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Reflections not complete on floor (Orbiter)


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It's how the screen-space reflections work in any game, it takes what you already see and project it as reflection with some fancy math and probably using the depth buffer to know where it is in 3D space.

They have nothing to fix, they can only add better reflection techniques or raytracing, both of which would likely have high hardware costs.

EDIT: I guess there is one "fast" solution which is to have a reflection probe (basically a 360deg camera) placed in the center of that room which acts as a reflection gatherer and it can be made to update every second or so to see decoration/pets/balls/drones too... but that would only fix the orbiter part and would need those probes in a lot of places to work... and won't transition seamlessly either (source engine uses them extensively and they're quite noticeable when they change)

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