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Controller failing to fire/aim

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Been a controller player since day one, never had an issue.However, since the tennocon update, my Left and right triggers on my (xbox one) controller have been working at roughly 75% of the time, leading to many attempts to snipe/aim/ kill things and nothing happening in hoards of foes. At first i thought it was the amount of people trying to get partcipate in tennocon 2020, so the game was lagging due to server load, but even in solo missions this issue persists to the point that against a large number of foes, i dont know if my gun will kill them or will i have to attempt to fire 10 times before it works once.

I've tried this issue in the Similacrum and the results were the same with every gun, even guns with a 1.0 fire rate and timing myself it would be as follows
1 shot, blank, blank, 1 shot, 1shot, blank, 1 shot...and it varies from there as well as aiming. Everything else like jumping and melee works fine (melee is my B button, not a trigger pull) and abilities work fine but only the left and right triggers.
Ive adjusted settings on the pull and release sensitivities and no avail, this issue also happens when a melee weapon is fully drawn and i cant guard correctly nor go into held trigger movement sets easily. Once however the trigger is held though and it fires normally (like holding guard or a auto firing gun) the gun will shoot and keep shotting so it registers the trigger in its entirty, just once its realeased, the next shot is questionable

In other games and simple menu movement, the triggers work fine. Example: Destiny 2 on steam, i was able to single fire an assault rifle and switch between hip fire and aimed fire with ease.

Ive calibrated the controller, checked over every part of it through a testing app and it registers from the slightest touch to full pull. Reinstalled warframe, optimized and verified the game through its launcher and still nothing.

So im reporting it as a bug and hopefully can be resolved

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Update on this situation,
going from controller to mouse: the mouse works fine for aiming and shooting
Sudden intervals of fixed issue: Randomly, during a survival mission on the new corpus set, (relic mission) i suddenly had full control of my weapons firing and aiming capability for roughly 10 minutes of time and i was quite excited as maybe it was indeed a server issue, that however ended when after the 20 minute mark, it became questionable again and every mission thereafter had no sudden, "Everything is fixed" moment, 

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