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  1. @(PS4)Claudija You might also consider trying to build the Amesha archwing for your troubles in those nodes. For Rush, though it's a relatively slow 'wing, having its first ability Watchful Swarm active prevents terrain collisions from staggering you while the drones are active (consuming 1 per bump) which can help a lot when you're trying to power through the Corpus trench runs. Its immeasurable defense and utility should allow you to run in and simply face-tank any enemy units while you're fighting to keep hold of your interception points, too. Hard to fail when you can slow like a Nova while being invulnerable and regenerating all your health and energy consistently.
  2. Veteran Solo lord checking in. The OP may seem to be exaggerating as a less-experienced player, but there is a bit of a mixed-results situation for several solo-life experiences. For example, Interception; yes, you capture your point quicker. On the other hand, you literally cannot be in two (to four) places at once - and some maps are both large and lack line of sight, making this also affect enemy recapture efforts, either while you're still making the initial captures of a round or those times they don't all pile on one point later. It's invariably slower and often irritating for the most part, but not impossible. Disruption is an insufferably slow affair when alone. You generally can't get key drops fast enough to activate multiple conduits, and if you do, well, you're likely going to start losing them sooner than later. It's poorly designed for squad size scalability. Spawn issues are a known problem as well - particularly Excavation carriers and historically Survival upkeep - and this is why people have long asked for a "treat me like I'm a full squad" button. I don't have a problem with standard Hijack, but since Nullification is such a pervasive cancer to the player's arsenal (mechanically speaking), the Sortie Hijacks reduce your options as a lone Tenno to very few approaches. You pick your tankiest non-ability-reliant and, unless it's Inaros who doesn't care enough, do your best to gun down opposition from your field of crippled misery. Solo is a valid and viable path to take, whether it's by necessity or by choice. Whenever anyone has a problem with matchmade influences, the first thing people like to tell them is "go solo then", after all. Interception proves that we can have things scale, even dynamically within a mission, to the player count - even if that's an imperfect example, it's a start. More of the game's design direction should follow that. It wouldn't hurt to make Disruption key carriers more common, and the demolisher's approach direction more easily located for the individual who is tied to exploring one path at a time. Judging from criticism I've had to supply myself in times past, I agree that DE often seems to have precious little testing for those who don't squad up for the vast majority of their missions. It's matchmaking - and random matchmaking for 90% of it. You're never guaranteed to find someone. When solo is permitted, especially restricted solo, the responsibility is then on the developers to make squadding up a choice, not a tantamount necessity (to the average player). It doesn't have to be brainlessly easier mode outside of a group. Little things can have a lot more impact to a limited individual than their absence would for the diverse squad. Going back to the Interception example - the capture speed increase narrows the squad gap to account for concurrent (but slower) captures, but nothing addresses the enemy recapture aspect. They could take a bit longer (but not fourfold as with player capping bonus) to complete a recapture, allowing an individual to cross the map from a far distant point, or to personally deal with two enemy capture attempts without the second simply being a lost cause.
  3. It's cute you think you're bringing new and amazing arguments to the table when you aren't. You're not willing to listen to the opposing side as evidenced by your many antagonistic responses in the thread. But let's give you your dues anyway. Balancing factor - There isn't one number and I never claimed that, so nice strawman. What it is, however, is one archetypal option to balance the (intended) superior AOE output. Shotguns have spread (not every pellet hits every target) and falloff (not full damage unless close). The Ignis has its continuous nature (leaving you exposed as you roll through the DPS), also has falloff, and substandard ammo economy. An explosive you get the full damage to every target in its radius at whatever distance you shoot. The archetype of explosives has a natural balance factor to that in the personal risk. Does it have to have that? No, but that means it must be reined back in somewhere else, see Cautious Shot sacrificing damage off the top. People like to cite TF2 especially relating to the Tonkor's old and redundant 'gimmick', but that still hurts those players unless they choose the weapon that deals no damage to others either. The majority - Hello, bandwagon fallacy. Also, vocal / non-vocal rule applies here: the ones who dislike will