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  1. The responsibility is of shooting a weapon you know hurts yourself at a proximity where that applies. Nobody pulled that trigger but you, so you made the judgement that it was right to do so. This is not a novel concept. It's known cause and effect (the proverbial workman blaming his tools, much?) That's why the Cyanex specifically lost its self-damage prior to the big castration - arbitrary homing made it no longer player responsibility. The choice existed already, it's called using a different weapon with similar mechanics but without the associated risk factor. There were plenty (there
  2. To clarify: this is in reference to not using methods that circumvent the drawbacks entirely. That defeats the point of discussion being whether you can not need those (and not kill yourself previously). Self-damage invulnerability was abused the same way, it was just less accessible. It is about flow, but it's still baby-mode to let people chew on rockets without repercussions. There's no 'elitism' about it. I never said people have to get good, merely that they can choose to if they enjoy the process and accept their responsibility. That isn't elitism, that's just differences in prefere
  3. I can tell you that personally I notice the falloff as well, I'd hazard a guess that anyone who actually used explosive radials before are very cognisant of the fact they got their damage output nerfed to pay for baby-proof mode. And then there's the cadre of weapons that had no self-damage previously but got both stagger and falloff to castrate them utterly, Thing is, that's functionally a mere damage nerf. Yes, we wanted more outgoing power for the risks rather than baby mode, but eventually enemy scaling would make you pull the trigger twice regardless, while the persistent
  4. Sounds like user error. You put yourself into a position where the geometry is obscuring your line of fire, you accept a certain risk that you might not thread the needle successfully. Option 1: Accept that not every weapon archetype is optimal in every situation. You also can't shoot dudes halfway across an open-zone map with a limited range beam weapon. Eris still has some more open-plan tiles as well, and you have melee and secondary slots to also utilise if needed. Option 2: Learn to judge those high risks and use the weapon anyway. I used to play around shooting inside my Fro
  5. Explosives don't taste very nice when you chew on them in general. It's still better to fail hard and have to learn from your errors, than fail and be annoyed but with no real obligation to not do it again three seconds later. Also DE forgot there was a reason why some things didn't have self-damage at the time, and made them stagger anyway. The whole change was a terrible decision pandering to loud whining babies who couldn't stand a small fraction of weapons not working how they like to play.
  6. No, to use the backflip/roll example, we're asking for a setting that instructs the game (our player entity) to disregard the act of applying the specified effect. Not pressing a button once to remove each instance. To be able to play as many games as we want, safe in the knowledge that no matter how any random Volt may be built or their player behave, that neither gets in our way, nor do we need to get in the Volt player's way by requiring them to operate differently so as not to affect us. In the matchmaking-blacklist case, that'd be the differential of whether the player in question ha
  7. When I run into these people I deliberately slow-walk to extraction with no parkour shortcuts, to drive the point home. That's as much my prerogative to take my time as it is theirs to force non-consensual ice physics on me.
  8. Considering how I said that was born out of me personally not liking "here's ice physics every 5 seconds, have fun" Speed, I'm hardly nitpicking Saryn. Also recruiting chat doesn't fix that problem I mentioned at all, does it? The point is exactly that it's neither player's direct fault nor responsibility when these issues arise. Rando Calrissian should be able to join in ad-hoc, it's not their responsibility not to play <intrusive influence Warframe>, but it's also not the responsibility of the sufferer to waste time aborting, recruiting, or to be denied multiplayer entirely j
  9. As someone who has pushed for a proactive opt-out to potentially intrusive buff effects like Volt's Speed (reactive backflipping = your gameplay has already been impeded by the effect, not acceptable) I can field this. If I host a mission, start working my merry way through the objective and Rando Calrissian decides to matchmake in-progress with a frame that adversely affects my game, be that through a 'buffing' effect I don't want or directly works counter to my build, or through doing #justSarynthings, is it fair to: Waste my time already spent loading into MY mission and running
  10. Expanding on this; the calculable Reload Quotient (proportion of burst DPS sustainable through reload) is a product of fire rate, mag capacity, and reload speed. For the Corinth, this is ~65.01%, providing a baseline (otherwise unmodded) 105.423 sustainable DPS out of its burst of 162.162 For the Corinth Prime, this is ~82.44%, providing a baseline 162.25 sustainable DPS out of its burst of 196.812. Corinth Prime begins life at 21.36% higher burst DPS, has a 26.8% better reload quotient for a total of 53.9% higher sustainable DPS.
  11. Okay, so ten minutes instead of 5 for the crime, for 1440 minutes of punitive potential. Yeah, still seems wildly unnecessary and excessive to me. Having to hear Simaris whine about it is punishment enough. Targets aren't permanently available, so if you happened to land killing blows on a couple after finishing up your own for the day, you're at least stuck until reset. There's just not enough of an impact upon the person who 'misses' their target (if they even intended to bother with it at that time) to require further consequences. Plus, there's bugs. I hit a Sim target yes
  12. Alleged Crime: Causing +5 minutes of possible downtime for a player who has to find their own synthesis target due to squadmate killing one during a mission that conveniently happened to hold the right target. Recommended Punishment: Restriction from some gameplay content and build testing facilities for 1440 minutes, plus deficit standing. No. Just run a capture and grab your targets by yourself. They aren't the focus of the mission, you should never expect to get it done from a passing occurrence in public.
  13. One man's "chore" is another man's encouragement/incentive to visit parts of the game they otherwise don't think about touching. For the newer players, it's pointers to activities they might not even know about, or an extra push to tackle something they might be putting off like a Tridolon. For the old hands like me, who have no reason to actually hit up 99% of the game any more, the Nightwave tasks give us that reason. It doesn't really hurt me to craft an Apothic and punch a Silver Grove specter. I don't need the credits, but I can still hit PT or the Index without it being miserab
  14. You've made a critical error here: You're not calculating the 'average expected' value any more. What you're calculating by 95% cumulative probability * time * quantity is consistent lowest-5th percentile luck across 21 isolated instances. This isn't the 'average expectation' - as soon as you're simulating the same test reaching <50% Chance-Non-Drop (statistically unlucky) again, you're not accounting for the counterweight probability of a test with an above-average (statistically lucky) outcome. You might know how to calculate compounding probabilities, but that doesn
  15. Zetki Shield is the shortest recharge delay, but for some reason, atrocious in recharge rate and also worst in capacity. I'm sure that has to be a mistake on DE's part, and they meant to standardise all three to max at a 30% rate with the variance only in the cap versus delay.
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