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Warframe Concept: Derita, the Status Monster


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Here's a concept I've been toying with. I love caster frames and I want to create one that rewards skilled combinations of casts, a la Dota's Invoker or Magicka. This is of course a concept and therefore totally open to suggestions and will continue to be worked on. My priority is to create something exciting to play conceptually - balancing can come later.


Here it is!

A caster warframe that is all about manipulating status procs for strategic or chaotic discombobulation of their enemies. The yin to Baruuk's yang, THE DARK MONK is the anecdotal good man who has gone to war, turned mad by thirst for power.

Aesthetic: A floating organic machine skeleton reminiscent of a raggedy dark monk.



Passive: Flies freely. Low base HP and shields. Generates 300 overshields each time an enemy is status procced by abilities. (meant to pair with Aviator/Aerodynamic mods for 76% DR)

1 (heat) RAGE - line AOE (e.g. Harrow 1). Heat wave with 100% status chance
[aesthetic: a wave of flame is propelled from Monk's bottom vent]

2 (cold) COOL - Fires projectile that explodes in 10m circle AOE. Slows enemies by 80%. 100% chance to cold proc.
[aesthetic: left appendage (gun) fires ball of cold energy.]

3 (toxin) CURSE - Single target. Deals 20% of enemies health as toxin proc damage (bypasses shield) every second for 5 seconds.
[aesthetic: left appendage (stinger) stretches out and stings target]

4 (elec) DESTROY - Continuous 5m cone of electricity damage. Toggle on/off. Damage ramps up by 100% every 1s the ability is held. (Electricity procs should deal naturally more damage the more enemies are in radius)
[aesthetic: Monk leans forward and projects electricity from his eyes]



If any two ability AOEs coincide, they will combine to perform a new effect:

20m gradually pull enemies to centre of radius over 3 seconds, plus continuous blast procs every half second.

AOE lifesteal, 1200 damage as gas proc. Damage scales with number of enemies caught in AOE.

Targets via 1 (line) or 3 (chain target). Radiation proc all enemies with heat proc OR electric proc already on them.

AOE affected by previous abilities (single target or circle AOE). Affects all targets with cold or toxin procs on them. Stacks 3 viral procs every second for 3 seconds. Viral procs decay after 6s unless refreshed.

50% shield strip and magnetic proc. Affects all targets that have cold OR electric procs on them within AOE of previous abilities (circle AOE or chain).

Corrosive proc (26% armor strip for 8s, stacks to 10 times by 6% each time up to 80%) in a chain. Number of procs applied increases with each enemy in chain, up to 5 procs.



Let me know your thoughts and suggestions.

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On the thematic stand point there are two odd things.

First off , title don't reffer to game mechanics , because game mechanics are outside of world. While people caught fire in warframe , in game , people don't refer to that as a status effect.

Second , you describe the frame as monk but instead of using any Chi nonsense to cast her skills she sounds more life a robot using exaust ports , eye lasors and so on.

As far as formating goes don't cite base stats in the middle of describing the passive 

As far as the skill desing goes the passive is overpowered due to shield gate. 

The Skills 1 to 4 are weak but I'm aware they are not supposed to be strong on their own. They are meant as a way activate the combos..

The combo effects are well designed because for the most part they don't overlap but I did not understand how to trigger than because only one skill lingers so I can't grasp how the AOE would overlap 

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Hi keikogi, thanks for your reply. Allow me to respond:


1- I chose to name the title "Status Monster" because I thought that was the best/most eye-catching description of what this Warframe does. 

2 - Alright. First, the aesthetic is just a suggestion, so feel free to suggest something more appropriate. I'll explain though - this concept is loosely inspired by the Avatar/Zenyatta from Overwatch (hence the monk idea). In keeping with Warframes in general - they're meant to be a semi-organic robot that in this case forcibly gained the ability to manipulate these different elements - hence the ragged/mish-mash nature of the Warframe.

3. Lol I don't see the reason to be so pedantic about formatting. The reason I put stats in there is to give a general idea of how balanced I envision the passive to be (roughly a third of overshields is generated each time they pull off a combo, plus innate DR). That's a good point about shield gating, though.

4. You're correct about the skills individually being weak, as intended - they are meant to combo with other abilities. However, their 4 could potentially be very strong with the right numbers, balanced by energy drain.

5. The synergy triggers when an enemy is 'marked' by a status proc. Think of how Gauss's 3 works - if enemies already have heat procs, tapping 3 will trigger the armor reduction+blast effect. I intended this, because you could potentially do some cool things with status weapons, plus one idea of the Warframe is to raise awareness of different status procs and their potentially useful effects.

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