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Drift encounter necramech hangs up when power 4 is used


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I'm soloing, hunting and fishing in the drift because.. And I have used my necramech. I see a random necramech laying on the ground in pieces and I decide to transfer into it. Fun. For the heck of it I activate the mech's 4 and shoot at nothing. Shortly the mech is out of power and the 4 animation ends. 

At this point I am completely stuck. No melee ability. No ability to fire the mausoleon. No ability to transfer out. I can walk and jump. That is all. 

The point is I have seen this bug over and over again for years. I know what to do. I find a map edge and jump off. The reset fixes nothing this time, I have to die. There are no enemies around, I find a mother and activate a bounty, that spawns friendly grineer and enemies, they kill me and I escape my frozen necramech. 

I try to continue hunting, but the grineer crowd around me even though I go invisible {why?} and spoil my hunt. 

My point is that this bug has existed for years. I'll bet everyone who hunts eidolon has seen it, and knows the fixes. Push all the buttons on your controller. Jump in the water, get on and off a vehicle, finally, let yourself die. On railjack there is also exit the railjack, perhaps with someone looking through your camera and guiding you because you are blind. 




I'll bet a nickel it is a state bug where a casting state is not cleared at cast end because someone didn't understand the code when they hacked in some new function. Or poor interlocking causes laced updates. 

Is it one bug no one can find? Or is it 100 different bugs that manifest in exactly the same old way? 


So no one is going to fix this bug, perhaps it is not one bug, perhaps it is 20 bugs that all manifest in exactly the same way. 

We need a "/pseudodie" command that we can use to reset our state just like death would but without using a revive or costing affinity....because good luck trying to find enough enemies to kill an inaros with arcane grace and adaptation. 

Or we need a real fix for this. You could black box it, I guess, with a cleanup task that reset state when it seemed reasonable, checked the presumed controller button pushes against the actual ones or whatever the screwup is that makes things go south. Boy, that wouldn't cause any complaints when you got it wrong. Bad idea. 

Or we need a better way to reset the state of our toons. 

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