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Suggestion: Skeleton Draconic Wings that can close so people can see (No drawings, just words and pictures of ingame syandanas unfortunately)

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Skeleton Dragon Syandana

So this will sort of look like a combination between:


The warframe syandana called the "Icarius Syandana" made by Malaya, Scharkie, and Jade. The tail will be chipped out for the syadana im trying to present.



Warframe's Iliac Syandana.

The iliac will just be the texture of syandana basically. Notice how the outter part is thicker then the inner part of the syandana. The thick part is how the syadana's (that im purposing) texture would look like

How the Skeleton Syandana would look

1.) Now that thick part i was talking about on the iliac syndana, there would be 2 of them that start from the warframe's upper back, then go up slightly above the head, and then go down all the way to the point where its at their ankle (The secton where the bone goes up and and then down will be referred to as The Bend). Then add another thick part, that i will be calling "bone" from now on, will go down from the center of the bend, but it wont go to much further than the warframe's lower back (or if you can, make it go down to the warframes knee). Finally add another bone thats attached part of the bone between the bend and the warframe's upper back. This last bone that we just added would have the smallest lenth, possibly staying within the upper back region.

2.) To finish it off, there will be a single shap claw attached on top of the bend of bone, and 1 at each of the points where bone comes to an end

I could this see this looking insanely cool on warframes like Nekros and Inaros. Adding to their already bone like structure.

Alternative Idea

Or, another idea that might have some more popularity. Make draconic wings that look like a combination between the Iliac Syandana and this:


The "Sari Syandana", made by Malaya.

Dont worry the syandana can close so that players wont worry about not being able to see. 

How the Alt would look

1.) Sari looks it has a total of 4 wings, maybe this dragon one could look like it has 6 (or 4, what ever is do able)

2.) There will be a thin layer connecting the bone-like structure of each wing.

3.) The center piece that holds the wings together should look like the back of a Crocodile id say. Lumpy

4.) Instead of closing like the Sari and Icarius Syandans does, this one will simply extend behind the warframe. To explain, take the back of your hands and face them towards you, then interlock your thumbs. Your thumbs are your warframe's back while the rest of your hand are the back of wings. Now, with your thumbs still touching, make the back of your hands face each other (or make them touch, almost like the wing are preparing to flap). That is how the wings will look when they get out of the player's view

Hope that all made sense and someone likes this and takes the idea, i think it can be used for a demonic, vampirc or even an angleic looking warframe theme, that should have people liking them. I know id love it.

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