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  1. Im for this 100% Other than now needing multiple of each mod
  2. ive had pretty good luck only experiencing this very little. but, i definitely wouldnt mind if i could limit who could and couldnt pilot. however, since this suggestion will probably never be implemented, you could always unplug your ethernet cable for a moment and force them to migrate out of the match in effect freeing up your pilot seat, or disable your wireless for a moment for the same results. just make sure enough of the match is completed that youre confident you wont fail without the other players
  3. Vacuum helps. If you focus on survival fissures you wont be alone and can usually find good 10 or 20 minute groups. Dont be afraid to earn plat and buy an orange booster.
  4. I pugged my way through almost all of it. As host. Im not 10 10 10 10 but i think im 7 7 9 7 or something. And regarding anomalies, you should avoid that node in the first place if youre not willing to subject yourself to speed running. Its also not "our fault" if you were unaware of the mostly popular strategy of parking your railjack inside the sentient ship. Doing the anomaly for loot anyhow is pretty worthless since you get everything from lil ducc anyhow now with anomaly shards, another currency that only reinforces the methodology. At least now you know, if anomaly park in sentient ship and everyone rushes and leaves and relaunches. Best of luck to you.
  5. Archwing should be the fighters. They shouldn't need more viable replacements. They have existed and been mostly neglected for far too long. Just make them great and eff the bee ess. Like ive said previously. The only logic i can think of as to why arch gear is so pathetic in railjack game mode is so that using the railjack isnt overshadowed and made obsolete. To fix that, as suggested in the op (kinda) we simply need more rj enemy variation. Shield and damage type reworks or more accurately stated revisions, could allow for such a dynamic to exist. A simple and very bare bones example of this is: Standard archwing enemies : dargyns dogmas and drones (or whatever they're called) would have low to moderate armor and be weak to corrosive blast and radiation. These enemies would be dispatched from crewships. And they would be mostly handled by archwing weaponry. These enemies would attack railjacks doing chip dmg but focus on any wingers as priority and really only pose a threat to the jack if totally ignored and allowed to build up in numbers. Standard railjack enemies: exos and intros and gyros (joking but you know what i mean, the two or three fighters we have) would be weak to one or two of the newer elements and statuses introduced with railjack and would be predominantly fought by and concerned with the railjack itself. We would see a reduction in these enemies due to the fleets of lesser arch enemies being dispatched. Perhaps reduced down from 30 60 90 to 20 40 60. Introduce some archwing mods that would add the newer damage types from railjack to arch weapons so that wingers could aid in their destruction. And then biccbois. Crewships and megacrewships that can be attacked by wing weapons but are fairly resistant to it. Railjack would be the primary means of combat. Crewships could be destroyed by pilot and side turrets but new mega crewships must be weakened first ala reactor destruction and disabling shield generators ( basically 1 hack and destroy, one hack and defend ) And once vulnerable turrets deal some dmg but main focus destructive force coming from our beam cannons. This would make combat so much more engaging and require a tiny bit of strategy. Help validate the long standing lack of necessity for arch gear. And add depth to any mission on railjack regardless of objectives and proxima. Thank you.
  6. I passed up warframe a few times because at a glance it looked like small arena pvp. Then months later a coworker tells me "based on what i know about you so far, you NEED to try warframe" so i gave it a chance. Instantly fell in love and a few pay checks later purchased a founders pack. The way design council was advertised was really why I did. I thought it would involve regular feedback opportunities in conversation with devs. Heh. That was a learning experience. No regrets that I supported the game. I supported more than just that, and do when I can. Its my favorite game after all, but yeah. Im not so quick to jump on paid early access, founders, or deluxe editions as I was lol.
  7. A few were given away. Some are probably on inactive accounts. And i heard there was one player buying up multiple just to control the price... probably why dude spent that 350k plat. I feel cooler with primed accessories and tennogen than with some random mod. Lets not forget what we had to go through for ignis wraith research... which could be traded and thus often times simply given away. And then baro brings them too. Id gladly sell off my excal prime for 350k plat, if de would allow it and if it were tradable. Id still have design council access, council chat, and my master emblem. So i wouldnt even think twice. I wouldnt even think once... Nonetheless they wont bring him back for you all, and for that I smirk. Knowing that many of you actually like excal and would use it, while i just let it sit there and rust... i smirk.
  8. If greedy milk spills on the plains and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?
  9. Why not give us a terminal that allows us to enable or disable gunners controls having access to tactical and battle avionics, and munitions. OR make each control terminal have its own pools of ammo. That way when they waste it, theyre the only one affected. To put this into perspective, guns on a helicopter use their own ammo. While the pilot or whoever has their own ammo for the biggg gun. Etcetera.
  10. Bring back cloak on crit melee tho. qq.
  11. I use gara mostly these days. I also.use zenurik. E regen is good but with her im using spectrosiphon and arcane energize. So there is an abundance of energy even for team members. What i really like about zen is the ability to slow down enemies with the operator hand blast. And the ability to group up enemies while cloaking. Gara can protect allies as well, and so far as long as theyre covered by splinter storm ive not had any destruction. My usual combo is Vitrify to coat everything in glass. Void cloak with zenurik to pull all of the glassy bois into a cluster. Cast spectrosiphonage. And then destroy them usually with melee since the cluster helps build the combo up quick leaving a nice bundle of blue orbs for mah team. Granted, this is only a benefit to the team if theyre in the area. For non endless and non defense missions i usually only bother with it if I need a quick max out of energy. Since you know, everyone is blazing through the map.
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