always be louder than those that are happy or even ambivalent. You're not forced to use these weapons, so it doesn't matter if they're niche use, or only enjoyed by a sub-50% portion of the population. There is no reason to enforce complete mechanical change. Calling for rebalance is fine. I've agreed that's valid. Removing the entire mechanic for personal dislikes is not. Consistency - If you care to read again, I specified conventional explosives being the baseline of consistency. A rubber chicken fart bomb is not a conventional explosive. A shock payload from Castanas is not a conventional explosive. Abstract Blast damage doesn't necessarily make it conventional explosive either; you failed to cite Quanta cubes, but that's some weird energy shenanigan and not a good old chemical reaction going boom despite the Blast output. Angstrum Kulstar Ogris Tonkor (eventually) Thunderbolt (explosive arrowheads) Concealed Explosives (self explanatory) Talons Penta I'm probably missing something, but that's old crowd of basic consistency. The Tonkor was the first obvious conventional explosive to defy the trend, and it was eventually fixed. Thematic consistency was an argument I had to field recently as well, why are so many of these explosives not 'smart'? Well, most of the weapons come from enemy factions. There's the Grineer, who hack-job everything and literally strap bombs to bad clones and throw them in. They don't care much for safety protocol. Then there's the Corpus, who are corporate money-grubbers, and can you really say you've never heard corporate greed cause a skimping on safety precautions? Infested would even make sense - they're a hive, good of the many, not the individual. The only factions that would likely eschew dumb-firing on a baseline level are the Tenno factions and the Sentients (since they currently 'cannot reproduce' locally). Now let's bring it back around. There's a gameplay factor to consider since we're not Gritty Realism. Where does this fit in? Control factor. Can you kill yourself out of your control? This is why the Cyanex was absolved of self-damage. The homing self-damaging projectiles could be shot to a 'safe' distance and simply double back to kill the player unexpectedly. This was deemed as not reasonable and self-damage removed. This is also one facet of why the Simulor was instead mechanically changed - the AOE radius of the 'explosion' exceeded the firing range. The player would invariably kill themselves if it was simply granted self-damage, so another solution was found to bring it down from its throne alongside the Tonkor. Everything else is predictable, direct, or triggered - all things within your control. All things where you make the mistake. Now, I'm sure you'll cite some of the current balance issues like @Aldain did, but that's just bad balance that needs fixing in its own right. The Arca Plasmor is the Tonkor of shotguns - it removes a core drawback and becomes overbearing as a result. Catchmoon is that in your pocket, but even other kitguns are crowding out essentially every other secondary the way Tonkor/SySim did in their heyday. DE is applying riven disposition nerfs to things that win without rivens, it's shortsighted. I can't say I agree that the Ignis is any 'better' than an explosive, though - as I stated earlier, it does still have its own inherent drawbacks. Continuous fire is legitimately a limitation in some ways - ever tried to kill an Ancient Healer lost in a crowd of other infested? All those AOE damage ticks reflect healing on the Ancient way faster than you can damage it directly. An explosive's singular direct damage strike does the job.
  4. https://yourlogicalfallacyis.com/burden-of-proof You're making the claim self-damage should be removed, so onus is on you. Regardless: It exists, it's consistent (among conventional explosive ordnance), it has basis in real-life analogues, and it's a common balancing factor to radial AOE weaponry. We also saw the negative, overbearing influence that happened when the drawback was absent in the Tonkor/Simulor meta. Hard logic aside, some people just have a laugh running the risk of murdering themselves through misuse. The weapons don't have to be meta, they don't even have to be commonplace. There's just no real reason to not have the mechanic at all, for the variety and for those types of players. I've provided actual problem factors - ally hitbox and linear scaling - along with solutions for them, while having to explain that no, the scenery didn't jump out in front of your rocket, you just took a questionable shot that went awry. Of course, I do it too when I'm being incautious. I just accept that maybe, say, jumping around inside a Snowglobe isn't the best environment to be using risky explosives, so if I clip just outside the Globe enough that the rocket blows up in my face, that's actually my fault. I'm not the type just saying 'lol git gud'. If you don't enjoy the risk, the effort invested to internalise their safest use, the occasional mishap putting you flat on your back.. You just don't have to put yourself through it. There are alternatives. Doesn't mean you should force that personal disinclination on everyone else.
