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Ocucor and phage tweak/augments


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So a possibly small and silly idea but I love the ocucor weapon, but it is hindered by ammo issues that plague it and keep it from greatness. If ocucor were a kitgun it would have access to the battery augment pax charge which would essentially be capable of fixing it entirely due to the battery recharging it instead of letting it have a reload so perhaps if it had an augment that made it similar to the pyrana prime where if it kills a certain number of targets at the same time it automatically got it's ammo reserve back would actually fix it i think. The phage portion is much smaller and just a sincere suggestion, but couldn't phage be more fun if it had a fire mode more like Ocucor? I always feel like the two weapons are pieces of the same weapon...when i first saw phage i went after it thinking as a laser shotgun it would be like ocucor with multiple lasers given shotguns mutlishot mechanics and such a laser shotgun sounded fun but it just had the convectrix mechanics. Not really asking for anything just a friendly set of suggestions that would possibly be in augments, like make phage an augment that is kinda like split flights perhaps, giving it that multiple beams that kinda helix in and out from the main converged beam to give it more beams but less accuracy? or maybe like a prism effect that allows the main beam when losing accuracy to perhaps ricochet outwards like the Primary gaze but a bit more rage on the deflected beams? thanks for your time reading and i appreciate your reading if and when you do.

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