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  1. Just something worth bringing up No I'm not saying regular came first just saying It shows a regular Excalibur so that already proves that Regular warframes were around back in the war. In case anyone, not targeted at you, was asking themselves if primes were the only ones around Orokin times
  2. Yeah let me make it clear that my explanation is not Canon, DE has the right to say what is and what isn't, it's just the best I can make with the information the game gives in a way that doesn't contradict anything. Valkyr prime is in the game she's canon so there's an explanation and that's what I would like to see more instead of saying it doesn't make sense. Until DE says something it's all we have
  3. Sorry, Pre sacrifice just didn't have much info on warframes, so seeing Nidus as an infested warframe and people knowing that only tenno stuff can be primed back then it would make sense to believe that he would be an exception, but then sacrifice shows that all Warframes are infested, helminth strain, so Nidus turned from "wtf" to "Oh he's just naked"
  4. She's a berserker being angry is her thing, even if you ignore that the corpus back then knew basically nothing about Warframes, and still probably barely know anything, and even later Alad on second dream confirms he doesn't understand anything, they can't exactly do anything beyond physical modifications. I've said this before but "Valkyr prime making no sense" is an idea rooted into the community that people just accept it and instead of asking "how could this make sense" they just go with "yep doesn't make sense I give up"
  5. Orokin times: Valkyr Gersemi is regular Valkyr and Valkyr prime is there too. Present: Some Tenno with a regular rank 1 Valkyr and flawed vitality gets captured then skinned by Alad V, now the Valkyr blueprint is corrupted, physically, and it's the only blueprint available. Not too hard to explain
  6. Was it pre-sacrifice? It would be questionable back then but post-sacrifice basically removes the "Nidus can't be primed cause infestation" idea
  7. Hey you're Xbox as well you should know how annoying pressing the sticks is. These things shouldn't be a button it ends up drifting if abused, also they added the option in the game it should at least work properly even if some think it's lazy
  8. It's This but in... Korean? ( please tell me I got it right)
  9. Worst sentinel cause of gladiator not working on warframes? Seems like you don't care about Helios and deconstructor and just want the mod bonus.
  10. So easy mode for Warframe an online game also a game that is not really too difficult? The most I've seen from online games with easy mode is a game with a dungeon that you can choose the difficulty and your rewards get better the harder you do it. I mean star chart is already easy mode and Steel Path is the harder mode even if it's not really difficult
  11. Crumb 1. A small fragment of bread, cake, or cracker Guzzler A person who eats or drinks something greedily. Bread enjoyer, you're welcome
  12. Trickster ephemera causes fps loss, really? It's like... The least intense Lich ephemera Since your graphics are at the lowest and I assume your computer isn't overheating then the only thing you can really do is upgrade your PC but you don't want to do that so idk what else except playing solo or with a squad that you're familiar with
  13. If I understood correctly, also I wasn't around for operators introduction so I don't know exactly if there were only 2 voices then they added 2 more some time later, the recast is probably a good idea because trying to copy the performance of someone else is just not right it will lack the same impact the first one had. They should let the voice actor do their own thing instead of trying to do the same cause in the end it can turn robotic and maybe even just bad sometimes
  14. But... Ya know... I wanted it all the time, Khora deluxe would have a glowing butt constantly 👉👈
  15. It's not useless it just needs more to it, like Titania got the healing on top of her passive
  16. I'm only going to buy it when my current Xbox doesn't get any more support from Microsoft like Nintendo did for the Wii.
  17. Hope this ain't "we are the baddies?" in disguise. Making it dark now is kinda hard without removing some stuff from the game or maybe painting everything black and red might do the trick
  18. I never owned Loki when channeling was still around so I don't know if that's where his energy glowed
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