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(FIXED) Crimson Branch plus Cross Connector - Lighting Bug


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UPDATE 3: Fixed after Deimos Arcana.
UPDATE 2: Bug reappeared after Tennogen 29.3.x.
UPDATE 1: Got fixed after the Nezha Prime release.

Cross Connector + Crimson Branch = Lighting Bug

Tested changing the Cross Connector room colors and lighting, same results.
Built a new Cross Connector and a Crimson Branch, same results (see image below).
The lighting on the other side - inside the Crimson Branch - is fine.
Crimson Branch + other connectors or room nodes = untested.

Only noticed this just now while updating my dojo. Not sure, but,
I don't remember seeing it when I built Crimson Branch for the first time last week,
so more likely caused by the Enhanced Graphics Engine update?





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