  5. Here I am again to dissect these same old logic-leaping conclusions. 1) This affects every weapon, doubly so for projectiles, doubly-again for (dumb-firing only) explosives. It's a valid issue to raise, but it doesn't mean remove self-damage, it means fix the bad ally collisions so everything is more comfortable. Bows might not be popular, but everyone who does or used to use them can attest that they've had their share of perfectly lined-up shots eaten by an unexpected ally on several occasions. 2) False assessment. It is almost always player error. You have all the information by the time you've mastered the weapon to make judgement calls on when and where you use it. If you try to use it with Infested nearby, and a Charger runs up into your line of fire, that's on you. If you use it in tight quarters or try to shoot narrowly around obstacles, and it clips them to put you in range, that's you that decided to take the shot with a narrow margin of error (on your part, or the hitboxes). That's not to say the risk-reward ratio is completely perfect as it stands, but it doesn't mean you completely remove the risk, isn't that right, old Tonkor meta? Rebalancing is an acceptable solution, with some sort of diminishing returns to accommodate the fact we need to scale output far more than we scale our own defenses. The real issue is that the damage out is linearly related to self-damage at the moment. I even came up with an equation for an example of this, with variables that could be tweaked according to how the risk needed to scale up. 3) Subjective nonsense. The Tonkor wasn't 'fun', it was overpowered. It had no risks and the best reward. Every other explosive suffered because the Tonkor wasn't simply given self-damage from the start - they all used to auto-headshot, but the Tonkor made DE remove that, and therefore halved other explosive weapons' damage output without compensation. The Tonkor was statistically nerfed at the same time as its self-damage was rightfully given. That's why it took such a complete nosedive. Just because you don't like self-damage, and many don't want to risk self-damage in their arsenal, doesn't mean the archetype should be removed outright. We have hundreds of weapons - you can just use something else and let those who are more willing to run the risk use the dangerous explosives. 4) Loaded language. You can use explosives without Cautious if you actually put the effort and attention into doing so. You have the option of Cautious if you want to limit the risk of instantaneous suicide when you make a mistake. Especially if the equation is altered to become non-linear - Cautious in its current percentage would be far more reduction than necessary, unless you're running around as an unmodded Loki.
  6. She's the AFK frame in the sense that standing AFK is the sole thing Prowl does better than other stealth frames. Any stealth frame can indefinite-stealth with an appropriate build from only Energy Siphon - including Ivara through cloak arrows but not prowl because channelling removes regen - but only Ivara's involves her being crippled or restricted to an area. So, she can stand in an area without upkeep for much longer while Prowling. Octavia even maintains the stealth with no recasting window while still having the energy regen to do it forever and being fully mobile. -- I have three Ivara loadouts, but i'd consider the Strength dump my 'main' one: 1) Range (near-max) / Duration (high) / Efficiency (positive) / Strength (dump) - Making the most out of the control and utility of Quiver, while still being very Prowl-friendly when needed (although looting is a pain due to sub-neutral strength). Still has defensive mods so I can take glancing hits without having to fat-roll everywhere in prowl. Can't really bow worth a damn. Can still Navigate those highly effective Quiver arrows though the damage bonus is negligible. 2) Duration (near-max) / Range (high) / Efficiency (neutral) / Strength (neutral) + Primed Flow - Stealy build made of pure paper. Never not prowl, loots properly and as reliably as possible. Artemis Bow viable but not fantastic due to Duration over Efficiency and only baseline Strength. Probably the most 'afk' of the three, but dies to a stiff breeze. Also used when I want to Bow things but can't afford to be exposed ever. Navigator use is limited because duration kills the scaling, but Quiver's still fairly okay despite the weaker range than build 1. 3) Strength (near-max) / Efficiency (as much as possible after Blind Rage) / Range (coincidentally neutral) / Duration (absolute minimum) - This loadout exists to maximise Artemis Bow and/or Navigator. Playing the Duration antisynergy for the latter means it's a dangerous game since it's not viable to sit in either stealth without bleeding out energy. Used to hunt eidolons with A-Bow. Actually, I think the Amesha in open-worlds is a perfect analogue to Ivara's current state of being. Amesha at its core is a godly powerful archwing with basically infinite energy, the ability to perfect-defend any objective unless it dies in one melee strike (absorbing gunfire to generate constant health restoration), and can easily restore health to the players (which is carried back to the Frame when you jump out)... But you don't see everyone using it in the open worlds all the time. Why? Because those neverending disarming rockets make it an inconvenient pain in the arse to do so. Just like Ivara. You can use the Amesha to some amazingly functional outcomes, but you have to suffer the inconveniences of that rocket spam. Most people don't bother. They'd rather just use the Itzal to get around quicker and forget the rest of the wings and their kits entirely instead of getting frustrated by being knocked out of it every ten seconds. I think the general playerbase would disagree with you on that one. I don't use it myself because I'd rather Inaros be my set-and-forget tank frame, but I'm quite sure a large portion of Inaros players use Negation Swarm in their build - and very few use the others. Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't it protect against all status effects, not just knockdowns like your Handspring? I can imagine not being Slashed through the armour, annoyed with Cold slowdowns, Magnetised when you need to pocket-sand your health back, Irradiated and kill/be killed by your allies, all as well as not being knocked over, would actually be quite convenient so long as you keep an eye on the stack to recharge yourself.
