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Kavat body incomplete.


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First off - I do not know what prompted the bug and WHEN exactly did it first occured. I simply do not pay attention to my Kavat at ALL TIMES when I go back to the orbiter.

So, when I came back from a mission (NOT from open world instances, like Plains) - I noticed my Kavat's head is... missing.I provide several screen shots so to visualize this phenomenon.









Like I said, I do not know exactly when the bug occured, so I cannot reproduce the bug.

Still, I have done some testing:


1. Closed and restarted the game client - bug persists;

2. Went into a mission and completed a mission - same;

3. Went into a mission and aborted it - same result;

4. Went into a mission and quit the game while inside the mission's instance - same;

5. Put the Kavat in stasis and took it back out - same;

6. Put the Kavat in stasis and took a Kubrow out of it AND then switched the pets again - same result.


I would  like to tell me, whether or not this is a client-side bug and how do I fix it.


Best regards,



PS. One other thing: other pets from my stasis chamber - they haven't lost their heads... :)

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