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Bug while host is leaving during match

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While playing a match usually during survival. I've been getting kicked from the run all together when the match is switching hosts. This wouldn't be a big issue but it takes away all my rewards and experience. After over 25 mins in I'd hope to at least get my experience for my weapons. The mission report says 0 secs!

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Yes, sadly this is a longstanding issue like many others. It seem as though if the host leaves an endless mission where you can extract at any time like survival/excavation/open world bounty it can either: 

A) migrate properly for everyone

B) migrate for one person and let them extract immediately- leaving any other squad members to get an error such as failed to connect to host or no mission exists type message

or C) fail completely for everyone but host.

for me B tends to occur when the host wants to keep going, say do another bounty in open world and the rest of the party is waiting in extraction.  If the host leaves, it extracts whoever it picks as new host and leaves any1 else in squad with an error, losing all time, drops, affinity and all that. 

Best case scenario is to make a support ticket.  I have a less than 50% success rate even with videos and/or screenshots since they don't want to accept those as evidence due to it taking too much of THEIR TIME, to look at a screenie or watch a 3-5 min video showing what was lost in a 30min-hour run of PLAYER TIME.  At least that's how the form letter response is worded: "(for expediency screenshots and videos cannot be accepted)"  and if you do prove your case you can only get a (1) single item returned out of all the stuff you lost.

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I have had this issue myself several times. It has gotten much worse after the last two updates and hot fixes. Sometimes lose everything but most times end up all alone in a mission after a host migration. This is even if the team is all people I know and not randoms in a mission. Sometimes you will get kicked from a mission (shows host migration to you), you end up in a mission all by yourself while your other team mates are still in the original mission. You cannot rejoin them and sometimes you lose all the stuff you had accumulated. Have also had issues where there is a lot of host migration and still the same people in the mission, nobody left it just changed hosts for some reason. The most irksome issue is the game doesn't stop during a sometimes lengthy host migration and if a timed mission you fail.

There have been times I clicked on a mission, it searches for a team, for some reason the host left and it says you will be returned to your multiplayer screen; but, it says the mission failed even when it never started. Don't want too many fails on my permanent record! ;)

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