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Game Objective


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I feel like warframe missions objectives are horribly outdated, most the game is just a race to objective, there is a few good ones like disruption, defense and survival (even though i think we need more mechanic based enemies and occurrences) but stuff like capture exterminate sabotage mobile defense , most the assassinations and spies are in pretty bad shape, so how about we rework game objectives to better and reward team synergies and not be one man army everywhere, to never have useless team mates!

Also please for the love of god not make game a dmg number simulator each role should be able to do sth useful! CC Team buff Eenemy DeBuff Dmg Heals etc etc all should have jobs that no other group can take over!


and all this paired with fact that game is 60% of times just spam E doesn't make for good gameplay, so how about we start working on these?

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