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Helminth room sudden changes


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To me, the helminth room had always had some lighting balance problems with the right side of the room being too dark with no point of interest compared to the left (subsume part) which look even much weirder if you decorate it because the right side somehow gave brighter lighting to decorations. I don't really care about at first since i only decorate mostly around the left part which has more subtle and softer ambient lighting that helps blend decoration i put there rather nicely but out of nowhere, the recent hotfix (29.1.2 + suddenly change both the lighting and physical wall on some spots and doesn't even mention it at all (or at least i can't find it on the notes).

Found out about it today after logging in trying to check on flowers and feeding my helminth to prepare it for the next subsume. The lighting is now equally too bright on each side for decorations and it looks like there's also an added volume to the walls right above the helminth while removing a chunk of wall meat to reveal a flower that was spawned inside which i wouldn't have mind if not for the new lighting making the wall too dark with only a yellowish spotlight looking spot directly on where the warframes are subsumed (with no actual light source like most lighting around the orbiter) instead of its previous soft red ambient lighting with pale bluish spotlight. The right side now has a light blue spotlight shining on the walls but the decorations there are still bright and orangish. 

Comparison (plain):






Comparison (decorated):




🔽this one a bit more recent than above





Honestly it would've been fine if the lighting on the left side of the room remain the same or close to how it was because it is one of the three (and a half) only point of interest of the room. The decoration i had there now look too messy even with the messy look i'm going for due to the lighting changes and some decoration that i placed above the helminth even went missing inside of the wall. Even some of the flowers now kinda look out of place like the decorations are because it is too contrasting with the black wall. This new lighting makes it feels very limiting to decorate because you can either only decorate near or directly on the spotlight so it wouldn't look too weird, cover all of the black background around the spotlight which would require covering a lot of room that would also take up a lot of decoration capacity and still look weird because there's no real time lighting that shines on the decorations making 3 of the same asset could have different color side by side, or simply have no decoration whatsoever.

I can't help feeling that every lighting changes like these doesn't put decoration in mind at all when it is arguably one of, if not the, best self-sustaining content the game has. I know that decoration related things has always been something that most people don't care about but these kind of lighting changes always messes up decorations and is basically discouraging people like me to put any effort into decorating which is a bit frustrating because decorating has been the only thing that keeps me playing this game in recent years when i'm bored. I hope one day we could have something like real time lighting/light source so that these kind of problem wouldn't be a thing in the first place.


quick edit to show what it would've looked like if the left side didn't change and i definitely liked it better if it look like this


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