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A few Necramech bugs that may / may not have been reported yet (As far as I know), & mod config name space


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Hi, after taking my Necramech out for a test drive in the Orb Vallis, I was able to rank it up normally throughout the mission, and it was a really interesting way to work on SU bounties! However, after I got back to Fortuna, I discovered a few bugs that I don't recall seeing in any of the patch notes for the recent updates. I'm not sure if they've already been resolved on PC and the consoles are next in line for those fixes or not. I'll update this post with screenshots as soon as I can!

At least as of the current console version, these bugs are present up to last night.

  1. The top right mod slot (In the grid of 12) is still treated as an aura slot, so you can't swap a polarity into it.
  2. In turn, after giving the Necramech a forma, I noticed it does not gain a second energy color channel (Fashion-mech is as important as fashion frame!).
  3. The Arquebex (Exalted Archgun) does not immediately change its polarities after giving it a forma, which not only allows for negative mod capacity (At which point you can't swap your mods around, but I think they all still function normally since they weren't automatically removed from the setup; Though I didn't test that part), but it also seems to keep whatever mod setup you had for it briefly.
    • This part's rather complicated. I'll be forma-ing it again at some point, so I'll try to re-create the situation when I do. As far as I currently recall, since it doesn't remove your mods by itself, I exited the mod screen and went back in, and it was still at negative capacity. I was unable to move the mods around (I will double-check that), but after removing some mods until it was out of the negative, I could place them normally.
      • Regardless of the negative mod capacity, I noticed the Arquebex had an issue with applying the changes you make to the mod setup you have. At one point I needed to enter the mod screen, make my changes, and exit, then enter & exit it again (Possibly not in that order, this part is definitely complicated). The changes just didn't seem to kick in right away, but eventually they did :]


Edit (4:10pm):  I forgot one other thing:

  • For whatever reason, the Necramech doesn't seem to show up in the Equipment --> Vehicle section of your profile summary, though the mastery from leveling it does apply at least. Unless there should be a new section specifically for Necramechs, perhaps they should still be included there. They are mentioned as vehicles if you try to deploy them in certain places (One of which being the extraction at Fortuna I believe; I'll test that again today) when it won't let you do so, after all.


  • Not a bug, but there's still a matter of reduced space for mod config names. Thankfully my longer-named ones were left intact on various frames and weapons & such, but there's some good names I thought of for the newer stuff recently!
    • As an example, I usually like to leave the CONFIG A, B, C names as they are but with a small change (I like to keep it technical, like Project code names!). Instead of "CONFIG B: Saryn Umbra" (What I have for her Umbral build), I have it as "Config B: Saryn Umbra". I did a count, and the character-space limit is 16 spaces. I actually have an even longer one for my Odonata Prime build for Empyrean missions; "Config B: Fast Gunflight Mode"! I have other Config names next to those which clearly go above 16 spaces each, but any more recent config names cannot go above that. I accidentally wound up erasing one of the names in my Chroma Prime configurations due to the 16-character limit, effectively cutting it off at that limit.

If it helps, I thought of a possible solution / idea, in the event that the mod config-name limit is intended (I'm guessing in that case it could be just in case someone bought additional config spaces for something)! Considering how there's the mod collection slider at the bottom of the mod screen, what if we had a Config slider at the top?  That way, you might be able to increase the space limit, since any excess characters would just be off-screen (Blurred out behind part of / at the edge of the UI). You can then just move the small slider to the left or right to see your full Config names.

  • Considering the fact that other mod config names were left untouched, that implies to me that maybe the newer configurations can potentially handle longer names. I'm not exactly sure on what the previous character limit was, but I'm guessing it could've been 32 character-spaces; & depending on which config it was, that left the same or less space for neighboring mod config names on your frame or weapon, etc.

The mod config name space is something I haven't seen any mention of over the last few months (Unless I missed something in some of the updates), and is not as significant as the Necramech bugs. So I think those are a greater priority of course. That being said, I think it would be great if all of the above could be addressed at some point! Let me know if any further information is needed!

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