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new Quassus warfan bug involving xaku


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i have had this bug happen to me twice it got triggered because i spammed the heavy attack command a bunch of times when it triggered i got stuck in an endless melee attack animation loop that kept me from switching my weapons i also was unable to even use the abilities that my warframe had i had tried the following: /unstuck command, switching to operator and back to warframe, even just falling in an off the map area to be spawned back into map, all failed to fix the issue, however i did find a way to deactivate it only downside is the process is lengthy.
1. when the bug triggers open your gear wheel and select the archgun launcher to try and equip your archgun after that go to an area that would cause you to reset your warframe (an area like you would fall down fade to black and suddenly reappear back in the map where you last stood, my off map area). if after this your HUD displays that you have the archgun equipped proceed to step 2
2. reopen the gear wheel and reselect the archgun deployer the HUD should now display your normal primary and/or secondary if you had one at the start of mission. if this is where you are proceed to the last step
3. look for an enemy that can cause you to be knocked down on your back (arson eximus, shield lancer, etc.) and right before you get knocked down open your pause menu after you finish being knocked down close the pause menu and you should be back to normal.
i have tried this process both times when i got stuck in that loop and it has worked both times to get me out of it.

despite the technical process i think we can all agree that we want de to fix it before it spreads to other weapons/frames.

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