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  1. Business/economy issues. It makes each Forma far more valuable and in turn require generally far fewer to be used (many of which are bought). The 'umbra factor' is also a large problem with any kind of 'OmniForma suggestion for standard slots. Either you have the same problem where Umbra polarities are restrictive by being in conflict with normal (even if uni-polarity) unlocks, or the Omni unlock includes Umbral in which case you then have to choose between making Umbra Forma itself redundant (always use Omnis instead) or requiring them in the craft of an Omni Forma despite their limited nature, even for items which can't use (or on which the player wouldn't want to use) Umbral polarity mods. Shifting to a 'pool on the item, assign freely to slots' model keeps all the current Forma investments relevant, integrates seamlessly with Umbra polarities - they're just another pool of X unlocked assignments - and only makes Forma more flexible to use which encourages them to be used (and bought) more than the current restrictions, while keeping their individual value unchanged.
  2. Yes, finally you acknowledge it's outdated, please finally revisit polarisation-- No, this is not what we needed. This doesn't solve any problem at all. This here is the minor-est of minor conveniences. What we need is a rework that serves to make polarised items flexible again. Cross-polarity penalties have to go one way or the other, at least, because our modding economy is much more demanding than it originally was. As polarities became increasingly necessary, they went from "adds flexibility" to "restricts flexibility". As it stands, I will get almost no functionality out of this change because the system disinclines me from investing many Forma - I don't want to waste investments with later changes and new mods, I don't want to starve myself out of trying different builds because I needed all the slots restrictively polarised to permit and perfect one build. I've said it for years and I'll say it again here: Let us unlock polarities as a pool ON THE ITEM from which we can ASSIGN TO SLOTS at will, instead of polarising slots directly. This can still keep the 'exclusivity' of the special-slots, it's a matter of tracking them as singular polarity unlocks per special-slot separately from the pool of multiple-of-each polarities we're building up for normal slots - or don't track unlock options on those slots at all and give us Exilus Universal Forma to finish the set of Aura and Stance Formas.
  3. No, no, no. Get your mind outside the box. You just need to be able to polarise an item rather than its slots directly. Unlocking a bank of polarities which you can freely assign and reassign at-will solves the problem of futureproofing and complex/changing builds while not making all those extant Forma we're currently farming by the bucketload in Plague Star redundant. There's no need for 'uni polarity slots' if you can just have the other polarities available if you invested sufficiently. Added bonus, it lets you not only mix and match on one slot, but also means you can use the same quantity across multiple slots - you don't have "one slot with four possible polarities", you'd have "four total possible polarities to put on 0 to 4 slots of choice".
  4. The behaviour is a symptom of the system. Don't hate the players. Hate the relics. Hate how every new release forces you into a triple layered RNG grind from that exact moment unless you get lucky on Syndicate pulls. That said, this release is mildly more agreeable than usual since we have a specific drop source for exclusively new relics once again. That's a big difference, especially when most players are going to be hitting up Plague Star even for the Forma alone. It's still not as good as when permanent Bounties let you see the precise single relic you could target farm efficiently, though. When they started dumping only unvaults in the bounty pools, it was a huge motivator for not bothering with the usual RNG strife.
  5. This only makes sense if you also fixed the falloff bug that made it basically worthless unless physically shoved inside the enemy's nose. Did you? If not, get the team on that already. It's been ages.
  6. The above have answered why the Vastilok is better than most, as Shattering Impact is based on unique damage instances which contain non-zero Impact damage (this is why the Redeemer is useless at Shattering, as it has pure base Blast on shots and no Impact) and the gunblades poke more damage instances per 'swing'(/shot). However. In actuality a (status) dagger is the fastest armour shattering melee, when paired with the Argonak, provided the target is not DOT status immune. With Amalgam Argonak Metal Auger the dagger inherits a Shattering equivalent which does not require Impact damage to be dealt, and works on status ticks. This means that instead of: (gunbladeMultishot * X) shattering damage per input You're ramping up: (number of DOT procs * X) shattering damage per second + X shattering damage per strike And if you're feeling especially spicy you can even have the regular Shattering on the dagger as well for extra per-strike Shatter (though depending on what it replaces, this may reduce your status-ticking ramp). Sure it would be nice if the Argonak wasn't terrible (Kuva Argonak when?), but boy does it make my Karyst Prime chew through armour once the combo is built up for Weeping Wounds.
