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  1. PookieNumnums

    Warframe Prime Time #222: Tonight at 7pm ET!

    Charged chamber prime?
  2. PookieNumnums

    Baro is dead to me (probably)

    wow four pages in yay! let me just clarify if anyone is even keeping track, that i am not antibaro. i was just expressing the obvious. i love operator cosmetics and armor sets and i always buy a few duplicate primed mods because a good majority of them sell pretty regularly and, im no math wizz, but i think that if youre using a build with four 90% elemental mods and you replace one with faction damage, after the math is done its around a 26% increase in dmg to that faction so they're garbage'nt. owo. buuuuuht, yeah visit 100 cmon mayng you know we want the guds.
  3. PookieNumnums

    Baro is dead to me (probably)

    No. 😍
  4. PookieNumnums

    PC Server Upgrades October 11th @ 9AM [COMPLETE!]

    *snif* glue what?
  5. PookieNumnums

    PC Server Upgrades October 11th @ 9AM [COMPLETE!]

    +1 alliance for alliance clan leader getting 1stsies Also, Whatever you do to them i hope its kawaii af
  6. PookieNumnums

    Baro is dead to me (probably)

    Zenurik trinity amd arcane enrgize say hello. Energy isnt a problem imho.
  7. PookieNumnums

    Baro is dead to me (probably)

    Hi, Let me be the first to say its been a good run. I have. Almost everything from baro excluding zeph and droids immortals, and he has made me a lot of plat and provided much swaggery. But, People are linking the primed version of faction damage mods FOR PISTOL and i gotta say... If that is their "baros 100th visit surprise" then i totally understand why reb and meg DIDNT want to spoil it for us during prime time. They wanted to dodge the salt flinging and boy did they. If that IS what he is bringing as his big surprise then baro hon you are dead to me it is over do not call do not text me at 420 am because youre loaded from too much clemonade and want to slur through your dankest memes. Seriously, I was hoping for primed streamline and i can totally deal with not getting it but primed expels? That is not worthy of this milestone, at all. And while sure it was ugly enough for me to come make a break up post, get ready for the poopstorm coming from people once they see it. P.s. Bring me prisma operator or kiteer operator suit (that either has a ton of floating diamonds or is literally baros actual suit) and then we can make up. But ima still be mad tho.
  8. PookieNumnums

    DOJO decoration

    Side blurb Ship deco cost 5 cap each. In the words of one vaythorn hekklesby UNACCEPTABLE
  9. PookieNumnums

    DOJO decoration

    You can donate as much of any resource you want to the treasury terminal as well as ship decorations so you can scratch off number one if i am in fact understanding correctly. Just let us put displays of all types and articula in the dojo already. And triple the room decoration capacity and room number limit. Oh, and reduce the capacity cost of ship deco in dojo and also reduce the price of the sukshma decorations. Ive spent tooooooo much platinum on stuff already for ship and dojo deco but i would spend more if they were more fairly priced. 35p for a single deco, and like 5 of the 8 sukshma deco are so little. Size sliders for ship deco would be good too. And while im at it, put in kinetic siphon trap already. I know i said that 35 is too high for sukshma but i would gladly pay 50 each for siphon trap decoraty bits frfr
  10. PookieNumnums

    Warframe and it's Community

    Let me start with ... Bug = literally unplayable Old bug = f my eternal everlasting life Blah blah blah balance blah blah Something something powercreep something something Now on to the meat. I feel like with what they have in store for the game regarding potential for total upgrade to general play via the railjack and all it brings with it, is definitely a big show of their love and devotion to this game and their desire to continually grow and sometimes improve what we already have. The only thing more than streamlining the entire game to fit within that scope, is to simply devote a good year to solid clan and alliance expansion, involvement, and QOL. OH, and pk 3.0 including for operators
  11. PookieNumnums

    Warframe Prime Time #221: Tonight at 7pm ET!

    P for pookie
  12. PookieNumnums

    "They" grow up and take the place of the Frames?

    Only if we get to pick custom ability kits
  13. PookieNumnums

    Daily Tribute Dev Workshop Part 2!

    Or 6 tellurium
  14. PookieNumnums

    PONDERANCE: If an Operator became a Cephalon?

    I used to hypothesize that stalker was infested ballas cephalon dlc uploaded to Excalibur prime
  15. PookieNumnums


    I was sad to see that mithra nova skin wasnt in there