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Stuck Joining Sessions, Can't Join Invites, Players Can't Join Me... "Please wait..."

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Not sure why there's no in-game bug report functions yet but whatever, I'm sure tptb will care enough to add it by 2030.

Title is pretty self explanatory- these are the issues I'm having.

It all began when I started the New War. I finished the first two chapters back to back and then immediately after returning to my orbiter, I selected the third chapter and watched the cutscene.

After that, I went to my navigation to see if there were any quest leads- there were none.

The next day, I went to play and I can't remember what it was I wanted to do exactly, but I think I equipped myself with a Hydroid farming build and then went to go out. That was the first time I got stuck on the "Please wait..." screen.

Ever since then, I get it every single time I play. Which, let's be honest, is about 10-12hrs a day when I can.

I can't join sessions, other players can't join my sessions. I can barely get a solo session to work more than once. I get trapped in all of the open-world airlocks and can't join squads there either. Once the game finally lets me out of the airlock and into into the open world, I'm no longer in a squad.


All in all, pretty frustrated. I just came back after being gone a couple years- I left because of issues like this to begin with. I thought you guys might have changed the way you do things by now.. Y'know... Not releasing updates riddled with game-breaking bugs. Adding the tiny, no-brainer features we've been asking for for years.. Ending armistice and fixing the rail system you guys botched to begin with. Making PvP not boring as all hell.. I guess we haven't yelled enough.. Or spent enough.

I mean... I certainly spend enough money on your game, I think I ought to be heard and taken seriously. Spending or not, I take the time to play your game and I've done so for years (yes, plural) and the only time I ever felt like DE was on my side was when I was new and ignorant.

I'd really like to be able to play my game again. Feel kind of stupid I spent so much and can't even play..

I hope for us both this changes. I'd miss warframe terribly and I'm sure DE will miss my card.

Bandwidth 50+mb/s up & down (was never a problem before, shouldn't be now)

Just on the off chance that somehow, in the last couple weeks, my PS4 (Circa 2013ish) has become... Terminally ill... I'm getting a replacement PS4 Pro (2016ish) in a few days.

If this doesn't fix the issue, I'm sad to say I won't be coming to Warframe PS5. The way I see it... Any relationship has it's problems, and for the most part they can be overlooked for the greater good.. But if they're the same problems, over and over, year after year, and nothing ever changes... Something's gotta give. :/

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