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  1. Each nightwave cred type is specific to its season/intermission. Spend them now for loot, you'd only be able to sell them for meaningless credits later.
  2. Glassmaker's overstaying of its welcome lasted a hell of a lot longer than a month, and 180-prestige cap was even too much of an extension, as this spat in the face of everyone who expected tasks to be sufficient for all their earning requirements, requiring an unrealistic amount of Glassed enemy kills (especially from the point where it was known how many were needed) which could be consistently missed through little fault of the player. Caps are positive to reduce risk of feeling obligation and FOMO with doing Every Task Ever (not everyone is like you and I who will contentedly tolerate all the possible tasks available). You decided not to stock up on a buffer of Nitain with your limited creds, that's your decision, not DE's fault. Nitain is still feasible to acquire outside of Nightwave - do Ghoul bounties when they're up, there's a 4-6% drop chance on those plus bounty-bonus giving you multiple pulls on the table per run, making it much more reasonable to farm there than the singular 1% or 2% drop odds from Sabotage 3-cache runs.
  3. That's what I (mostly) do too, but with 'excess'. It's not really a FOMO situation there, when I've bought up copies of whatever I 'need', usually with the main-track Cred and having seen pretty much all the rotations in the time before getting knee deep into Prestige ranks, and still have a ton of leftover because of all the prestige. Short on Nitain? Spend a portion on that, sit on the rest. New mods and cosmetics? Grab them when they're freshly available, sit on the rest. It's all 'spare' stuff you don't know if you'll want to spend on potatoes, more Nitain stock if they bring out a bunch of fresh cost there, etc. It's only sensible to not spend it frivolously. Hence the 'I'm out of nitain' so-called problem - poor judgement and spending habits buying everything else without securing that part of the investment pool. All you have to worry about is not forgetting to spend the stockpile on luxuries at end-of-season.
  4. Grubby-hands wanting more cap for free stuff because they did more than they need to, forgetting the point is that you don't need to do everything to finish up. Also the fact it started with an extended prestige cap this time. I'm sure we all expected 30 to be our initial limit again, but nope. Caps are good. Avoids toxic FOMO obligation for those who don't enjoy/tolerate all the tasks enough to want to keep doing them ad infinitum.
  5. Remember that one glorious hour between hotfixes when thralls dropped Requiem mods directly? That was nice. But we can't have nice things.
  6. Nah, OP means the Lifted status effect you get cheap-shot with if you ever get in close to.. Violence, I think? The Limbo lad with the Rapier. Three seconds of floating 'kill me now' and it seemingly happens instantly on their first melee strike. Acolytes have many cheap 'gotchas', that's why we build to murder them before they can act.
  7. I can certainly say that Electric also stacks on you, and would be unsurprised if others do as well (or at the very least, the other two damage procs of Tox/Gas). All you need to do to prove that is get tickled by an Arc Trap and see how much the proc ticks do afterwards. It'd be almost nothing, if it was only the proc of one damaging tick from the hundred the trap will inflict in its 'lifetime'. As I remember it, if you have Colour Correction turned on, Radiation will tint the screen. But everyone with any sense turns Colour Correction off because it's horrendous having constant eye-bleed overlay filters caused by your own basic abilities, much less anything else going on.
  8. It's sadly another example of DE's recent feedback ignoring. We all said that RJ Orphix was a mess. The spawn rate is drastically increased to the point where you can barely get from A to B (or A to C, if the spawns decide that order) before the next one's almost ready to drop - and not keeping up screws with the pacing and order, while denying you precious downtime to resupply or re-summon downed mechs. The durability of the Orphixes is much higher because of the level scale of the mission - it goes far beyond the 'endurance' mode of the Orphix event, and there's no total armour bypassing here, only beating through it with Corrosive. The Corpus Railjack enemies are still absolutely ludicrously overtuned and will melt Big Chonky Mechs in mere seconds of not having Voidrig's shield up. I'd be surprised if a Bonewidow can survive, healing helps very little when your health is being drained away by shield ospreys of all things (not to mention the.. Vambac, I think it is, with the grenade launcher) It was fairly trivial at a fully refined and organised build to cap out all 36 Orphix in the event with only a damage threat from amped-up Sentients on the final few and plenty of time to get between the predictable spawns and top up energy thanks to Big Momma Hildryn spawning a million orbs. The same build struggles at half that number in Railjack, due to those three things all combining together. No survivability, higher output demand, and no time to recover if something goes wrong.
  9. Cumulative probability. For every person (you) who gets their 'only one' past the raw percentage of the drop chance, there are equivalent people who got more than one. This is why the 'even 50% chance of being dropped' in any given isolated instance is not even 100%/chance%. Probability statistics are weird like that. You've actually had an even chance of seeing the drop in ~2.79 runs of a 22% chance, even though 100/22 is ~4.55 runs, and if I'm inverting the equation right, those ~4.55 runs actually translates to about 67.7% chance of having seen the drop at that exact moment. Shenanigans. Learn the basic rules of probability maths, it can be an interesting pastime to see just how crazy your luck is, or figure out how much time you might expect a grind to take with varying degrees of 'expectation' of success. We've all been there with garbage RNG. I'll personally never forget the Valkyr Prime part that put me so far on the scale of improbability it took me 56 literal hours of actual gameplay (if you can call mindless Xini grinding 'gameplay') just to get that singular piece.
  10. Galaxy brain play was to clear out Epic's folder for Warframe once it had created it and make it a directory junction to your existing install. Didn't even need the extra HDD space of copying all the data over for reals. Still a load of crap compared to consoles just having it freely awarded to them ingame though.
  11. This is a concept I've had before too. Adding to this, putting in pseudo-slots for Weapon Innate element and separately Kuva/Tenet Bonus Element would give us a lot better freedom from those annoying fringe cases where we have to slot in extra elemental mods of the weapon's innate/bonus element to force the combinations to work with those the way we want. I have my doubts that DE want to be generous with letting us selectively link duplicate elements though, e.g. having 1 Cold mod + 2 Toxin mods + 1 Electric mod, and allowing the player to pull apart the Toxins to make both Viral and Corrosive from their mods alone. That sort of luxury they'd probably want to keep exclusive to playing around innate and bonus elements.
  12. It's as wildly variant from the minuscule drop chances in Steel Path as it is with the spawn issues that occur in the normal chart. Sometimes you're killing constant spawns as they stream in towards you, and still get boned on the RNG. I don't think whatever shady tactics you have to pull to last until and operate at that level should be considered rational expectations for the normal player-base, either.
  13. Cross Save is absolutely fine, but Cross Play is going to destroy our patching economy. Unless they put in some awkward tech to somehow spot-load in core game data remotely, the inescapable truth is that somewhere, somehow, a cross-playing platform is going to be asked to represent something it just doesn't understand (or doesn't understand to 'current' proper details after hotfixes). Publicity stunt simultaneous update releases are one thing, but making that the obligation for every update is going to leave one hell of a sour aftertaste - not to mention put more strain on DE to not have us good old PC bug-testers serve as the first buffer.
  14. If punch through does not punch through, then what? These magical punch-immune shields need to be fixed, not extended to the one remaining Shield Lancer that doesn't now arbitrarily ignore the mechanic. All the other 'basic' shield lancers of tileset variants from Tusks to Nightwatch have Magical Mystery Protection against the one stat that should be their answer.
  15. It's 100% certain that the rate of life support drops is cut by a significant factor in Steel Path survivals. Which completely defeats the point of making the spawn rate normalised for people playing solo or incomplete squads. Some real Monkey's Paw action there.
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