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The Rift Prophecy [Warframe Dungeon Concept]


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The Rift Prophecy
[Warframe Dungeon Concept

Lately tears of a certain dimension keep appearing more and more often with energy signals similar to something familiar...the rift. Was this what the original Limbo was trying to solve? Was this what the original Limbo's operator was looking for before their fall? What could lie within the rift.

How to start: A rift tear would have a 100% chance of appearing in a mission whether open world or the regular mission types but its a matter of finding them. They will however be obviously placed and making itself very obvious by spawning in the center making enemies afraid. They will look like a normal rift tear but several times larger.

1st Encounter: [Playful Corridors]
Upon finding a rift tear, attempting to enter it will make it disappear. But if you enter operator mod and use void mode, the rift tear will reappear but in a different location. The rift tear isn't only accessible in operator mode but can only be seen in operator mode when void mode is used. This will start the chase where you have to use your warframe to try and enter it a total of 7 times. Using your operator to track it and your warframe to chase it down. Upon finishing the first encounter you will be rewarded. The rift tear can appear quite high but will never leave the room you're in and in open worlds will never be 30m away from initial spawn point. Of course enemies will still be attacking around you and just by starting the encounter alert level will be raised.

2nd Encounter: [Hall of Deceit]
Hope you like puzzles, cause this one is just one big puzzle. You will be put into an entirely different map sort of similar to Sanctuary Onslaught's starting place except this time a disorted version of the very room you were in. You will be greeted with a small patch of the tileset with limited space and nothingness that you can fall through. You will notice when you dodge roll the environment changes. There will be small platforms that you can hop on. Each time you dodge roll, the platforms you can see are different and the platforms are arranged in a set way where its impossible just cheese through it by just running around unless your titania or zephyr but the path towards where you need to go wont show if you do it that way. There will be 2 seperate plains and sniper ads from very far away. Some can be seen in plain sight while the other needs you to go to the other plane. There will also be platforms that will not show unless youre in the right plain. The transition between the two plains is by dodge rolling, to know if youre in the other plane it will give the same visual as being in limbo's passive. The goal is to get towards the goal which will only be shown in the 2nd plane however the goal will not be seen from the initial start of the encounter. It's also going to be a long parkour segment with ads shooting you freely. As with all encounters you will be rewarded at the end.

3rd Encounter [Dimension Wall]
Upon reaching the end of the 2nd encounter you will be greeted with a Wall of mirrors with 9 in total. The transitioning between both planes mechanic will be used here as well. The mirror's will have symbols on them revealed if seen through using the 2nd plane. However in the 2nd plane you cannot interact with the mirror. Each symbol would reveal a prophecy each of them organized in a somewhat tile like way. The symbol would be the symbols the factions use like the infested, grineer, orokin, corpus and sentients. Then the other 4 mirrors would show mice, a dog, a snake, and a lion. Pick 1 of the 5 faction symbol and 1 of the animal symbols. A prophet will be foretold giving you hints to which one you should pick. Pick wrong and enemies within the level range of 100-200+ will spawn based on the faction you picked, mice being trash mobs, dogs being elite units, snakes being units the equivalent of a grineer nox, lions being mini bosses such juggernauts and such.

4th encounter [Grave of possibilities]
Upon successfully finishing the 3rd encounter you will be greeted with a portal back to where you entered the rift tear but even more distorted. Everything almost looks unrecognizable and in the center where the rift tear used to be is now where an anomaly lies. This is the grave of possibilities where what was once possible locked up by limbo. There you will meet at random one of the bosses you've already encountered before but as a version where they succeeded where we should've stopped them. Tyl Regor with sentient tech, Alad V fully amalgamated, Captain vor but now controlling a warframe. Any of those will spawn at random. This enemy will have 4 threshholds of health. Each time a threshhold passes they will swap with another boss. Occassionally can only be damaged in a certain plane. Yes the 2 planes thing exist here. The goal is to reach the 5th Threshhold to start the 5th encounter.

5th Encounter [Remnants of Brilliance]
At the 5th threshhold you will be finally back to where you were before you entered the rift tear. Here you will find out what happened to the original operator of Limbo or more accurately what has it become. In Isolation the rift has done things to the child and barely kept themselves hold. You are to set them free by killing them. There will be stationary mirrors around the area. Shooting the operator once will make them invunerable and display a symbol ontop of them. The Mirror's will use the same symbols from the dimension wall encounter. Shoot the mirror of that symbol to make them vunerable again. This will be the method of dealing with them throughout the entire raid. They can be one phased but theyre going to have a lot more health than you'd think. If they start to look like they've been rifted by limbo it means you need to go to the 2nd plane to damage them. Like the dimension wall encounter shooting the wrong mirror spawns an enemy. This is how the encounter will generally go throughout the fight.



