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Detron Or Brakk?


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I really couldent care less about the lore tied to this event,..

Im only interrested in the Tier 3 Weapons,..


has anyone got ANY information regarding those 2 weapons??

i have NO ideer what they do or what theyr stats are.??



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I like the Detron... but I guess the Grineer wil win this.

But still not losing hope just yet. Too early for that.


I like the Detron too, looks nice but so does that Grineer machete, I am going to side with the Corpus think id rather have the Detron than the machete. (also Grineer are more fun to kill)

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I know it will cause a S#&$storm in the playerbase if one is better than the other after the event ends

We wont know this lol. Right now we will get only ONE of them.

Difference is that if you were on winning side - you get it sloted+potatoed, but if your were on losoing side - you get only BP.

Its BS if you ask me.


Let Corpus lovers have their bloody high-tech stuff, let Grineer lovers have their riged cantraptions.


Grineers wins = Grineer Tennos get Brakk and Machete with slot and potato. Corpus Tennos get BP fro Vandal Prova and Detron.

Corpus wins = Corpus Tennos get Detron and Prova with slot and potato. Grineer Tennos get BP for Brakk and Machete.

Easy, solution for hatred and F®UUUUUUUUstration.


Right now it looks like election race.

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