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Q. for other Xbox players (Drop Chance booster)

(XBOX)Tucker D Dawg


Having run a fair number of extended Steel Essence farms with and without a Drop Chance booster.

Farming Solo, there is no question it makes a difference.

Also, farming in a squad IF I AM HOST AND HAVE ONE it definitely makes a difference

If farming in a squad, and I am not the host but I can confirm with certainty the host has one, it make a difference.


If I am host, I dont have one, but some one in my squad has has, it does NOT appear to work. and

If I am NOT host, but and I DO  have one and confirm no one else in the squad has one it does not appear to work.


Obviously the INTENT is that it work regardless, but my question is - have other xbox players noticed this? Where in order for the drop chance booster to work, the HOST has to be the one to have it?  At first I chalked it up to RNG being RNG - but with a large enough sample size at this point I am increasingly convinced there is a bug where it only works if the host has one.

Steel essence farming seems to be the only resource I can see the difference with the drop chance booster in any event given its rarity, and relative consistency over extended (1-3 hour runs). 


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