  7. My loadout used to be Ivara-Dread-Brakk-Sheev, I've spent more than my fair share of time navigating with bows. Depends plenty on the unit, your angle of attack and where you connect, etc. You can still run out of punch-through quickly enough (pre-augment change, at least). Suggesting indefinite punch-through is just a means to an end, and it's not like the Zenith doesn't exist. Even if it's 3m terrain but infinite enemy punch-through (see: Ignis mechanic) that'd work handy and avoid people Navigating off into places their camera probably shouldn't go. It seems I wasn't clear enough on what I meant regarding the decloak from noisy weapons - I meant 'cannot afford' in the sense of being stealth-reliant for survival. She can't afford to be seen and shot as a result of that interaction - which no other stealth suffers as badly - especially when you account for the fact she still takes that extra energy drain from every damage tick while Prowl is active, even if she's temporarily visible. It adds up no matter how efficient your build, as I'm sure you've experienced from misadventures with Venom Eximi and Arc Traps occasionally. I Hush my guns myself, but it shouldn't be necessary for Ivara alone over other stealth-centric frames. The headshot bonus inside Prowl is a nice-to-have, but we're discussing Concentrated Arrow because heads aren't 100% reliable to hit in every case, right?
  8. This is what I was thinking too. Prowl loot is only useful on individual priority targets as @taiiat said, but it's still incredibly inconvenient at best, if not outright non-working for most of them. Sentients are the main genuine use-case still allowed in the game. I can also confirm that the Augmented-Amalgam units in the labs can also be stolen from. Everything else.. you're better off using either Hydroid for the guarantee (that still works right up to Hemocytes in Plague Star), Khora for better point control while looting, or Nekros for convenience. I think you could still argue Atlas has a comparable edge over Ivara on the bottom rung of the ladder because Ore Gaze is instant (now, at least) and an AOE - not one target at a time after a delay. (I use Ivara on the Vallis too! Bring the Amesha along for object-defending Extractors and those drones she can't cloak for some reason, and it's all gravy.) As I said earlier in the thread, all her abilities and augments both need a pass over to stop limiting her so much. No other frames have so many hindering factors tying their kit down. Why does Ivara's? Your assessment of Quiver is on point with mine, too. As Ivara 'mains' we're in agreement here. I'd rather have the Power Of Three conclave augment for Quiver than Empowering Quiver, personally. I'm not sure what the actual arc of the triple-shot is, but I can imagine that being useful for Cloaking a bigger area instantly for more freedom of movement or Sleeping a more spread-out enemy group. Piercing Navigator actually got a tiny bit of QoL in the recent pass, since they added some desperately needed bonus punch-through to it. It's still destroyed by the absolutely unseen anywhere else indefinite cost scaling of the base ability. Yes, we have Valkyr and Ember who reach double-cost but they cap there. Yes, we have drain-per second channels and drain-per-target/distance abilties on a few frames but they are linear. In those cases, too, those frames are actively moving and (often) killing while that drain goes on (sleepy Equinox notwithstanding) which means they are able to gather up Energy to keep going. Compare Navigator, which makes your Warframe stand in place and halts energy generation, both of which work to hard cap the amount of time you can actually spend Navigating already. Why does the ability have to scale up cost? As an improvement I'd like to see the Duration antisynergy and scaling cost addressed on the baseline of the ability, and because you're already limited by immobile channelling, infinite punch through on the projectile. Let Ivara go all Guardians of the Galaxy Yondu on our enemies. Wouldn't that be just a ton of fun? Infiltrate I've already described as being an absolute waste of design space with irrelevant and insulting 'benefits'. If they're going to keep some limiting factors on Prowl, at least let the augment affect the ones that matter. For the cost of the mod slot, let her parkour. Don't expose her when shooting noisy weapons. She can't afford it. Loki doesn't even get revealed but he still gets to hush the damn things with his to avoid enemy blindfire. And then we come to Concentrated Arrow, subject of the thread, which if nothing else just needs to concentrate the bloody arrows already. As hilarious as it would be to combine the Piercing Navigator suggestions with un-Punchthrough-restricted Concentrated Arrow including the headsplosions, maybe that would be a bit excessively powerful. But it would be amazing. Loki has his perks. I enjoy playing the drone carrier during Plague Star, skilful and efficient Switch Teleports (and Decoying to get ahead) are a blast for me. It'd be even more handy in those big open-world areas if Decoy's cast range wasn't hard capped. I have over 220m teleport range but a sad 50 on Decoy.. Half the problem is, if you analogise Warframes to tools.. where other Warframes are hammers with nails, Ivara's a welding torch. The function of attaching A to B is there, situationally and arguably better, but it's a dangerous thing with added drawbacks; you're going to screw yourself over a lot worse if you aren't working around the issues it brings. You might just bruise yourself with a misused hammer, but you're very likely to blind and sear yourself using a welding torch without protective equipment.
