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More Xp Solo Or Playing High Level


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Quick question.

I'm 300 xp off being able to make my ogris.

I have a level two kraken I can level up to get those 300 xp points.

Higher level missions give more xp, but my pistol will be useless and people don't use their secondary that much.

On low level missions I can use my pistol exclusively.

Would it be better to play a high level mission and hope I get pistol xp, or play a low level one solo and guarantee a little bit of pistol xp?

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you probably could have gotten those XP in the time it took you to make this post but well... XD

To answer your question: make one or two runs on kiste (ceres i believe, its a mobile defence against lvl 50-something grineer) and you should have that (and levels on your main, melee and warframe as well, if they arent 30 yet)

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It doesnt matter what other class of weapon others use, for each kill by another player you get exp like:







Play kappa on sedna, kiste on ceres or cyath on eris for exp :)


Oh, that's interesting!

Thanks for that info bud.

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