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  1. PookieNumnums

    Floof charms.

    Didnt see you in game last few days when u gonna play again ?
  2. PookieNumnums

    Floof charms.

    I love the operator cosmetic belt with the pobber floof attached to it. But, It would be super awesome if we could select which floof we wear on it. Please consider this. Thanks.
  3. PookieNumnums

    Where the Hek is Misery?

    One time red text told us to downsize our clans if we were gonna downsize for the event purposes, knowing deconstruction of barracks taked 2 hrs or something, but released the event 20 minutes after saying so. Basically gave us enough time to kick players but not enough time to downsize so we were stuck as a storm clan but with only 30 members....
  4. Nah im sippin on djinn and juice
  5. PookieNumnums

    Chat Moderation Changes and Additions Report!

    I mean.. its the internet. And we live in a time where "being offended", literally at all, is considered by many to be a sign of mental weakness or whatever. In short i blame things like southpark, family guy, rick and morty, american dad.. etc. Where stupidity and a lack of respect are casually disguised as humor. Sometimes i dread going to public places cuz i think that a percentage of the people i may have to tolerate (i.e. over hear their conversations a table or two over in a cafe) are going to be people who would say things like in the snapshot. And while yes, sometimes indecent things can be funny in certain context.. not all of what people say or do that is indecent is intended to be humorous. I like that kickbot is strict and that chat mods actually sometimes make an effort, because it at the very leasts keeps some base level of dignity to the game. I wonder. How many players have simply turned off region chat in options. It would be a good stat to know.
  6. PookieNumnums

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.12

    If anyone has a picture or video of operator in archwing PLEASE share that with me. @me or quote so it shows up on my thing thing. That would have been the greatest thing ever.
  7. PookieNumnums

    Coming Soon: Devstream #123!

  8. PookieNumnums

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.11

    A true victory for korea!
  9. Hey hi hello, Just wanted to say it would be neat to get notifications (like with alerts) when someone from your friends list logs in. Kk.
  10. PookieNumnums

    Coming Soon: Devstream #122!

    The only feedback you need has already been given. Melee system has neeeeded to be changed since inception. And what we have seen so far more than justifies the implementation. Just. Freaking. Do. It. OwO
  11. PookieNumnums, Founding Warlord of DOOM, A Storm Tier Clan on PC Image: This image was taken a week ago or more. There has been a good bit of progress but this image showed the front the best. Please excuse the low resolution of the image or the following video. im using a toaster laptop. but eyyy, we do the best with what we have. Video Tour: shows most of the fancier bits, there is some stuff not shown. just under 3 minutes long. music by me. Thanks for your consideration, and best of luck to everyone on all platforms~
  12. Finally. A molecular prime augment! Long overdo! To be honest as a nova main with over 500 million xp between nova and nova prime, and almost 6k hrs playtime i profile with the majority of that using nova, I must say i was a bit disappointed. I much would have rather seen : removed radial explosive damage from enemies affected by molecular prime enemies affected by molecular prime now emit a radial health restore to allies in range BUT, since we went the "allow nova to maintain her up to 90% damage reduction" route, how about changing neutron star to " nova can cast null star on allies. " since the damage from it has always been trivial and having two augments that both feed nullstar count is redundant then, null star would be a sister ability to splinter shield and the augment for molecular prime would have even greater value and utility. and no she wouldnt replace gara with a change like this because vitrify is a totally different power in mechanic and use and potential. And while antimatter drop can do a decent amount of damage it doesnt quite compare to splintershield x vitrify. imo, this would at least put novas team role on par with where it should be. along this same line of thought, nezha should be able to halo team members with no augment. thanks for your consideration. @[DE]Pablo @[DE]Rebecca
  13. PookieNumnums

    Mind Over Mission: Big Game - - - No Viewers. Why?

