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  1. Bolkors aside, this is incorrect. 1) Each extant unit on a ship AND the ship itself is classed, from initial spawn, as a 'control drain' source. Firbolgs typically have 3 units sat on them (but can range 1-4). Bolkors may not technically have existing units in them until parked and dumping them out. 2) Killing a Firbolg also counts as killing each unit sat on it, as long as it's not yet 'parked' and unit disembarking animations haven't begun to play. 3) Ships as well as the existing units on them will grant control on kill, including retreating ships (10%) and Firbolgs causing collateral damage deaths to units sat on them. This means popping a ship on the way in is usually worth 40%. Control drains at 0% (no sources), 1%/s (approx. 1-5 sources) and 3%/s (>5 sources). Typically, dropping objective units below 5 will trigger an instant spawn of a new ship or orbital drop squad, so AOE kills aren't completely killing your odds. However, this depends on whether you're capable of picking off ships or their units in the air, as some of the fly-in paths are slow and long (and can even get ships stuck). Rollers are your worst nightmare because while counting like any other unit, most of the time they ignore you and go on a magical journey where you don't find them until you have to clear up remaining enemies and get a marker on them 500+m away from any action.
  2. Updates are more likely to happen with buyable releases for the sake of promotion. If you count unvaultings and new Deluxe skins as well as straight Prime releases, you'll see a few. (The outlier to that was when they took the axe to Ember right on the eve of one of her unvaults.) Besides, after the myriad of direct and indirect nerfs and 'bug fixes' Ivara's suffered, it's about time for a proper review to level the playing field. Like I said, it's just unfortunately timed. Hopefully a dev can poke in to confirm/deny if it's just waiting in the wings.
  3. Sad to see that no feedback was used to improve Ivara's kit. Hopefully it's just a case of poor release timing alongside the more demanding Empyrean update - couldn't spare anyone to dive in to make and test out these fixes properly while all those Railjack bugfixes are more universally important.
  4. @[DE]Rebecca I realise you guys are all-hands-on-deck with Empyrean right now, so I can (slightly) understand a delay due to allocating your resources to addressing issues there, but can you please reassure us that Ivara will get some quality of life improvements to go with her new priming soon? Other kludgy and self-defeating frame kits got some touch-ups to help promote their Prime releases. As it is, with no baseline improvements for actual play and a questionable Prime design for those of us who understand the frame and her core themes, this is not going to breed a good response for anyone who might buy into the Access.
  5. Gear hasn't been revised. There was zero positive feedback about the Aksomati and plenty of negative - it doesn't fit the frame, doesn't fit the game when we have a glut of same-y akimbo crit pistols already. It was a terrible choice, and they've gone ahead with that. I feel trepidation about the possibility of Ivara herself getting the necessary QOL if something as straightforward and unilaterally agreed as that can be summarily ignored.
  6. I do much the same, and I respect that. But in much of the recent event content it's been solo-unfriendly, at least to reach beyond entry-level. I can see Ambulas and Rathuum being possible to solo-gold. I know I did Rathuum personally, though I think for convenience and time's sake I ran pickup group for Ambulas (however I had solved the scaling problem for the solo approach, figuring out the status vulnerability logic to handle the armour on the Ambulas units themselves). Defection and Disruption, however, you weren't touching clan gold alone - unless Loki-exploiting the latter, which got summarily fixed. Defection was a special catastrophe to personally score for even when in a pub group, I'm lucky I could pull my ex-clanmate out of retirement to tip me over the edge and earn that research. It's not a hard block, but judging by the devstream, we're going to be soft-locked out of it until the second round of updates gives us AI crew. Or at the very least, progress will be glacial as we try to struggle to viability through sheer numbers as we hunt those upgrades. The Stealth module should help a ton though. Fingers crossed for all of us finding that one sooner than later, but I expect they'll probably gate that one behind the harder content to make it self-defeating.
  7. That's pretty misleading. You made up your own contributions for the gold trophy while alone, perhaps, but you didn't solo-gold. Considering the event points were rated on both time-to-kill and concurrent console activity, it's incredibly unlikely that you could camp on the consoles and keep killing that long without an autokill or scaled damage. And I'm pretty sure Demos were finisher immune, so CL was obviously out. As for the whole discussion regarding the ship in the Devstream demo - by the time Rebecca got onto the pilot seat, any number of other frames could have wiped the crew out completely, and as has been pointed out already, fatty tank frames could just ignore the damage with their sheer mountain of EHP. For a meaningless difference in energy cost, you could have your Oberon sit there with Renewal active and replenish health faster than it's being shot away. What's the difference? Ivara maintaining stealth is no more overpowered and non-interactive than Mesa jumping up onto a ledge, entering Peacemaker for 1 second, then having a clean and empty boat to fly around at her leisure.
