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  1. this was pretty fun. made me wish that there was actually a way to do this on a regular basis. not sure how it happened but id definitely use the arquebex as a regular weapon if i could, if it was of course still as good as it is. all i know is i was swapping from mech to frame to k drive to frame to operator. rinse repeat. also, i think i killed my self (my mech i mean) with a ground slam at 5:05
  2. Night Wave Duplicate Protection should actually give us 150 Nightwave Creds. Why? The work it takes to hit those ranks for duplicate cosmetics is worth more than 50 creds. For Frohd's sake man! The poetaytoes are 75~! EACH!! 💖 at least do us a solid by making it 75... but 150 would be more better-er. Also, it would encourage peeps to do the nightwave when it comes around the first time for enhanced tater rates on the intermissions
  3. Let us fly our landing crafts, and park them in our RJ Cargo hulls! thatd be TYTE!
  4. Add 100% lich spawn rate to railjack secondary objectives once you have all 3 requiems revealed please! This would be a significant QOL Improvement imo~ Thanks and im lookin forward to the corpus ephemeral liches and the wings WEEEEEENNNGGGGSSSS 💸 👼
  5. i hope there is a wings accessory (for the waistband slot, like where we wear our pogger pobbers) for operators !!! it could be the first operator syandana omg lets do it plezzzzzzz i need it
  6. It would be neato if we could see in the arsenal which warframes we have subsumed a little icon below mastery/forma count when equipping frames that way we wouldnt have to remember which ones, or go and sit in the chair to see which powers we have here is a mock-up https://prnt.sc/xmbxlm Please Consider, Thanks~
  7. Thanks for the fix. It seems mechs only fire one of the 2 decurions. Are they broken or is it just a graphical illusion?
  8. if the parazon doubles as a hacking tool and IF corpus liches dont require kuva,(edited) then im thinkin that we could have to hack them with the parazon somehow, and that could be a logical entry into squad link where ground team runs a mission to get hacking codes for our parazons in order to finish off a queenpin. running ground mode would give you the equivalent of murmurs for the queenpins and once you have enough you can inject them (digitally) into the system and eventually decode the encryption on a parazon cipher for the lich or smth once you decode it as a groundsperso
  9. i read the post and it makes me less 'concerned' i guess. though tbf the post doesnt mention anything regarding monetization specifically.. that said.. its been fine so far and i have faith in them to keep the core values of the game in tact (i.e. no boxes, no p2w, no subscription) from the digital extremes site.. During the six-year period, we’ve remained creatively independent. We will remain creatively independent, we expect no changes to Warframe or how our studio operates, and we will remain as dedicated ever to you, the community, who has been with us every step of the way
  10. after writing this it hit me, that i would wager this is a major reason you see most players instantly leave a squad after a relic mission. its generally uncommon for players to stay together in public missions. they leave because its faster to just reselect the fissure and end up matching in to one that has already started or to end up as a host than it is to suffer through having to reselect the fissure and relic numerous times just to start the mission.
  11. Players are kicked out of the relic selection screen any time someone in the squad leaves. PLEASE FIX THIS! So that it doesnt kick you out of the relic selection menu every time someone leaves the squad!!!! Here is what it feels like: by this point ( if you read through all of that nonsense ) im sure you can see how frustrating it can be when youre trying to farm up several full items (bp and parts) or tryin to stock up on ducats (especially when you are trying to collect duplicates of items like primed mods or prisma weapons or multiple boosters. we are tal
  12. Ways i sees it, we have more mod slots on our mechs and warframe and pet with radars is always with you. You may not get to use the enemy radar while in the mech but at least for the event you dont need it and if you did you could just pop back yo your frame for a second or two get a look at the map then hop back in to the mech. Maybe its just me but i dont see it as a big deal and dont plan on sacrificing a slot for it even though i feel i could with at least 3 other mods and not suffer any build integrity. Just resummon the mech with your gear wheel hotkey (if you own y
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