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Light warframe


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This is an idea that I been playing with, seeing Warframes kind of can do things that, well, kind of break physics, example in case, Frost can litterally turn your entire body into ice in a fraction of a second.

Anyways, to what this Frame is, this frame has the ability to monipulate light, using it as a tool, weapon, and defense. I know it will be a caster frame stats wise, but still playing around with how it would be balanced out.

For now, its abilities.
1. Rays. This ability grabs and freezes 4 slivers of light over the frame's arm. This ability will act as a secondary weapon, but also suplument your weapons. Basicly, after casting the rods will hang over the arm waiting for use, when aiming at an area and firing, along side your weapons bullets this Ray will fire with, adding its damage to your own. If you don't have a secondary weapon equipt, this will act as the secondary weapon, and reload after each ray is fired, costing 5 energy per ray (Cost can be decreased by efficency mods.) and attack can be charged and fired, releasing all 4 rays at once. Rays do ice and peircing damage, and given it is a weapon, can be modded as an Exulted Weapon.
2. Light Speed Ring. Quick disclamer, ring will not launch you light speed, but will have a range of uses. Affected by Range, Power, and Duraction mods, this ring can be placed about 4 times. Think of it a little like Volt's shield. Range increases how far the ring streches and area it covers, not how far away it is placed from caster. When you cast this ring, it projects itself over a wide area, allowing the caster and allies to shoot through it. Bullets passing through the ring will be accidelerated when passing from the rings "back" to its "Front", increasing damage done. This will also increase the speed of of any other "projectiles" from thrown weapons, casted abilities, hell, even frames will get a speed boost. When something is shot from the "Front" to "Back" of the ring, it slows down the projectile, decreasing damage done to anything it hits, atop of this, it increases the ring's deration as "Stored energy" for it to use. Every ring can be picked up by any player, the ring's duration will increase when this happens, and increase damage output of any weapons that are in use. This ability also combines with the 1st and 3rd ability on this frame.
3. Shining javelin. 3 large rays of light are colected and complements your primary weapon, "Rays" combines with this ability to act as a small damage modifier and increase fire rate. Acting like a charged shot weapon, it fires out stored beams of raw light, doing Corrosive damage to the target. Charge can be shot without being fully charged. As you can guess this ability is affected by effecincy and power. Weapon can be modded like an Exulted Weapon, mods from Rays dose not carry over. Just like Rays, it costs energy to reload
4. Light sword and shield. You consintrate the energy of light and generate a shield and sword for your own use. This weapon dose cold and slash damage, and has the normal drain rate for an exulted melee weapon. Again, you feel the trend, this weapon can be modded.
Passive: Brighter the invroment, the more powerful and efficent your abilities. Atop of this, if you have no Primary, Secondary, or Melee equipt, you will not need to cast the ability for it to be in use and power drain for reload or use will be 15% more efficent (Melee will not drain power when not in use.)

Basicly, it is a caster frame that has their entire tool kit in summoning their own weapons, and have one ability that acts as a swiss army knife for their needs, amplifying their damge as a group, personal, or accileration, and if you wanted you could (If only) go into a mission with no primarry, secondary, or melee and get full power from this frame, something like that is kind of interesting to me because even if a frame has an Exulted weapon they could use, like Excalaber's sword, you still needed one "Normal" wepaon equipt.

So, let me know what you guys think.

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Still thinking on stats, but a few things I thought of adding after some thinking. 

First, augments.
Heated Rays adds Blast Damage, causing Rays to explode on contact.
Light Speed Armor changes the properties of Light speed ring, causing the player to have increased mobility instead of damage when a ring is picked up. This covers all movements such as reload and melee speed.
Light Sword and Shield becomes twin swords that doubles damage output at the cost of some efficency.

For the Helmith,
Rays is the ability you get for sacroficing the frame, though I am not sure how well this would work paired with some frames... especially those with an existing secondary exulted weapon.

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