  9. Other than the largely irrelevant security laser thing, the only 'net positive' Infiltrate affords you is going faster on ziplines and her Dashwires when in prowl versus non-prowl. With the current history it's not at all unlikely they address that as a 'bug' and make baseline Prowled movement glacial on there too. That's more to do with the needs of the rest of the kit than anything bad about Artemis itself: Unless augmented, no Quiver arrows benefit from strength at all. They do, however, have a relatively mediocre radius in Cloak and Sleep. Overextended is valued, limiting Strength. Almost every Ivara player who dared to run without bonus range has probably been shot at because their Sentinel peeked up outside of a Cloak bubble hiding the frame. Navigator has the inherent issue with Duration anti-synergy and the uniquely indefinite scaling of energy cost over time. Although it likes Strength (and Transient Fortitude happens to work with the antisynergy) it's relegated to niche/specialised use because it doesn't otherwise play nice with the kit. Prowl likes everything but Strength as well - although for ~Ivara reasons~ you have to compensate that Overextended negative or you get dud-steals on already the worst loot-bonus ability in the game. You can make an 'average' strength build with still fairly decent output, but the premiums are far too costly to have higher-end, less-efficient builds work out. Prowl is an opaque mess, though. Not only do you have the drain per second to worry about, you have to consider the extra costs and implications with stats, there's no wonder people get confused. Remember how long it was before the fail-steal chance was even shown in the game? The listed energy cost is the cost for standing still. Double that cost for the crime of not being AFK (moving around). Add a flat cost of 2 energy (not affected by the channelling Duration/Efficiency codepend, only flat Efficiency) for every melee strike - including each strike in multi-hit finishers. Add a flat cost of 10 energy (as above) for every tick of damage ever suffered while Prowling. Arc traps, DoT statuses (special mention for Venom Eximi and other stack-happy status afflicting foes), everything counts. If you care about the steal, you need duration and range for it to accomplish anything without losing targets all the time, and obviously desire to meet the 100% strength threshold to avoid those random failures So yeah - you can't just overlook any one stat on Ivara without falling afoul of the senseless limiters.
  10. That screenshot - seeing an Eidolon hunter loadout for the bow - pleases me. When Plains dropped I took Ivara out for my first hunts, solo, with a beefed up Bow (albeit through primary mods at the time) to tackle the synovias. Worked pretty well. Kept the Prominence sigil on her in memory. The trouble is that projectile multishot gets weird with certain crits and buffs, spreading out multipliers to a far lesser effect, and the bigger Eidolons are tougher to get up close land a full spread in the right spots. (You might notice when using standard A-Bow that crits and non-crits actually hit the same per individual shot and apparently inconsistent between shots; the number of crit rolls is determined on firing and the net damage is then spread evenly to each projectile.) Concentrated Arrow, if it did what the name suggested, would not only solve that problem entirely by combining the full spread into a single projectile, but it would also positively synergise with Navigator's multiplier and make an impressively potent build for that purpose instead of being the same regardless of the augment - you only get to control and therefore multiply a single arrow, a fraction of the total output. Full 7-18* Artemis spread condensed into one shot, multiplied by up to 15x-16x on Navigator? That's spicy. But we can't, because.. Ivara problems. * Vigilante Armaments in addition to Split Chamber I'm aware we have the Navi-Castanas Eidolon hunter build, but that's just as oddball, honestly. It would be amusing to see what ludicrous damage would come from combining the crit damage buff there in this hypothetical as well. Build around Infiltrate? That mod is a catastrophic waste of design space, much less something to actively build around. Ivara shouldn't be painfully crippled in Prowl, no other stealth frames suffer that (plus all the other Prowl caveats), so the movement speed factor is irrelevant - should be baked back into the baseline. Ignoring lasers is basically irrelevant to anyone who actually farmed Ivara naturally, especially if she could actually move normally while in Prowl. It wouldn't save enough time over just going around them same as the players were doing before they got her (unless Limbo). Infiltrate should be scrapped for something that actually adds something productive, not just easing arbitrary limitations.
