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I don't understand elemental damages

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34 minutes ago, rapt0rman said:

Yeah, just to clarify if the above is true, your physical damage + elements always deal their damage on every hit. Status chance is the chance to proc a secondary effect, like bleeding, armor stripping, ect.


Yep, definitely used to only be able to proc any specific status once per single pellet/hit. I used to run a -100% slash Glaive riven because it has the guaranteed slash procs on throws/explosions, any natural slash procs on it were just wasted. Obviously I've rerolled it since then, and now I'm getting 2-3 slash procs per hit. 

I'm going to choose to believe it's a natural, intended side effect of allowing statuses to stack, rather then an unintended one 😛

Totally possible, I think.  It might just have been too esoteric a mechanic in the first place to justify a specific patch note about the change.

From a gameplay point of view it seems both good and bad.  Good in that it no longer penalizes status weapons .  Bad in that it reemphasizes slashy slash melee weapons with slashy stances.

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