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Proposal for the Future of Railjack


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Since launch, and the initial bugfixes, Railjack seems to have gone unloved.  In this post, I would like to propose several items that may improve it and integrate it with other systems.

1:  Factions and Invasions:  Space is big, so we should be seeing more factions than the Grineer flying around.  Corpus and Infested should have a presence, maybe due to spontaneous Outbreaks on ships or the ongoing conflict between Corpus and Grineer.

2:  Mission Variety:  The Railjack missions are all variations of "Get In, Murder Everything, Blow Stuff Up, Move On."  I would be much more interested in running Railjack missions if there was more variety to them.  I would like to see new missions like an escort mission, where players had to protect allied ships from enemies until they leave the area, or specialized assassination missions trying to destroy a particular ship while fighting it's escorts.  Another possibility would be setting up a quarantine zone around Deimos in order to keep the Infestation contained.

3:  Assassination Mission Changes:  The Railjack assassination missions that are currently in game are pretty much the same as the other assassination missions:  Find the Target and kill them.  I would like to spice this up by being able to sabotage the Galleon or Asteroid Base they are on in order to earn bonus rewards and see really big explosions.  It would be very cool.

4:  Kuva Lich Integration:  We were shown this in 2019's TennoCon, and it is about time it was integrated.  My proposal is simple:  Once a Lich reaches a certain level, maybe Level 3, they acquire a ship and can attack during Railjack Missions.  Players would then have the option of either damaging the Lich's ship in order to force a retreat or infiltrating and trying to confront the Lich with the correct Requiem sequence.  Alternatively, after a Lich hits max rank, Players could take their Railjack and hunt down their Lich in order to force a confrontation, with rewards being given depending on the result.  Forcing a Lich to flee could result in the planet they were in orbit over being cleared of influence immediately, while killing a Lich has the normal result of taking back the pilfered rewards.

I know that they'll be addressing Railjack in an upcoming Devstream, but I believe that these ideas would be invaluable towards reinvigorating Railjack among the community.

Share your opinions and add what you wish to see from Railjack.

Thank You.

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Really cool ideas you have. I like RJ, but it gets stale pretty quickly. I mean, the gameplay itself is fun, but like you said - mission variety or lack thereof. 

But as I've said before - Warframe has so, SO much unused (I still don't wanna say "wasted")  potential. I think there will be more in future updates. Make tale a while though.

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