[The Brilliance Mod set]: +10% casting speed per mod, 1% chance of inspiration. Inspiration make's it so your next ability cast will gain 100% efficiency and 20% increased power strength and range for that 1 ability. 

Reflective Brilliance(warframe) 
-Shields are increased by 60/70/80%. 1% chance during combat for inspiration to proc.

Puncturing Brilliance(melee)
-Add 70/85/100% extra puncture damage (not increased puncture but extra puncture) to your melee weapon. 1% chance of inspiration to proc during combat. 

Didactive Brilliance(companion)
-Your shots from primary and secondary mark enemies for your companion to attack. Everytime the companion attacks marked enemy, weakpoints will be revealed on them where damage is dealt 30/50/100% more damage to if shot there. 1% chance of inspiration to proc when in combat.  

Momentary Brilliance(Primary)
-30/40/50% chance when you kill an enemy, to make nearby enemies be suspended in the air within 3/5/7m. Last for 5s. Each suspended enemy adds 1% chance of procing inspiration

Converging Brilliance(Secondary)
-25/35/45% chance of energy orbs spawning from secondary kills. Picking up an energy orb will increase fire rate and crit chance by 50%. 1% chance of procing inspiration.

[Distortion Mod set]: +10% chance of revealing objects from the opposite plane for 5s. 1% chance to be distorted after being attacked per mod. Being in a state or distortion gives 100% damage immunity to projectiles for 3s. 

Distortion Visage(Warframe)
-After dodge rolling gain 60/75/90% evasion for 1/2/3s. Cooldown of 2/3/4s

Distortion Barrel(Primary)
-Gain 20/30/40% of ammo efficiency. 

Distortion Clarity(Primary)
-Increase zoom by 30% and punch through by 1.2

Distortion Shroud(Primary)
-Headshots grant invisibility for 2/3/4s. -30/40/50% recoil and chance of enemy hearing the shot. 

 Distortion Awareness(Sniper)
-When not zoomed in for 2/3.5/5s gain 50/75/110% crit chance. 


-A riftbound shard turned into throwing weapons, upon hitting an enemy. Turn that enemy invisible to other enemies but you, making it so when they're killed no one will notice. Shards force bleed procs but deal mainly puncture. Deal's 30% increased damage against riftbound enemies.(Works in the dungeon)

-A sniper rifle that needs to charge before the next shot harnessing the space of the inbetween. Firing Rift bound rounds that are both existent and non-existent. Shots from this weapon deal mainly Blast and are aoe while also being silent. Deal's 30% increased damage against riftbound enemies (Works in the dungeon)

-A sword and shield melee, utilizing a riftbound grineer dagger and riftbound mirror as a shield from the dimension wall encounter. Blocking increases melee combo counter and soaks up all damage within a 100* cone infront of them. Unallowing any projectiles to pass through and is instead absorbed into the shield. Deal's 30% increased damage against riftbound enemies.(Works in the dungeon)


Djinn Riftbounded
-A repurposed Djinn turned into rift tear detector. They can project a pulse every 5s that travels up to 50m. Detecting enemies, loot and rift bound enemies and objects. 

Shade Riftbounded
-A repurposed shade sentinel turned into a rift detector. Upon taking lethal damage, instead you are taken into the rift where you would be healed and gain energy at a rate of 1% per second. 

Helios Riftbounded
-A repurposed Helios that will be able to detect rift bounded enemies. 


The Rift Sigil (we all know what that is)
All starchart boss sigils

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9 hours ago, (XB1)KawaiiAsa said:

this sounds like a great idea, if a little bit long... and what would the reward for it be other than lore? because I can promise that most players wouldn't mess with this if there wasn't a reward like a ship decoration or new weapon, etc.

well it is supposed to be a dungeon or somewhat of an endgame activity it's supposed to be long and in a way a mini raid. This isn't meant for most players but for players looking for a challenge. Reward concept I'm still planning on. Like all end game activities not everyone can reach it and mostly only the best of the best can do it. Although I don't really think this is that hard or that long considering once players get used to it, it can probably take like 30 minutes on average to finish or even less due to how powerful players are now. The only thing hard about this is that their objectives aren't just simply kill x thing in set amount or set amount of time. 

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