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Warframe Concept - Myst


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http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/User_blog:FayzeDelta/Warframe_Concept_-_Mist ^ Concept Art ^ Leave me some constructive criticism, feedback and/or cookies <3 Cheers! - Fayze Delta Edit : I don't know if I'll be able to get a founders package in time before it ends :/ If anyone on design council could put this through and credit me, I would love you forever <3 Okay so abilities :




Health : 75.0 (225.0 at 30) 

Shield : 100.0 (300.0 at 30) 

Power : 150.0 (225.0 at 30) 

Armor : 50.0 

Sprint Speed : 1.1 

Stamina : 8.0  



Tidal Wave (25 Energy) Launches a small wave that deals damage and knocks back targets. 2/3/4/5 on the mod page, 25/50/75/100


Monsoon (50 Energy) Creates a monsoon around Myst, damaging enemies and removing any effects and/or debuffs from Myst. 4/5/6/7 on the mod page, deals 25/50/75/100 damage for 5/6/7/8 seconds Removes any debuffs from Myst and nearby teammates.


Evaporate (35 Energy) Myst turns from solid to mist form, making him invisible and greatly increasing his movement speed. He can't attack in this form. Lasts 3/4/5/6 seconds costing 6/7/8/9 on the mod page.


Heavy Maelstrom (100 Energy) Creates a maelstrom, dealing massive damage to enemies that pass through. 10/11/12/13 Damage : 350/500/700/1000 lasts for 5/6/7/8 seconds myst_v2_by_fayzedelta-d6pq0v7.pngmyst_abilities_by_fayzedelta-d6pq5gz.png


Version 4 Concept


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Design Council members don't really get to give our opinions to DE - they tell us what they want and that's what we're allowed to do sorry :(


A water frame could be fun times though, but here is some feedback on the abilities. 


Fog: This is broken as you described it unfortunately - make the whole team invisible AND give them red crits for the duration @___@ mist would put nova to shame lol


Suggestion: Mist fills up destroying LOS for enemies AND friendlies allowing for recovery and AOE blasts from Mist and friendly frames.  This could be one of those abilities that some people love and others passionately hate.  Uses?  Great for dealing with revives, ambushes/zerg rushes by ancients/giving time for cell mates to catch up ect.


Monsoon: This one isn't too bad for a 1 or a 2 ability although a cheap 50% dmg buff might be a bit much - I would add a debuff removal to this though (at the very least removes fire DOT from friendlies and enemies in monsoon's range) 


Evaporate: Maybe scrap this one because it's a bit redundant with Fog


Tidal Wave: Not bad, but I'd replace slow with knock back + stagger because we already have frame abilities which enact slow but not much for knockback/stagger.  Also prob specify that this should be large AOE but doesn't do much dmg.


Tsunami/Maelstrom: Well it's generally a bad idea to copy another frames ability and doubly so to copy it then make it a direct upgrade - Perhaps replace with cyclone (water tornado)?  Have it go forth and sweep an area around you pickup mobs and then carrying them away to a random location and violently dumping them with some damage and stagger or another debuff.


Mist could be a pretty sweet control frame that's more reliant on positioning and timed execution of abilities instead of nyx's chaos spam of vaubans Bastille with the abilities as I mentioned above.  It also gives mist a theme which is nice as well as an alternative to another boring spam the win button frame. 


I'd love to see a 3D model if you end up doing one!  I'm subbing this thread keep it coming, and if they ask in DC I'll submit on your behalf. 

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Design Council has no real power of suggestion. All we do is rarely vote on stuff and get previews of things coming out soon. Hell, we don't even get to preview what is planned for future updates and tell DE if they should pursue it or not, just get to see pictures of things they are already working on....Design Council is soooo disappointing.

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I think this is one of the best warframe suggestions i've seen. I do think that he needs a bit of a shield or health buff (one of the to 100 or 125) with a 1.1 sprint speed and the rest of the same stats as loki. As for damage type maybe physics impact or just blade. After that and some art desingin' he's good to go and it would be awesome if he was released with the ability to swim! Also I like the idea of it being named Myst instead of mist.

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Man, nice work! I would love to see a frame like this. Myst reminds me a little bit of mag (in a good way of course). In my opinion Myst could be a very good tank or support tank. Maybe change his evaporate into a small aoe that evaporates incoming fire and enemies? If you do that then you could change his stats to reflect a more heavily armored frame. If you did this then I would not hesitate to buy the damn thing from market as soon as it came out!


Love it!!

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The maelstrom seem a bit too similar to embers abilities in my opinion. but most of the other stuff seems really cool!

Evaporate could also maybe increase jump height or similar, kinda like having Myst decreasing in weight overall making him faster but more vulnerable to knock-back attacks as if you were in a low gravity level. (And maybe rename it to "Condensate"?)

Also the name "Myst" seems to be to be more about steam and vapour than water so maybe have more attacks themed after that.

One example could be to create steam explosions by heating up the water in enemies dealing big damage the target enemy and damaging+stunning the enemies around in a AoE.

I also though it would be interesting if Myst had a semi secret synergy with frost for example if frost uses avalanche in a maelstrom it could blow up or something.

And here are some cookies: http://i.imgur.com/trCIY.gif

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Thank god, a water element frame :D A great idea and a pretty cool design, bit skinny though lol.

Just a few suggestions on the abilities.

The first ability could be a jet of boiling hot water that adds a burn effect or leaves them stunned/blind for around 3/4/5/6 seconds.

Evaporate sounds like a cool idea with the speed and stuff but having no attack might seem a bit of a waste of energy, if you were able to keep the speed and invisibility and improved melee damage, then this would be a very good stealth ability, making the game better seeming as there aren't too many stealthy frames/abilities.

I was thinking, with the last ability - Heavy Maelstrom, like Relkin suggested, a whirlpool would be so cool. It would function like Vaubans Vortex, place it on a part of the map, and all enemies get sucked in. With the whirlpool, it would have the height of Frost's Snow Globe and and about the width of Embers World On Fire. Once they are in the whirlpool it could do some DPS, due to them drowning, after the whirlpool spins them around lasting for 5/6/7/8 (just the usual continuity mod) it would then break apart and send all enemies that weren't killed during the ability to be ragdolled or sent into walls causing either a stun or a bit of extra damage on impact.


Overall though, a really great idea and something original. This better get pushed through <.< they need more elemental warframes :P

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