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  1. Ive played a lot of it and i can tell you that what youre saying is only partially true. Its not to swindle people out of their money. Its to let them make poor choices while minimizing your chances of monetary loss by playing the best hands in the best situations possible. And, to add to that, bluffing isnt just making people think you have "the nuts" i.e. the best hand, its also letting them think THEY have the best hand when they dont, when its impossible, or when the chances are very unlikely. A player may act unsure of their hand after realizing they have the or close to the best hand possible for that round based on multiple factors but mainly the cards in your hand, on the table, and also based on how others are playing that round. Its also about taking advantage of player choices like, for example, raising the bet as player in last position after people have put more than the minimum bet to play in "the blinds". That is often used to a) get more money in the pot before the next hand, and b) to get people with weaker hands out of the round thereby forfeiting their money. There is a lot more than just "bluffing". In fact. If you watch a poker tournament youll see that most players dont bluff. If they dont have a good hand they fold. If their hand is weak they dont call bets. If you think its all about bluffing i can see why youd anticipate failure at it. Its really about playing smart, with a hint of manipulation. Not playing based on the hope that you can convince someone to fold. Because, that only leads to loss. Players with actual hands are gonna call you. And some call anyway because they have a habit of chasing.
  2. I wasnt. To clarify i was speaking in actuality, whilst you were speaking hypothetically. That was not clear in your original statement. I thought you meant "everything that can actually be obtained in game through grind" not "if everything we have to buy was obtainable through grind" Glad we are on the same page. As for my opinion, if the game is good and the devs make players feel cared about, players will spend either way. Which is why me and many of my clan members and friends in warframe have spent excess of 1k in the game over the 7 years we have played.
  3. If you have a bad hand and youre still playing, you probably deserve it. Only something like 1 in 11 hands "hit" so really even though its texas hold em youre playing texas fold em Playing hands that have very little strength is a great way to go broke.
  4. Since the amount of cosmetics you have to grind for is a fraction of the cosmetics that exist perhaps you should work on your comprehension. Theres what... Only the lich ephemera, orb mother, and stalker ephemeras? Meanwhile there are tons of armor sets, syandanas, operator cosmetics etc. Like i said, theyd just focus even more on cosmetics. So even if you could easily grind out every grindable item, you would still have a slew of cosmetics. That, was the point i was making. Nice effort though.
  5. Not. You have them in your orbiter too. And in lua.
  6. Discounts and darvo don't imply paid for the plat. Still easily traded plat. You don't need millions of credits for debt bonds and by the time you make it to that point youre probably able to access index at the very least seimeni or gabi. You are not the basis for determination of a whole. You should, in that case, consider yourself UNLUCKY. I can remember that one of those bounty exclusive items had some issue not long after orb vallis was added, and they let us buy them from lil duck now. I think it took me like 25 bounties to get them. Thats really not that bad.
  7. Warframe.market works. If you always have a forma building even when you don't need them you will never have to wait. And playing with a modded weapon doesnt meanyoure playing a different game suddenly so your logic is flawed by saying playing a game i don't want to play so i can play a game i want to play. Useless whining as is. "I want to progress instantly without having to actually progress" iis how my brain reads that.
  8. Wrong. They would focus their monetary lures on cosmetics. I would wager that outside of prime access accessories and vaults, their main revenue is either for cosmetics, tradable gear, or rivens. I would seriously doubt that most purchased plat is spent on weapons and warframes from the market.
  9. You can buy debt bonds. Atmo wasn't even that bad. Also, its rationale with an e
  10. First off let me start by saying that any accusation from a player toward DE about setting up a game to make you grind so hard you spend money goes out the window the moment DE decided to make platinum tradable. At least thats how i view and have always viewed it and I played before trading was a thing. Some of you think it was always a thing. Not the case. Ive also had the view that if a grind involves something you don't like be it drop chance or method of acquisition, then just buy it. With traded plat. Unless you just really really really want it, then spend real money. To answer op, and stay on topic, if you don't find warframes basic gameplay fun, movement and combat, 4 abilities and three squid mates, then the game isnt for you. No quest or game mode is going to radically change the core gameplay loop. Go play some other games for a while, and see if there is anything you're not getting out of them that warframe offers. If so, come back with a reason to. If it's just grind that makes it not fun... plat it up like a big boi. I do however get the feeling that op really means why do they keep S#&$ting on stuff that is fun because "not intended". Rip vengeful eclipse mirage.
  11. Yeah So, The spawn logic is terrible in the game. It isnt guaranteed to spawn you in any one single location in a clan hall. Especially if it isnt a REAL clan hall. So, youd just have players spawning out into space and falling into the void only to be respawned somewhere unintended. That out of the way, They should just give us a SPAWN LOCATION platform/marker.
  12. Uh... i think your idea of how the game and its development works is uh... Uhm... Uh... Borked. Yeah, borked. Thats a good word for it. B O R K E D. hard mode just scales up preexisting values, namely armor shield and health. Legacy mode already exists by those standards, the current system. HOWEVER i guess i kinda get what youre trying to say but there are two issues. 1. It would mean having double the code and math for things like armor health shield damage status 2. It would just make things confusing That and, its pointless. There would be literally no reason for that to exist outside of say, someone not wanting to change a build or get new items in which case they could just as easily ask "can you make boltor prime great again" Im all for legacy aspects like... say... wall running which could be added without removing literally anything. But for something like a "devolved" version of the game... id have to say noperinos to that one. Does not get my vote.
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