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New Warframe idea


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Kubrow Warframe,

In the core of Lua an orokin lab harvested the powers of the void from the collective energy of the Tenno, this frame was so powerful that it manifested an offshoot of itself in order to remain stable. When reunited, Lycaon's power is no one's equal in speed and power as it rends through all enemies with his mighty teeth and claws!

Theiss: The offshoot kubrow of Lycaon that is forever loyal to his other half, protecting him and sensing danger whenever near, one would call Theiss the animal instinct of Lycaon itself.

Passive Ability; Thrill of the hunt: enemies killed by finishers temporarily increase Lycaon's speed.

Scout: Lycaon and Theiss are invisible and silent to enemies.

Hunter's sight: able to shift sight between night vision and thermal and normal vision (must level up to be able to access all 3) By simply pushing the skill you're able to just switch through them on command.  (I was given this idea because of all the dark grineer tileset levels) This power can be used in tandem with sniper weapons when using a scope

Theiss: Command Theiss to attack specific enemies in order to provide distraction. In Scout mode Theiss does stealth finishers on targets and can proc Thrill of the Hunt. Target allies and Theiss will protect allies and increase their armor.

Fusion: Lycaon and Theiss unite as one to unleash his full power. Weapons are locked out in this form as Lycaon will only fight with his claws and teeth. This power is considered an exhalted transformation.

In this form Lycaon accesses new powers until energy is run out or has been disengaged manually.

Chilling Howl: All enemies within the radius are stunned and can be defeated by finishers

Rend: Lycaon  lunges into enemies with a spinning attack with his claws.

Feast: Lycaon bites down hard on an enemy and drains them of their life to refill a portion of his own, if enemies are stunned when used, counts towards finisher damage and causing Thrill of the Hunt to proc.

Separate: Lycaon reverts forcibly into his divided state.

NOTE: when in this form Melee attacks from Lycaon's claws and jaws are means of attack. As in your push the melee button he'll hack slash and bite.


The frame in purpose can go between covert to overt warfare being tactical soldier and a berserker beast in one. Feel free to give input


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