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Deimos Infested Can Safely Be Dialed Back On Damage


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So awhile back we saw Infested get buffed in damage. That made sense considering, for the most part, the Infested were melee units with high mobility. They trade off range for damage. That was fine. Unfortunately, with the release of enemies on Deimos, it seems enemies may have been affected by that buff on Deimos. Enemies at level 30-40 can quite literally two shot your frame with 800 armor (about 70% dmg reduction) all while shooting from a range. Additionally, those gas (soon to be slash on ps4) procs that hit shred 300-500 damage per second. Compared to Grineer and Corpus, these enemies do a marginally higher amount while retaining range. In conclusion, DE can either buff the other factions or they can nerf Infested on Deimos. This would put them back in line with each other. Knowing DE, they would go for the nerf route because (in their own words) it's easier that way. That is why I suggest dialing back the damage of the Deimos Infested. Getting sniped and dying very quickly at 30-40 isn't fun, expected, or in line with other factions in general. 

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