  8. We have a date, now we can only hope DE has seen this and we can get some quality of life. If only we'd had more forewarning on the Prime we might have also stood a better chance of a rethink in the design and gear too. Also, watching Devstream just now showed several of the little problems in Quiver and Prowl showing up in @[DE]Rebecca's gameplay... although the energy issues of Prowl seemed to be circumvented by Dev God Mode making all energy costs free. With any luck our discussions will resonate with such recent dev experiences.
  9. Just using the orientation of the key from 2018's to recognise it's bottom-up, then purely looked at the Devstream 133 graph. That massive block of magenta-ish is Inaros, and Ivara's sitting above in that tapering-off blue band. I knew there'd be a visible block for Inaros, and in retrospect, since he's been a common fixture in the tank-oriented content in most recent updates it doesn't surprise me that it's so prominent: In terms of Ivara's popularity 'growth' over the ranks before that tapering-off in the final bracket, it should also be considered that she's commonly thought to be one of the 'worst to farm' frames, which will naturally push acquisition numbers down in the earlier ranks. Totally inaccurate; she's easy to get if you just take a minute to learn vaults, but regardless. In the very early term as well, Ivara cannot be acquired except through the market until the player has access to a planet with third-tier Spy. By the time most non-marketplace Ivaras are in play, their users are probably MR10+. From there we have a probable mix of "I finally got the drop, let's try her out for a while" with the previously mentioned bad/lazy spies - who have roughly equal opportunity between acquiring Ivara and standard Loki for that purpose. Having Loki Prime separate is useful here because the vaulting process would skew 'natural acquisition' numbers further. Octavia's golden colour is the lower one which doesn't spike at MR28 - that's Revenant's right above her, before the deep reddish-purple of Rhino Prime and Saryn Prime. Octavia usage starts strong (oh look a shiny music maker) but settles into a steady groove through MR28, not really tapering or re-growing any further beyond that. Whether that's because her overpowering capabilities are slept on by the general playerbase, or it's just being 'annoying' to use it with the beats/repetitive audio, I can't say.
  10. 1) Sentinels may be usable in this way. I vaguely recall trying to hit my sentinel with Navigated cloak after failing to attach it to myself back when I was testing that, but since everything's in wispy invis-mode it's possible I just missed with that. Companions, on the other hand, are of dubious use whether possible to attach or not. The last thing you want is your survival-necessity zone gallivanting off to attack some random mook 20m away. It's bad enough when you accidentally attach cloak to an enemy and it gets knocked back or projectile-weapon killed, with much the same outcome. 2) If you're learning how to complete the vault without bypassing lasers, then you're somewhat doing yourself a disservice by using exactly that in your trial runs. You wouldn't know if you messed up (moving skill-check barriers); you aren't finding the natural path to circumvent or disable the obstacle (stationary navigation-checks). I'm hesitant to strongly suggest baking Infiltrate's barrier immunity into the base ability because I feel that's likely to become a "one or the other" decision between that and freedom of parkour - and the latter is far more liberating than the former. I will admit two of the Jupiter vaults are definitely more aided by laser immunity than any previous ones which can all be simply learned to insignificance. The 'security shield' vault goes faster when you can cut directly through the fencing and the vertical sweep between the two unlocking consoles, and (albeit only at over-natural levels e.g. Sortie) there's the vault ending in that 'rave tunnel' which gets difficult to time when the sets of sweeping side-lasers are added into the mix. Given that Limbo is the only other frame who can ignore these things outright (not counting teleporting beyond) it might be desirable to keep that available in Prowl's augment, but it was always a situational benefit. The augment needs to do something more concrete, that's usable in most or all mission types, once its backhanded 'Let me take some weight off that ball-and-chain which I attached to you ' property is no longer relevant.
  11. Nah, it was just faulty attribution of evidence. It was a nice concept to strengthen the imperative for change originally, but I think we've dug deep enough in discussion and backing up the various arguments either way that the issues are still clearly visible without it. After all, I'm not here making deep-dive threads on the other frames sporting insignificant presences on that graph, because I'm not as intimately familiar with them and their own shortfalls and it's not an opportune time for big overhauling changes to be made.
