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Inaros rework


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Inaros is one of my favorite frames ever but he is one of the frames that needs some love so I have made this hope you like it!


 remove energy let inaros use his health for abilities and buff his sprint speed.

Stat change:

Base: 1.10 sprint speed, Prime: 1.20 sprint speed

(Reason: with energy gone inaros would be so much better and with better speed he would be more fun)


Let his passive damage scale off melee mods.

(Reason: this way his passive could scale)


3rd ability now move at 1.25 inaros speed instead of .5 inaros speed and leeches health from targets 

(Reason: with better speed it would be more fun and with health leeching it would have a more defined purpose)


New 2 called (pharaohs gold) inaros increases credit and loot drops by 50% health lost per drop 25, range 10m 

(Reason: with the sandstorm changes devour becomes irrelevant a loot ability would suit him as he is a pharoah a king a d gold and resources would make sense)


Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day I know 2020 has not been great for alot of us so I hope you all the best. (:

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