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  1. Further playing of Steel Incursions has shown a few problems in the system. Acolytes not spawning in Archwing-component missions. Acolytes also seem not to spawn in Assassination missions. For both of these, you already have the solution. I know you defer the Corpus Treasurer spawn until after the Jackal fight is done with (many runs of 'conveniently immediate' spawns once the deed is done). Apply these to Acolyte spawns when (A) boss fight currently in progress and (B) while no player is currently on foot in partial-Archwing mission zones. Acolyte Spawn time range is to
  2. Recent anecdotal example of solo spawn issues: Me at MR29, Survival on Elara, Jupiter. Purpose: Levelling, gilding, relevelling new kitgun chambers - one primary, one secondary. Round 1: 60 minutes, fully levelled kitguns 0-30. Never went below 5 spare Life Support capsules. No need to leave first Capsule room. Round 2 (post-gild): 30 minutes. Spawns and drops so awful that I ran out of capsules and was forced to extract, despite the gilded guns now being statistically better than Round 1. Round 3: 60 minutes, fully levelled kitguns xx-30 + a new melee 0-30. Had a rough pat
  3. You don't have to constantly teabag to the beat to stay invisible, unless for some reason you've built her with woefully inadequate duration. I felt more strain in my finger using a continual-hold weapon to rank it up before it's modded well than I have from bopping down a couple times every 25 seconds to sustain Octavia's invisibility. It's unfortunate you did yourself an injury, but I think it's a little exaggerated to suggest it's the inevitable result of Octavia playing, when you can reduce the required inputs over time significantly. Octavia wasn't even the best at mech d
  4. Yes, but... Pablo also birthed the Nullifier bubbles which are a design atrocity, a short-term panic solution still being abused in a long-term scenario in ever increasing ways. Not that Null bubbles continuing to be abused as a 'design 'tool'' are necessarily at his behest by this point, but still. Pablo did the Saryn rework, yes.. The one which made the majority of everyone not currently the Saryn player hate her with a passion, and even admitted it's a problem that probably needs addressing on that one personal stream (only to have the Saryn crowd raise a big old public stink, bec
  5. I use Frost as my main defensive frame. Bullets go through strangledomes, and slow enemies can still shoot. Gara still has a window of awkward semi-vulnerability for her defended object when re-Vitrifying (which Splinter Storm DR worked well to guard against before the devs annihilated 80% of its effectiveness). Snow globe exists to keep long-range enemies from being a nuisance until they're in the range of Avalanche, and when they're in Avalanche they're a solved problem. Frost may not be the best, but he's an old, reliable bloke.
  6. Ironbride is okay and all. But within 5 minutes I realised that it magnifies the dash damage (which can still proc slash, if I know my sound effects) to pretty good levels. So now I pull out a BIG SWORD just so I can batter faces in with a riot shield instead. ..I'm okay with that.
  7. It's inexcusable that they currently use 'inanimate object' logic in terms of healing/support abilities (or at least Vazarin focus's Protective Dash). If I bring Vazarin focus on my Operator, I except to protect and heal my mech, as efficiently as my frame. Not just the eternally useless 500hp/5s they made everything do to defendables. Mechs are an allied unit, not a static cryopod. They should be getting the full effects instead of that pathetic lipservice.
  8. The polarity system was designed with improving flexibility in mind. In theory, you should never have needed to polarise yourself into a corner with no slots un-polarised. Of course, now it's horribly outdated, with Primed Mods, Riven Mods, entire additional slots (WF&Weapon Exilus, Necramechs) and other new expensive selections all vying for moire and bigger pieces of the pie. It is now effectively serving the opposite of its design intent. It's become so obligatory to polarise excessively it's limiting players now. Imagine for a minute that we didn't just have a brick of so man
  9. This is why Prot Dash was perfectly allowable to have the mechanics it had. It would be nice to also have comparable abilities in buffing/healing Frames but generally, those frames are bringing more than the average Kiddo ever could with superior uptime, additional utilities, and actually still being able to deal damage while also covering a supporting role. Protective Dash wasn't the be-all end-all, it just let you have a choice in the upper echelons of demands by providing a reliable fallback for any frame to use. Ideally, the same sort of counterweight would exist in the other focus sc
  10. Sponge Path spawn rates without the Sponge Path modifiers (and the apparent Sponge Path reduction of Life Support module drops in survival, or other artificial difficulties) would be nice. As an option. Sometimes you don't want to have enemies literally spawning next to you within the same room's opposite corner.
  11. You know balance can go awry on any new update. It is disheartening to see balance gone awry. Yet you are upset when some balance is addressed, justification being someone jumped the bandwagon and invested in something. (Despite the fact they still got to make (ab)use of it while it lasted.) Seems a tad bit contradictory to me. Energy should be spent on explaining why low-outliers are too low, instead of being upset over them fixing high-outliers you could clearly tell were too high. On the other hand, I will say some changes aren't qualifiable as mere 'nerfs', they're ab
  12. The consistent rule is an abstract. It's the old adage of 'risk versus reward', but it can't be the same risks in all cases because it simply doesn't make sense. It wasn't that I was arguing how 'real magic behaves', rather that I was looking at the current mechanisms and not seeing how that translated to a way to reflect damage. Now you've given the example, I suppose that isn't too far-fetched, however we do run into the next problem: Can the risk be played around predictably? This is why the Simulor couldn't just be made directly self-damaging, it already operated in the 'da
  13. That's a fallacy. If everyone has a 'delete the map' button, it's not a balanced game, one person just pressed the button first and got all the enjoyment, while the rest who were slower got nothing out of their attempt. And none of them really engaged with the game. In effect, it became competitive because only one person out of four had feedback to their input. Nerfs are important. Buffs are important. Anomalous outliers either way need to all be coaxed into the middle ground of 'balance ideals'. Also, public matchmaking turns the 'non compete' argument on its head. If the o
  14. You didn't answer the question of functionally, physically how. The best guess of an implication I can derive from that is that you want every AOE weapon to function as a radial explosive, which I wouldn't be inclined to call an improvement either. We're already several steps back by making all radials/explosives homogenous and worse at the task of AOE (courtesy of falloff). It seems we agree that the Catchmoon was overpowered, and currently having stagger instead of self-damage is miserable and lacks consistency, so we're not 'enemies' here. I'm just unclear how you'd envisage self-infli
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