  12. Okay, I have to concede here. I may have slightly eyeballed the graph on some assumptions because the layout is pretty poor. I looked not for Ivara, but for the more popular frames surrounding her alphabetically, since there's so much colour overlap and the top legend just becomes an impossible-to-reference jumble without the graph sitting in front of me. I think I actually got myself lost between two different shades of magenta as I was working top-down instead of bottom-up and looked for some keys of more popular frames. What I thought was a completely missing Ivara between Inaros and Khora may actually have been the Mirage section of the graph. Now I can zoom myself in and take time to look at it, I can see there's Ivara's blue right there above a chunky block of Sand Daddy. So the graph isn't as damning as I originally thought. I can admit a mistake when I make one. @DatDarkOne But those numbers in a vacuum include edge-cases like the emergent Castanas Eidolon hunter Ivaras - and while they're naturally padded out with that common player sentiment 'I need something because I'm bad/lazy at spy', she's still crowded out by Loki and his Prime lumped together. Octavia usage seems pretty standardised across the board, which is surprising. For the general player base she must be 'sleeper OP' for stealth and scaling prowess. Ash isn't looking so hot, but that's likely because Loki's more accessible for stealth purposes and people still hate the bladestorm rework, otherwise finding more engagement with different kits when stealth isn't the operant condition for selection. Despite the barrier to entry of spying for Ivara, you can also see a notable drop-off in usage towards the last couple mastery ranks. This could be seen as people who, as they master everything available, begin realising the comparative flaws of Ivara and favouring alternative approaches, either in the stronger stealth game or tanking-meta. But that's just my armchair diagnosis.
  13. You've either been exceedingly lucky in each of those times, or are omitting them through purpose or faulty memory. I also never said it happened every time either, but it very well can happen. 50% speed may not quite be a Hobbled Key (which was only a hyperbolic suggestion to experience slowvara even after shackles removed) but it's not something that can be called personal opinion. We only differ on how much we personally feel the difference negatively affects us in our everyday, that doesn't stop it existing. I hope you're just playing along with the absurdity of the non-insult. Lotus knows I've been given infringements for less. Ah, I see the mis-read. You lacked a comma to separate the statements. To re-arrange: "Max efficiency while keeping >100% duration takes only one or two mods" is how it looked to me, which is of course ludicrous. I see now that you meant "Max efficiency takes two mods" and then "Duration can be recovered over 100% in the remaining build". So I suppose yes, if you don't mind your Cloaks and Sleeps being nothing, and your Artemis being.. mediocre at best (since corrupted Strength mods both axe channel efficiency), you can slot maxed Fleetex and Streamline alone. But by the time you've recovered Duration, as we've both described, you've filled out the mod space that accomplishes much the same for other stealth options. I wasn't saying you need every expensive mod listed - but the average player is probably likely to be running either overcapped Efficiency because they don't keep a second FleetEx around half-ranked, or to run at 60% efficiency stat and chuck an extra duration mod in Streamline's slot. This will want either Narrow Minded or Primed Continuity for the same outcome. Primed Flow is on there for the original quote's sake. I rolled 'new player experience' using Ivara too, although unlike you I approached it via the pure f2p approach, Excal grinding up to tier 3 spy capability and farming out the pieces from there. New players almost certainly aren't thinking about efficiency caps any which way, though, for traditional duration-based stealth or Ivara's channel - they've many other problems to worry about first, and probably want other parts of the toolkit to excel for what it costs. It is important to step back from yourself when trying to investigate that sort of thing; I drew from some of that experience for smaller desirables in the OP, for the players who maybe don't have all their ability stat mods found and maxed yet.
