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Cambion Drift Endless Bounty Loot Table is Too Large


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In the image below is a comparison between the endless bounty (Lvl 25-30) loot table and the higher level bounty (Lvl 40-60) loot table. Note the nearly three-fold difference in potential drops between the two bounties.

It is very disheartening to grind for several hours for specific mods in this bounty but never get them because the potential drops are diluted by things such as repeating endos and ayatan stars.

I am confused as to why ayatan star and endo are included in every tier ('common', 'uncommon', and 'rare') when the list of potential drops is already large when you don't include them.

It is true that the bounty is endless and that each phase also takes shorter than the normal bounties, however, the system is currently configured to not give bonus rewards when you complete the bonus task (in the case of excavations: "all excavators must survive"), which is the paradigm for non-endless bounties. This, combined with the fact that you could get 750 endo or an ayatan star instead of that rare mod, means you will be spending a huge amount of time grinding in order to complete the collection.

My suggestions for this would be to:

  • Break the bounty into two different ones so that the loot you earn is more reliable because the tables are smaller
  • Change the endless bounty so that the completion of the third phase would reward an extra bounty if the bonus objectives were completed in all three phases
  • Remove Ayatan Star and Endo from the loot tiers 'uncommon' and 'rare'



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The bonus counting would be nice, and should definitely be added in, but overall your visual interpretation is a bit misled. Bounty tables are poorly conveyed in the UI. Rarity and drop pools are smashed together opaquely to list out the full table of possible rewards, which is why we had the bounty-dropped Scintillant issue on launch.

Checking the drop rates, those rare set mods actually each have a respectable 2.5% drop rate from third-stage, 1.67% from second-stage. This seems low, but still puts them ahead of some other rare-end bounty rewards - off the top of my head I checked the Profit Taker Heist as a comparison, which only offers a single 1.43% chance each of dropping Critical Focus or Strain Consume from a full completion.


For any individual set rare dropping, your cumulative break-even 50% probability is 17 full rotations. Your 90% probability threshold arrives at 55 rotations. 99% 'guaranteed' is 110 rotations.

If we add a Bonus Pull on third-stage tables, this would be reduced to 50% probability at 11 rotations, 90% at 35 rotations, and 99% at 69 rotations. nice


Add to this the fact Carnis set mods are abundant, and Saxum set mods can possibly be acquired without needing to run the Endless Bounty, and that leaves you with only Jugulus Spines to hunt for, therefore no additional projection layer of getting ALL rare mods from this bounty is necessary. So we can just focus on the requirements for that singular drop.

The easiest way to judge time investment required would be the 'all excavation all the time' Strip Mining permutation, which requires 2 excavators to complete each of the three stages, each excavator with a 100-second countdown. Between completion inefficiency, travel time and dialogue delays I'll conservatively add 50% extra time to the total, making the benchmark of one full endless Bounty rotation approximately 100*2*3*1.5 = 900 seconds (15 minutes); this is far from optimal but we're going for a pessimistic average.

Break-Even probability without a bonus is an investment of 4:15, 90% is 13:45, and 99% 'guarantee' is 27:30.

If we add a bonus pull, this becomes 50% at 2:45, 90% at 8:45, and 99% at 17:15.


To compare these against Profit Taker heist rares, that 1.43% chance (with no bonus either) gives us the following:

50% = 49 heists, 90% = 160 heists, 99% = 320 heists.

From my understanding, Profit Taker kills take around 5-10 minutes depending on build and squadding. I average in the middle soloing on sand-daddy myself.

This means our time investments for these rares ranges as follows:

50% = 4:10 to 8:20, 90% = 13:20 to 26:40, 99% = 26:40 to 53:20


So our pessimistic estimation of an easily-soloable endless bounty is time-investment comparable to a very optimistic and probably squad-requiring estimate of a boss fight.

Realistically, you can save time off the endless bounty by doing Nightwave dialogue skips, and the other bounty permutations which aren't triple-trouble excavation may be even faster to burn through.

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