  7. I have to point out that making complaints for bad influences in public matchmaking is not forbidden. There can be issues that have legitimate weight to them, and which you shouldn't have to play solo to avoid, either. But the onus isn't on the other players, it's on flaws in the design. As an example, my own long-standing issue with intrusive ally 'buffs' (Volt's Speed, mostly) is not illegitimate, I shouldn't be forced to solo to have my controls not messed up by 'friendly' influences - and I can't solo relics without losing value, which is when I have to deal with that problem. It's not the other person's fault for using their ability either. The game just doesn't provide me with adequate agency to refuse that influence. Opt-out needs to be preventative; needing to backflip every 5 seconds is not a solution. However, that doesn't really apply in this 'issue' because it's just moaning that arbitrary benefits which exist just for being in a squad are being made slightly less beneficial than they might otherwise be.
  8. Not stabbing your adversary and having them retreat after 3 kneels is a valid option that's been made available by the devs. It's not 'doing a mechanic wrong' when they explicitly added in the part where the adversary actually leaves. Nor does it make sense from a lore or gameplay standpoint to make your enemy stronger (or risk doing so) by your own actions unless you're prepared to do so. We have no way of knowing how many of the squad's adversaries could show up in any given mission, either. Even max-angry Sisters can skip a run if the RNG decides. Ultimately, being in a squad is nothing but advantageous to Murmur acquisition (and possibly the actual spawn odds of the adversary) so all those 'wastes of time' are doing is making it return slightly closer to a solo-run experience. So no, you shouldn't punish that player for choosing not to stab. Nor should they be obliged to solo. You don't have any more right to control what they do or do not do (including whether they stab and if they play public at all). To play solo is a decision you may only make for yourself.
  9. Self damage should have never been removed, it was never forced on the player unless they chose to risk it and only constituted a small percentage of the arsenal at best. There are counterpoints to all the complaints available. There were solutions to address both the fatalism and the complaints with a shred of legitimacy such as ally collisions: that's self-killing as a symptomatic result of something that is a nuisance to every gun, self-damage is not the cause of the issue - they could have just disabled projectile collision on allies unless there was a valid use case for it. Most of all, it's the entire loss of an archetype and playstyle that resulted in boring, homogenised, worse explosives. Even tossing the balance debate out of the window, that's still an objective reason why it had no business being removed: Warframe is a wide-design, not a tall-design. It's built on variety, and a lot of choice and variety was lost when explosives were retrofitted into baby-mode concussive cannons. And to those of us who liked the risks and mastering not shooting our feet.. it's boring. There's no threat to knocking yourself down when in doing so you also obliterated the immediate vicinity, even if you don't simply immunise yourself. Staggering is exclusively an annoyance with zero lasting impact or reason not to trip over again 5 seconds later, but self-damage of a valid level was an imperative to not repeat those mistakes. The real problem with self-damage is that our self-damage was linear with our output damage. But our health is not linear with the damage we're expected to output. Fatal self-damage is guaranteed to return as power creeps on, unless that's fixed. But we offered many, many solutions. Each had their potential caveats and flaws. But they were there. I still have the evidence of my algorithmic approach that kept low-scale self damage at a sensible level, but through diminishing return could be kept from scaling up into fatality to even the beefiest of frames until immense levels of outgoing damage. After all, a paper Loki probably shouldn't be tanking his own explosives as easily as Sand Daddy (argument against 'self-damage limited to a percentage'), but even the mightiest should have a point where the risk is visceral and real. There's still a big difference. One is to use mods/tools to allow recovery from a mistake, the other - current staggers and PSF - is having the 'recoverable mistake' be the baseline and the mod/tools completely remove the need to recover at all. You don't need to do a Life Strike, or Protective Dash yourself, or use an ability for healing and/or shield gating, so on and so forth, with PSF versus self-stagger. It's just a passive circumvent. Two very accurate points of consideration here. Nobody says that self-stagger couldn't be on some weapons. We already had differing levels of risk with self-damage, so a 'stagger' subcategory is just a very light 'risk' between "does nothing" and "self-damage with grace-mechanics". Balanced accordingly that the lesser the risk, the more limited the output in either individual or distributed damage, there could have been a place for all that variety. There are Glaive explosions and various other radials that operate with less predictable danger zones, or in some cases, outright obligatory that the user is in close proximity to any payload - we all do remember the Amp firing modes that were practically unusable because their self-damage was negligible (due to operators having high innate void DR) but their self-staggers were almost entirely unavoidable, and aggravating. These types of payloads and mechanics should have to be considered for gameplay purposes, yet with the big "Let's Ruin Everything" homogenisation, zero consideration was given to why some things rightfully did not have any self-impact, or negligibly so. They got given staggers anyway.. and the only thing more annoying than suffering repetitive control jank from a bad mechanic, is having it happen in a way you cannot fairly predict and avoid. The Cedo's a good example of idiocy after the fact. Show of hands, who likes being staggered by the alt-fire because it simply decided to end up ricocheting to where you happen to be, more or less purely through RNG?