  14. So you've A) spent energy B) spent time for that projectile to hit and C) unless augmented, are still only going at sprint pace. Doesn't sound like an improvement. Otherwise, it's still a thing that can happen. Higher levels make this worse as enemy accuracy is directly linked with this. If they do spot you at Sortie level, you are toasted. Even if you're running Redirection and Vitality in the build you can quite plausibly get gibbed. It takes one mod to solve this without simply using proper placement. That's not the only option, either. No one mod fixes all of Ivara's limitations. Besides, Loki is also aged. He could use a TLC pass of his own, but that doesn't mean Ivara shouldn't be given hers at such an appropriate point in time as we are. You can use a hobbled key in every mission if you like, but you can't enshroud the fact that plodding along at half the pace means Ivara's going to lag significantly far behind most groups. I don't Prowl all the time myself either, because it's so intent on being a waster of my time. Its limits make it more efficient to simply take that occasional unexpected instant-death and spend a revive. Great design? Of course I'm 'ignoring player choice'. I use Ivara predominantly myself you great doughnut. We're talking objective, not subjective. There's always people who will use an inferior option on personal choice, but that doesn't make the option any less inferior in the big picture. It's impossible to max channel efficiency with only standard mods. You will require a corrupted mod. Even including Primed Continuity and Constitution - Baro's costly fare and a Nightmare reward respectively - it is not possible to hit 75% reduction to channel at Streamline's 30% efficiency (also Augur Message, but I call that one reasonable to attain). Narrow Minded, Primed Continuity and Streamline (all maxed) do not quite cut it either. You're still a few % short. So you add Augur Message or Constitution in there. Four mods. Using Fleeting Expertise it is possible to reach efficiency cap more easily. In fact, just FleetEx and Streamline work, because the Channelling cost equation can account for more than the normal 175% efficiency stat cap. However, Fleeting Expertise kills Duration. So if you want that 100% you'll need at least one more mod in there to compensate. Three or four mods now. The player also mentioned having Primed Flow capacity in there too, so +1 the efficiency requirements. Total cost for efficient prowling without tanking duration stat: 4 or 5 mods. Half the build. Also a fairly big chunk of Endo and Credits for maxing some of the following: Primed Flow, Primed Continuity, Narrow Minded. Not new player friendly. It is fair to say that gated mods and a focused build can be expected for other stealthers (Ash, Loki) to be permanently invisible too. But it's certainly not better for Prowl. That's going by Energy Siphon's provision, as well - once they have access to energy restoration from Zenurik Focus then they need only one, or zero mods at all. Ah, controller. That changes matters somewhat. What I call 'standard mobility' is very different there, from my (admittedly limited) experience - I found it's significantly less accessible to spam bullet-double-jump-rolls while keeping yourself pointed in the right directions at all times. Still, I think you're understating the impact of not being able to just propel yourself up at a moment's notice to whatever angle you need. Getting stuck on uneven wall surfaces if you try the wallrun approach is not uncommon. Also, again, using a Dashwire - extra cost, still not taking you above baseline speed unless you're running Infiltrate as well.
  15. Until the second cast decides to instant-break, which it does sometimes if you try to be clever that way, depending on exactly when you re-cloak. Bullet jump -> prowl -> double-jump during the windup animation usually makes this happen. So that's wasteful. And then there's the instant-acquisition problem. You can be exposed for only a split second and get deleted. Loki players know this problem too well, but they don't have to deal with it every time they want to just get somewhere. Duration is only superior 'per cast'. Sustainability as explained elsewhere is actually inferior for Ivara (unless sitting in one place, AFK). She already has a separate cloaking tool for immobile purposes, and since she's reliant on stealth for survival, mobility in Prowl is a must, especially to allow her in co-op play without falling behind. We're not slow-paced 2014 Warframe any more. We have things like automatic Rescue alarm triggers in Sorties, for example. Have you ever broken stealth to cross the open area of the Rescue vault and gotten 360-No-scoped by the Grineer Wardens and their old variant, cheap-shot Vulkars? It's not really a case of making it 'exactly like' the others. It'd still be a toggle (despite that being implicitly limiting in its own right), it's about both Ivara's options being just objectively worse. Why would you not pick standard Weapon A when the alternative Weapon B has half the fire rate and twice the reload, but oh boy, 40% more headshot damage? That's not a balance. One is clunky. You can spend two mod slots on faster fire rate and reload for Weapon B, likely still not-quite-completely closing the factor-2 stat gaps, or you could spend two mod slots getting Weapon A 40% or more extra damage in general, not just on headshots. I'd be moderately satisfied if they at least brought back the 'stationary bullet jump' so-called bug. That was a skill element. Experience and nimble fingers could make it efficient enough to keep up pace without breaking stealth. It also fit froggy girl amusingly, but that's just a thematic interpretation, not the theme itself, right, DE design teams? That's still just one build and a lot of investment for that sole purpose. Mathematically it's still inferior to the other stealths, who can all build, sole-purpose, to an effective cost under the 'energy siphon threshold' of 0.6 energy per second - since Ivara's "base" drain is only relevant for sitting around, movement is 0.75 energy/sec at best. They can also choose to equip Energy Siphon and have a negative net drain; they don't need orbs or anything to sustain invisibility forever, even gaining energy above wherever they started. Ivara can put on Primed Flow, yeah.. but she has to fill it up before using it, and all it does is delay the inevitable. No need for Primed Flow when your energy supply naturally increases while remaining hidden, without picking up a single orb. Meanwhile those stealths aren't shackled down in mobility or otherwise at all. Bare-bones sprinting speed is approximately half the speed of bullet-jump based mobility. Rolling doesn't help much when you need vertical movement either. You have to go the long way around, or hope there's a wall nearby that won't be annoying when trying to run up it, or spend more of your slowly dwindling energy on dashwires (assuming they cooperate too).
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