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CE-34878-0 error constantly


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Hello. From two days I had an issue with a constant crash on my ps4 when I play Warframe. (CE-34878-0 error). I was waiting people to go on a fissure relic mission, and then the game crashed. Then I restarted the game several times trying to figure out what's happened, but from that point I had the CE-34878-0 error on the starting loading screen.

I've tried removing the saved data on PS4, same issue.

Then I've uninstalled the whole game from PS4, re-installed it and then the game worked again.

The day after, same story: waiting people on a fissure relic mission and the game crashed again with the same code; then tried to reload the game, same crash on starting loading screen.

Hope this report will help you to check and solve this issue. Best regards. 

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