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Blinding Flash when starting a mission


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  • TYPE: In-game.
  • DESCRIPTION: Since last patch, there's a blinding flash when starting a mission, much like Bursa flash or Flashbang grenade from Executioner Dhurnam.

                                    Problem is this flash is really eyes hurting - I guess this is not the purpose of this new feature. 

                                    On a short term action, is there a way to turn it off?

                                    On a long term one, well, perhaps turn the britness down a bit or set it as an interface option.

  • VISUAL: Obvious post is obvious, but here's a screenshot :


  • REPRODUCTION: Start any mission and skip cutscene.
  • EXPECTED RESULT: Not being blinded.
  • OBSERVED RESULT: I am blinded.



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Can confirm this annoying "feature".

The whiteout is part of the cutscene when mission starts, the flash is probably there to hide the transition from landing craft flying in to the ground level loading. For some reason the flash was left in to punish everyone who cancels the cutscene (i.e. everyone).

I think it used to be a normal respawn blackout but no idea when it changed to white.

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