    lunaro could be good. just like pvp could be good. unfortunately, they would have to be done much different than they are right now to really draw in players. the issue of competitive modes without dedicated servers also sorta ruins that, though tbh, having dedicated servers isnt going to make players' internet not suck and in which case with sucky interweb speeds theyre still at a disadvantage. not to mention that if theyre playing at less than 60 fps they probably are also at some form of disadvantage. off topic sure but how would i fix both lunaro and pvp? a) two modes of conclave. unrestricted warframe vs warframe murder without altered parkour and with pve modding. (meta vs meta still sure but not gimped) and b) operator vs operator lato/skana/braton or even amp vs amp. or slappers only for the memes. how would i fix lunaro? operators vs operators, no hold right click to succ ball, and no dash / swipe to knockdown. id also have larger playing fields, more complex with tiered goals worth varying amounts of points. operators might need a bit of parkour love to handle something like that, and limited void dashing. focus schools would either need to be disabled or have special lunaro only skills that do not lend favor to one over the other. (i.e. 10% chance for extra point on score from outside of 3pt line, or 10% chance for ball to explode and cause knockdown when pass is intercepted by opposing team member, or 10% chance for void dash to consume no energy) all of that would mean nothing however, outside of fanbois who love that particular mode of gameplay, without proper reward and return on investment which is unfortunately an issue with muuuuch of the game's content... i.e. all regular nodes, all archwing nodes, all endless missions, eidolons outside of the few arcanes that people actually use, ostrons, quills, vox solaris, orb vallis' raknoids, hyenas, bursas, eximus... and the list goes on... nightmare missions, vault runs, simaris, teshin, syndicates outside of the few augments you really want to use and the few cosmetics you cant buy... sorties outside of rivens and if youre not a seller you dont need / want to do them everyday because its easier to buy the rivens for items you want [outside of the really expensive crud]...) and i think the lack of proper ROI is the main point in the op. wouldnt even ''need'' end game outside of the what we currently have (excuse me for not being an endless mode hater) and maybe some proper boss reworks, if the rewards for doing them were ample. (odd idea, what if amp x arcata hybrid? owo'') also i think that if they were to actually devote some time and resources to clan and alliance content as ive been suggesting / crying for over the last ... 3 years or so... that could also really boost the dedicated player base activity levels as well as the viewer/content creator numbers. hopefully kingpin (if we ever get it), melee 3.0, and rail jack will be much needed boosts to the consumer economy (meaning number of people invested and dedicated, who can and will support the game in monetary and non monetary ways) but also something to simply keep us engaged and feeling like hours spent dont ammount to simply nothing. all that rail-agent talk i keep hearing from Fortuna NPC's is making me wonder if http://www.tinyurl.com/haelion is coming our way.. or something like it. old concept but still relevant i think, especially since the main idea of it (being a licensed rail agent) is now quoted in game (at least the phrase, no idea what they have in store).
  14. PookieNumnums

    Mind Over Mission: Big Game - - - No Viewers. Why?

    Firstly, eidolons do not trivialize the use of or the feeling of reward you get when you finally receive an outstanding arcane and no trials didn't make arcane better. Trials were objectively terrible and people who complained about their removal were either arcane sellers, or those who dislike operator gameplay. Insert contradictory outliers reply about missing them and being from neither category here. If anything, the once a day reward schedule for arcanes is the only thing that could possibly make obtaining them feel more special, or rather, i should say that the lack of variety between the eidolons coupled with being able to do them many timesa day and the 3x3 to 5x3 mentality and toxicity that comes from players when youre not a meta hunter has to a degree dulled the desire for non sellers to endure horrible drop rates verbal abuse and tedium that are very mucha part of it. And that i can see would definitely lessen the excitement of getting an energize. As for twitch. Warframe is one of the most consistently viewed non pvp games on twitch especially after major releases or during dev streams. But, tbf, there isnt a lot about the game worth watching. So, if not for the steamer then for free stuff. And tbh. Wf has the problem of the developers really catering to and supporting the yes-men in the content creating community. All this aside, warframe is more of a play me game than a watch me game. Regardless of how many people are watching on twitch, warframe still maintains a high number of players. Are there a lot of issues that could and should be addressed. Ya. Is ROI a problem? Yes, absolutely. Do we need better allocated rewards across a wider variety of existing content? 100%. Is the vast majority of the reward system in game poop? Yeah, probably. Does actually having a designated endgame that is high difficulty and non endless mean the game will be fixed or that theyre will be reasonable justification for doing it? Hell no. Until de decides to make warframe great again, change how we obtain mastery, fix focus, give us more meaningful reasons to play 90% of content, stop ignoring accrued xp on maxed gear, and actually stop looking forward to fix a vast amount if what already is... then the game is just gonna remain as is on the same path to not quite stardom.