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phosgene, the gas manipulator (warframe idea)


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4th ability poison gas) produce a gas that makes the air around him poisonous, inflicting toxic damage to all enemies around you 100 damage per second in a 15 meter radius that lasts 8 seconds
3rd ability loss of air) produce a gas that targets an area to have enemies loose their oxygen 150 damage per second for 8 seconds

2nd ability heavy air) target and area and produce a gas that makes the enemies in that area are severely slowed along with taking 100 damage per second and have 10% change to break enemies weapons and convert to melee, if that 10% chance doesn't happen they have a 15% chance to have their range on their guns to be cut in half, maxed at 50% on each no matter your mods
1rst light air) switch between 2 modes, 1) makes a gas that take over and makes enemies around you float in the air, they can still fire but they are 15% less accurate, maxed at 75% no matter the mods, 2) produce a gas that makes you and allies around you get a 10% jump boost, and fall 5% slower. 10 seconds, within 10 meters

passive) you are protected by the gas your body produces, the more you use your body's gas the less you are protected, your gas when you don't use any abilities protects you at 65% damage reduction, once you use enough abilities to were your gas protection is gone you will have only your armor to protect your health, your 1rst ability, takes away 10 your second takes away 15 your third takes away 20 and your forth takes away 25, energy pick ups fill your gas canister along with waiting, your gas fills up 2 gas per second, also your gas is your energy but no energy mods effect how much gas you have and streamline wont work

maxed stats 250 health, 200 shield, 175 armor, 300 gas, 1.15 movement speed
none maxed stats, 100 health, 75 shield, 175 armor, 125 gas, 1.15 movement speed

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