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Game freezes after the mission ends


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This whole issue started with the last update! Everything works fine until the mission is over and the loading screen which brings me to the orbiter starts. Once the the bar fills for about 3/4 my game freezes and unfreezes once im back in the orbiter and i get the same thing with the log in screen, once i enter my password it freezes for 3-5 secs and i start in the orbiter! Its only the problem with warframe and no other game. I first tought its a problem with my second screen i connected a day ago. So i unplugged it and its still the same.

Specs if they are important:
Zotac GTx1080ti 11 GB VRAM
i7 8700K
16GB 2666Mz DDR4 RAM

Game is running on a m.2 SSD

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