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  1. The clone should be able to revive wukong if alive. Why can this frame have target designation when we still can't command a pet or sentinels attack preferences with waypoint. HMMMMMMM?
  2. ✧ฅโ๑ↀᆺↀ ๑ใฅ✧ Give us a microphone decoration in honor of Ms. Night. Please. Also, no arcane energize or aura forma equals bad de! ✧ฅโ๑ↀᆺↀ ๑ใฅ✧
  3. Operator you -- missed the fuh... will need to take the turn around.
  4. Hey kiddo. I heard you like the mastery test..
  5. They specified that their goal isnt to nerf blink or itzal but to improve archwing travel as a whole. Maybe more fair speed balancing, i dunno. But yeah they know a nerf isnt a great solution as the issues causing the popularity of itzal and blink still exist.
  6. I like archwing a lot and always have. I can tell you that almost all the arch gear is good. All archwings are good. Most weapons. One thing you my try is toggling experimental flight in options. It may or may not improve your experience. Plains wing is a combination of them, and the best imo. As for sharkwing, its slow. And if youre under level and under modded, its gonna be hard like any other mission for which youre unprepared. Regarding sharkwing travel though, you can actually use the key for roll to do a forward dash. Its not a big dash, but its faster than sprinting underwater. If you use a direction, youll actually roll so just move forward, and tap it. Odonatas shield will protect you a fair bit. If you need to rank your gear though, look for someone to take you and carry you through salacia on neptune.
  7. The second one is corpus emoji for \o/
  8. I ended up buying new style, but i really do like the mod /punk old flavor and they shouldnt be ignored.
  9. Please allow us the option to buy nightwave standing with series creds. It would further reduce grindification which is even moreso redundant for long term players like muhself, who have back logs of alt helm bp and reactors and catalysts and more nitain than we will ever use. Why force us to adhere to the same pacing, when we who may have no interest in certain items .would benefit from an expedited process. If we cant use or dont need to use creds let us turn it into standing! Doesnt have to be a whole lot. Also it would be cool to have some really high level options to replay objectives, once, to gain an extra standing out of it.
  10. i havent because i have no desire to use any of them. i like the smooth look of the few older ones which i can not use now, if i want to see the aures parts.
  11. waiting for people to join for toroid farm when i stumbled upon this...
  12. If that doesnt work youll need support. I had one guy who was showing as a duplicate account that i could never expel. It would just tell me hes not in clan Only time ive ever seen it. Eventually i contacted support after a few years and they were able to remove it. Btw the profile showed for years as he was when ininvited him but when using /profile playername in chat i could see he was mr capped lol.
  13. if hair is there, you shall despair!! no really. hair blocks the aures energy parts if it is in any way behind it (even though as you can see, the aures parts are sticking out past the hair) and this prevents you from seeing it through the hair in the event it is covered up by it in any way, or even if you just wanna look at it from the side. this essentially forces you into a hair style with shaved sides if you want to view the item you paid for. please fix this de. thanks.
  14. What causes jackal and razorback to sometimes get instakilled? Are the drop chances for toroids outside of corpus bases different from that inside? Cuz it feels that way. Are feet shown?
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