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Well Of Life Cancels / Prevents Spore (Helminth Combo Issue)


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Target affected by Well of Life cannot be affected by spore.

Casting Well of Life on a target affected by Spore removes Spore.


interaction of Spore x Well of Life



Please fix this.

The enemies affected by Well of Life can still be affected by Miasma and Status type DOT's. (such as gas and electric) In these scenarios the enemy will still take 0 damage but the procs affect them and the DOT's trigger Well of Life's healing pulses. 


It would be nice to have spore interact similarly with Well of Life like Miasma or Status DOT's. It would also be nice to have the ability to Prolong the life-span of a spore on an enemy affected by Well of Life allowing the Damage per Tick of spore to increase over entire duration of Well of Life (by protecting the enemy and the spore) as well as generating Health from it. 


Please update this interaction between the two abilities to work in such a way. Thanks.

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Just in case it is unclear:

in the video i am:

1) casting spore on an enemy

2) casting toxic lash

3) attacking the spore affected enemy to spread spore

4) aiming at a new spore infected enemy and casting well of life on it, effectively removing spore

5) aiming at that enemy now affected by well of life and spamming spore (invalid target)

6) casting miasma and staring at the 0dmg DOT's from it. 

7) refilling energy and repeating the process of casting miasma, wol, and trying to cast spore on it. 

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