts to be gotten from quest / from simaris (includes Titania, Inaros, Chroma, Limbo and Mirage). These need a new acquisition method, as Paying 250K / 150K standing for these is indecent.... This is doubly so as these frames had somewhat recent primes, meaning most players have deleted them and are now stuck having to re-farm them at a premium just for their ability. Ideally just make it so that when replayed , if the user doesn't own a built version of these frames, you get the parts on a quest replay.. I mean doesn't seem particularly hard to implement, plus it gives vets a reason to replay old quests they haven't touched in quite some time !
  8. I'm mostly really angry about having to farm 44 frames all over again, including tons of very tedious ones and quest ones I have to repurchase from Simaris because I deleted them when their prime came out. Also looks like a huge ressource sink designed just to deplete all our stockpiles of hard-earned ressources over the years. All in all, great idea, terrible execution. Why can't I just let a cyst mature on my frame, then use the cyst as the sacrifice tribute ? OR why not just add a vendor with the ability to recover non-prime frames we crafted and deleted ? Really unfair to come after 7 years and tell us "screw you for having deleted all these useless non-prime frames you had in your inventory, now you need them !". Why do I have to farm two copies of every frames ? Why do I have to dump billions of ressources to level my helminth and sacrifice / rebind abilities to different frames ? Also feel it might hurt frame diversity and uniqueness in the long run too.
  9. Didn't get Ash first year till they pity gave it to everyone that logged into the game that month. Didn't get Nekros second year at all even after weeks of asking DE on the forums to make it right by us, So far haven't gotten Hydroid this year on either PC and PS4. Also only got Athodia on PS4, not PC, even though I had the stream on for the entire duration on two different browser (12Am to like 8 PM) while doing hourly refreshes in case it was bugging out. I'll say it again , for the third year in a row... STOP doing twitch drops during tennocon ! It ... does ... not ... work ! Give players timed redeem code you input in your website during Tennocon instead... At least those actually work.
  10. I really think the system needs to change badly in regards to how it handles frames that people already owned and deleted. 1 - Most vets I know have deleted all their non-prime frames when their prime counterparts came out, since the prime versions have better stats and access to their non-prime helmets and looks thus making the non primes redundant. There was literally no reason to keep the non-prime versions before, meaning we all deleted them to reclaim the warframe slots they occupied. This means we'll have to re farm all these frames and waste tons of resources just to build them a second time so we can sacrifice them again. 2 - For frames that don't have a prime counterpart yet, it means farming another set just for sacrificing it. Adding both, that's 43 frames total you will have to refarm if you're a completionist that wants all abilities available from all frames. 3 - For quest and story frames , it's even worse, as you'll have to do the whole simaris rep farm, which even if it costs half as pablo suggets, is still a huge tedious grind. 4 - Even if you for some reason didn't delete all your non-prime frames because you wanted to keep them in your collection, chances are you still won't feel like destroying them for the sacrifice, since you kept them from a reason in the first place (attachement, completionist, etc) meaning you'll still have to farm another set of 43 frames anyway. 5 - Even more annoying, you didn't give us a heads up in advance of this. I had full gara, garuda, khora , ivara sets sitting in my inventory for months , plus tons of random parts from my steel path run, yet I ended up deleting everything as I do regular cleanups of my inventory to delete my unused non-prime warframe parts. Now i'll have to run tons of bounties and annoying content just to luck out and get stuff I had gotten passively , all because I have a tendency to clean my inventory from time to time to remove unwanted duplicates. 6 - This is also an annoyance for the future, because every single new frame that will come out ,you'll have to farm two full sets of... Which sucks really bad imho. I mean, last thing I want is to farm another protea after once again deleting all the duplicate parts I had during my runs because you guys didn't notify us a system like this was coming !!! My solution: Add a NPC / menu somewhere that allows you to rebuy non-prime frames you already crafted and mastered for a small amount of credits. KInda an improved Simaris , but not just with quest items, and using credits instead of simaris rep. I mean, you already went to the trouble of farming them, wasting the ressources to craft them and waiting for them to build, it's unfair to ask for everyone to redo all that hard work and grind because you decided five years later the non primes are now used up in helminth room. Or allow us to do a support ticket and ask us to restore all our delete non-prime frames since it's not really fair as it is now !
