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  1. The only thing that can save the game is good design choices and happy players. Ccs make no dif if people arent enjoying tha game. Ccs on the other hand do better in terms of their stats when we are. The game is gona be fine either way though, its still here after all this time. If rj is the major upgrade to the games core essence that it should be itll be fine. De has to walk the walk though so we will see. For me that implies unique ships for each boss to infiltrate and reworked boss fights. Imho, the game has enough warframes and weapons for now, and looks plenty fine. With or without ccs, this i think is what is important. Most ccs just do voice overs over their twitch streams and post them as content. The few that take time to produce their videos with graphics and different bits of stuff are the better of the bunch. I dont personally think shys humor is all that special but she gets nuff respect from me for having fairly original stuff. I wont miss whothewhatsit and whatchumacallit and ohwhatshisnameagain personally, and i think the game will be fine as is. Hell, it may even help less bopular strims.
  2. as you can see the ship terminal shows as being 'in front of' the energy/glass bits on the paxis syandana
  3. Ill just say that while i probably wont use it because of all the paid operator shtuff i use, im still quite anxious to own it
  4. Please add in a 3 universal medallion reward at the same rarity as whatever kuva is. FRFR OWO♡♡♡♡♡♡
  5. Imo titanias 1 2 and 3 should be consolodated into 1 ability
  6. Shouldnt there be a dual accessories only pack for like 30.00.
  7. Yessssss. Should release the full vault itinerary so we know what to expect and when
  8. No dry dock pre-search???? 😭😣
  9. Cycle through them on a bimonthly basis and just focus on releasing all then sessories. I need mah sessories. Enjoy your rarity while it lasts, everythingaftervoltsoriginalreleasewiththeexceptionofcommodoreprimesuit Also you should consider letting operators have access to wearing primed accessories so we can flex more gear per loadout
  10. Also "but lunaro" Give us a lunaro court then. Fully customizable though obviously.
  11. Juat make the capacity cost extremely high so we can only put 5 in a room . My floof shop needs this. Also so what if we cant play footie. F L O O F S H O P!!!
  12. Amazeballs. But more importantly, when will we be able to donate roller floofs to the dojo!!!??? Also thanks for early loadout screen changes!
  13. Any plans on letting us donate dog days balls to dojo
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