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AI Crippled Since Anti-Camp Change


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Since the AI change there has been nothing but issues mission wide in both Steel Path AND normal missions.

Events I have seen:

  • Enemies will not alert
  • Enemies will not REMAIN alerted
  • Enemies stop and stand still even with a player near them
  • Enemies get 'confused' and run around in circles near a player with LoS
  • Enemies hide for cover with no player around or in LoS
  • Enemies seem to walk rather than run with active alarms
  • Enemies seem to be moving A LOT slower as if they are under the effects of a Nova slow
  • Even with clear pathing enemies will not run to a player(s)
  • Enemies not spawning
  • Enemies not leaving their spawning area

Supporting Material:



I am sure there are more examples here on the forums and elsewhere but these were the immediate examples I found after a super quick search.


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