  11. Can't confirm. Just happened to be doing a bounty earlier and my silenced Rubico wasn't getting the enemies to shoot my hidden Ivara. I do think that the AI needs an update in how it reacts to stealthed threats though. Even when the weapon isn't silenced (for non-Ivaras who stay unseen) the enemies shouldn't know with pinpoint precision where the sound came from, they should have some error margins when it comes to the exact distance and angle relative to themselves. Wouldn't help much against the AOE units or grenades, but if all the more precise enemies have to go on is a 'bang', then you'd think they'd only have about a one in three chance of pointing in the right area, or would fire a spray of bullets in an uncertain arc hoping to hit the concealed target, right?
  12. The biggest issue is the augment itself. As generally happens with anything related to Ivara's kit, it's got an un-Warframe-like caveat that, in this case, makes it actively hamstring your capability if not making use of its (limited) function. It's a 'sidegrade' if you build around it specifically and hit heads constantly. Any time you can't or don't hit heads, it's a 6/7ths damage nerf to your Artemis bow. Because Concentrated Arrow doesn't.. concentrate the arrows into a single shot with the sum total of damage. It just gives you one of the natural 7 arrows, with that one arrow's worth of damage, then adds a headshot bomb effect onto that pitiful projectile. Ivara needs overhauling to get rid of all these weird limitations she has that other Warframes don't have in any sort of equivalence. Base abilities and augments, the whole lot.
  13. Are you saying this has become the reality by necessity, or is the only 'legitimate' way to run a clan? Because for the latter, you're welcome to your opinion on how you want to run your own clans, but I don't think you have any right to tell people they can't or shouldn't run a little clan of buddies. Hell, even mine was formed of a whole two of us before my buddy burned out and quit Warframe. That aside, the upper tiers don't have that stark a contrast, being factors of 3 (or 3.33..). I can't list off many example games offhand for each, but there's essentially two major approaches to growing membership limits: Incremental (typically small) increases of flat amounts - but usually more levels to bump up e.g. +10 per capacity 'rank' from 10-250 Multiplicative scaling such as Warframe's.. sort of is, and my suggestion of an absolute base-4 system would be in full. Every tier is an exponent higher than its previous, e.g. 10/100/1000. One notable mention I have to make is EvE which mixes the two by virtue of the owner's skill ranks - Each skill is a set of 5 increments, but completion of each unlocks a higher-tier skill, in which the increment is multiplied, as such: (10x tier) 10-20-30-40-50 | (50x tier) 100-150-200-250-300 | (100x tier) 400-500-600-700-800 I don't have the exact numbers in my head these days, but that's the gist of it. Could Warframe migrate to something like this, too, in the future (at a smaller scale, because EvE corps get enormous) perhaps? This way we could have Ghost, Shadow, Storm, Mountain and Moon tiers, but then broken down within these to sub-levelled breakpoints. If those sub-levels became locked in on commencement of the event, and where the basis for scaling the score requirements is based on the sublevel, there's room to more accurately tweak challenges towards the actual registered players within each tiered bracket. Solo Ghosts wouldn't be challenged up as if their bracket capped at 10 because the 10-player tier is broken into 2-4-6-8-10 sub-levels. 10-30 Shadow Clans would get 14-18-22-26-30, so on. You might benefit from these less if you have a lot of inactive players bumping you further up the sublevels, but the potential for greater fidelity of challenge is there.
  14. That would be even more ideal in theory, but I have doubts they'll do that because that means they have to worry about how to define the activity of the clan's remaining players and the possibility of people gaming the system somehow to be lazier (if the points were set higher since "everyone is active" in this scenario). Far easier for them to just do this sort of arbitrary 'half', but they're clearly not looking enough into what that actually means. At least using standard tier sizing you'd be hard pressed to get as bad as it currently is. In your case - 11 players - you'd have the equivalent point threshold of 32k (instead of 60k) because you fall in the 4-16 bracket. Essentially, as long as you have two people other than yourself then you're still faring pretty well there. 10667 points each with 3 players - some endurance but reasonable; 8000 with 4, double-duty isn't at all bad (that pure solo guy above could reach it!)
  15. Yeah, the squad burden is a lot higher for scoring this event than most have been. That 8k might easily have been 20k+ in a squad, because of the point multiplier based on activating more conduits at once. Can't really do that solo, especially without just.. failing most.
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