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[PC] [EU] player looking for new home.


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Hello everyone!

I'm looking for an adult casual clan with equalminded Tenno's. Your clan doesn't have to be huge, just a few individuals are enough, as long as you guys are somewhat active. I'd like to join a clan where people like to interact and socialize with one another. A clan with members that are interested in playing with each other on a daily basis, and who wants to enjoy everything the game has to offer!

I'm 32 years old and from Sweden. I would prefer if your clan was based in the European region, for two reasons. First, to prevent lagg and latency issues, and second to avoid timezone problems. I'm MR 16 and have a decent understanding of the game, although I'm a returning player and somewhat rusty.

I'm mature, friendly, laidback, relaxed, calm and an easy going individual with a casual approach towards the game in general, and got an overall great attitude. I'm very competitive at the same time and always try my best to win, and do the very best with the tools I've got, but never at the expense of having a fun experience. I tryhard with the stuff I choose, and sometimes I choose suboptimally, but have a positive reflection regardless of outcome. It's only a game afterall, and I tend to laugh at my mistakes rather than ragequit.

I'm extremely shy due to a few reasons, but the main one being that English isn't my native language and I have a horrible accent. I'm also nervous around people that I don't know, so I tend to be rather quiet in the beginning, especially over voice chat. That will however disappear slowly but surely the more I get to know you guys!

Sorry for the wall of text, but I'm looking for a new home which I'm very serious about, cause I plan to spend the rest of my Warframe time there

Poke me here if you think I'd be a good fit for your clan and if you have any questions!

Hope to see you ingame!

Best regards,

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You wouldn't happen to dabble a bit on PlayStation as well? 

Your presentation sounds like you'd fit in like handen in the handske. 


We're Kompaniet, an all Swedish clan. We celebrated 20 years this year. A former competitive esport team with roots in most online FPS titles. Once upon a time we represented Sweden in  Counterstrike over at  World Cyber Games in South Korea.

Used to be only PC but I turned casual a few years back. So I started a PS4 division and am constantly on the look out for friendly teamplayers that want to find a home. 

Well worth a shot, I thought. ;)

Good luck och Simma lugnt! 

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