  10. You seem to be missing a few zeroes on the end of each of those figures.
  11. What 'extra rewards'? The entire point is that we're getting less reward based purely on player count. No effort, no skills, no anything else - Squads already gain benefits in soft/indirect ways because a solo player's loadout and agency are limited in any given instance. They can't bring 4 loadouts and fully employ them in 4 different locations. It's not a matter of wanting more for being solo, it's wanting to have equality of reward since we're already putting in equal or greater effort. Solo mode is a setting in the game, and therefore it should be respected, not artificially punished. Interception missions try to compensate the incomplete squads by speeding up capture rates accordingly, for example (even though the 'can't be in 4 places at once' factor leads to issues when the AI splits their assault.) You mention clans when solo clans are a thing, they just invest more resources into research. Don't forget there are people who can't or don't squad up for various reasons - region, performance concerns, etc. They should not also have to suffer 25% rate of acquisition just because they don't have 3 more meatsacks who could in most cases be practically AFK while providing this artificial reward incentive. Squads don't need rewarding directly, and doing so punishes incomplete squads and solo players. Multiplayer can be encouraged in other ways. Old void keys were better than Relics in that regard: squadding up wasn't required to make the best of your own resources. It was just convenient, while costing you nothing in potential loot whether you hosted or ran alone. Relics force people to matchmake to effectively magnify the value of every relic they invest. That's why every new Prime release sees a return of topics like 'Let me opt out of Volt's Speed', and complaints about mission abortions/host migrations; people are obliged to farm in squads for the best results even when they know these influences they dislike exist.
  12. Proposed changes to Holokey acquisition are not good enough: 1) Gains still obeisant to pure RNG and the extended length of typical RJ missions (especially with no other players in squad) mean that at least doubling the key drops across the board would be bare minimum acceptable. Veil gaining +4 and others getting +1 barely helps - it's rare that Veil storms are even on the Corpus side, much less hit the 'fastest' option of Exterminate. 2) STOP PUNISHING PLAYERS FOR INCOMPLETE SQUADS. That's what giving artificial benefits based on player count logically equates to. Players should not be forced to squad up just to game their income. That +1 holokey per Sister showdown is a slap in the face to anyone who hunts their Sister on their own. 1 key for 2 hours of solo work compared to 4 keys in 1 hour of squad work - squads already have the advantage in progressing murmurs faster and getting their sequence complete. It's unfair to also give them up to 4 times the passive Holokeys just because they happen to be in a squad. Respect players who want to play the game at their own pace, not everyone else's.
  13. Perspective shift to consider: The less RNG you make it, the more selectable and restricted to most beneficial it becomes, the more people actually would be able to start realistically demanding invigoration factors in recruitment. Even if the percentages aren't as high. And then DE have to start developing with that power-crept buff assumed as being in use at high end content. Sometimes things might be better off staying just unreliable enough.
  14. You're already getting more potential benefit than someone hunting on their own, and at worst no more so even if you don't bother downing the adversary. Strongly disagree with punishing players with unwanted levels on their adversary when they aren't ready to stab. Doubly disagree with giving players agency to force other players into that punishment, by downing the adversary for them even if they try to avoid it by not fighting at all.
  15. Still waiting for apology and reassurance/rectifying for the Lack of Retroactive Helminth Subsume Experience issue. One-time investments must be respected if they are consumed so as to not punish players who engaged with the system compared to those who did not engage as much. This precedent is dangerous and will discourage engaging with systems any more than strictly necessary in the future in case similar disrespectful backstabbing occurs.
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