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Constant Network not Responding Error and game laucher is not connecting (The content servers are temporarily unavailable)

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Hi! since last Friday July 10  has been filled with the Network not responding screen despite having good internet connection and speeds. At the moment, I can't even log into the game because the network not responding alert pops up and it stalls out, resulting in my logging in to fail due to taking too long. My ISP said there isn``t anything blocking Warframe.

Someone is facing this?

P.S.  I have ticket on WF Support

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I'm also getting network not responding message every time I log in despite having good internet connection and speeds. But I'm not having any problem with the launcher, also my matchmaking works as normal as well. Well they'll be also other people having this problem as well and should send a ticket on WF support if they encountered this problem. 

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Maybe you can try the get logs function. It tells you where the obstacle lies. In my case it's usually because the address origin.warframe.com(or content. and api.) is not reachable on my side and the launcher can't get what it needs from it. You can also ping or tracert the address in the console directly if you don't want to run other diagnoses. 

GET /api/clientIP.php HTTP/1.1
Host: ToS violation
Cache-Control: no-cache   //Warframe Logs/Launcher.log
HTTP/1.1 200 OK           // this GET is a success                                             
Server: Apache               // if failed there would be logs about it
Content-Length: 54
Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8
Date: Thu, 30 Jul 2020 11:24:37 GMT
Connection: keep-alive

However, "Network not Responding" in game is not related to the address mentioned before.  The client communicates with server via address and ports and protocols that are different from the launcher. So it's reasonable that there are some cases in which your launch would be OK but not so much the client itself. The "Analyze Network" function in game checks only your udp ports' condition, which is used to communicate with your teammate when you are in one. Therefore sometimes you may have to struggle to join a team, but shouldn't have other problems until your team leaves the mission when you again need to talk to the server.

Sadly warframe client doesn't provide any tool that can diagnose the network problem related to not being able to communicate with the server. All it tell us is the "Network not Responding". I've been told before that being unable to connect to api.* is the cause of "Network not Responding". I tried to ping the address all the time when I play the game but didn't find any relation between the two

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