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Um... Punchthrough doesn't always work?


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Not sure this belongs in mission bugs but whatever. Was leveling my Tiberon Prime with Primed Shred on it and noticed that I could not shoot through the shields of Elite Shield Lancers, you know the one with the big yellow shields? I could shoot through regular Shield Lancer shields but not the elite ones. So I was wondering was I just missing my shots? So I went to test it in the simulacrum. I tried 5 Shield lancers, 5 Elite shield lancers, 5 Kuva shield lancers and 5 Tusk shield lancers. And low and behold I could only shot through the regular Shield lancers shields, no one else. The Tusk, Kuva and Elite shields might as well have been a Rhino's Ironskin lol. Punch through did not allow me to shot through the shields at all. 2.2 Punch through can't shoot through a shield? Why the heck should I use it then? Those Grineer shields must be super thick lol. Grineer should just make all their ships out of whatever they make their shields with and watch the bullets do nothing...

Is this supposed to do this or is it a bug?

~A slightly confused Tenno

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Appears to be intentional, or at least is documented in the wiki:


  • Their iron shields are invulnerable to shots with Punch Through. Players will have to reposition themselves behind the enemy or use AoE weaponry to counter this.
    • This includes attempts to shoot through clear openings in the shield, which are only visually open and have the same invulnerable mesh.


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