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Core issues


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I know this will be ignored by DE but if they do read this is will help them out a lot If DE wants to solve the current issues they have at the core level they need to make some very core changes

1. Use the player feedback and testing server to their fullest potential. Meaning every buff/nerf should be tested by the community and every update should be tested and plans for what should change from the community should be listened to. I know listening to everyone is not possible but look for similarities of what people want.

2. Hire more people to help direction and help take stress off of other managers. I know covid has made this difficult to do but you need to get more help on the team to help direct things and help people stay focused as to much ambition for a project is as deadly as no ambition.

3. Halt creating new content and start finishing old content. This helps you as the dev team to plan out future projects without worrying about the community asking to complete old projects and it also helps plan out future content around the finished content which is safer. This DE gives you a solid foundation to help fix the core issues of your game and have players help you with the game. This isn't an attack to say everything is being done horrible but anyone can see there is some struggles. Also compromise with the community don't take it a my way only approach or their way only approach.

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