  11. Just wanted to confirm bug is still present in PS4 version too. Was running phobos and I went Roche , then Sharpless. When I got to Gulliver and attempted to clear it , it gave me the survival node Zeugma Instead. Continued to run the rest of the planet, assuming I had misclicked the planet or something... Then once I only had that guilliver node to clear, I noticed every time I clicked on Gulliver, it would load into Zeugma. So I clicked Zeugma and cleared it , hoping both nodes were simply swapped, but it still counted as Zeugma. I googled this topic, then read that apparently if you did sharpless it fixed the issue, so I loaded into sharpless and quit immediately, then loaded into Gulliver and I finally got the correct defense mission, after roughly an hour of running survival missions instead of that one defense node.
  12. Umm, not sure what's going on. Checked the new account tab in-game a couple seconds ago and there was already my existing email address in there. Tried inputting the same email again hoping for a "refresh" and a new email to be sent to my inbox, but nothing even in junk folder. Also didn't get syandana. Now I'm scared of trying other emails or playing with the system as I don't want to duplicate / mess up my MR29 account or forum account ...
  13. Haven't ran these in quite some time for the following reasons. 1 - The drop table sucks. It's always endo / statue, and even most of the "rare" rewards are kinda useless and not worth it. LItterally the only thing that's desireable to me is Rivens, rest is just filler to get angry when I get it. 2 - Takes like half an hour every day for one roll at the slot machine, and with such lackluster reward, feels like time wasted most of the time. Maybe if you had one reward per mission , doing three mission for one roll at slot machine is too much work for lackluster rewards. 3 - When you do get a riven, it usually is for a weapon you don't like / already have. There's like 400 wpns, what are the odds of getting those two or three wpns you really wanted ? Might as well just buy the riven off trade chat and do something meaningful with your life. 4 - If you do by a small miracle get a riven for a weapon you actually might use, you still have to farm kuva for days to reroll it, put tons of formas on your gear, making it a pretty big time and ressource sink for something that will inevitably be nerfed to 1 disposition a couple months later. 5 - Finally, since they sell you riven slots for 60p for 3 , it's a huge plat sink if you intend to collect them. I mean, I have 101/102 riven slots right now, and I actually don't feel like running sorties anymore because if I do get one riven , it'll be constant "you must purchase slots message" till I buy new slots, which I would rather not waste my plat on. 6 - Wps are so socket starved these days that it's getting harder to even slot these rivens in. Especially low disposition ones.
  14. Pretty sure if you're fan enough to redeem the code during tennocon, you're precisely the kind of tenno that cares enough to actually watch the reveal... Maybe you'll watch it later that day when you're not sleeping / working, maybe you'll watch the abridged Quiette Shy version , or just the trailers, but if their goal is to get people watching, the new content teased is what's going to bring people watching anyway, with the drops just being the added incentive to show up at that time and be present. I suppose it could hurt their twitch numbers if many ppl skip watching ilive on twitch though... Which TBH nobody should care about. Frankly , always felt kinda dishonest how DE keeps boosting their twitch user count by dropping stuff during steams. I mean, lately it feels every day there's a "work for home" random stream on the WF twitch channel. In the end, most people "watch" it exclusively for the drops by being afk while muted in another tab, contributing in "faking" interest in the game in terms of streaming and giving the false impression ppl are really interested in the content when they are just taking advantage of the freebies and zoning off.
  15. Thought it was pretty obvious that Baro would not have years worth of unreleased content at Tennocon. Not like DE makes 500 prisma weapons and prime mods in advance , then not distribute them for 10 years for some odd reason... That is not how live service games work.
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