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  1. Hey there @[DE]Helen, Gamer-Steve here. I've been looking forward to when Scarlet Spear comes to the consoles in the future (No serious rush for that though I think, Health & Safety of ourselves is important too!). I mainly had one question about the event though; To help make sure people could get everything they need from the event, will Scarlet Spear be able to happen more than once? Not as often as the Buried Debts' thermia fractures of course, but somewhere between that amount of time and how often Operation Plague Star happens, as an example. I think that it could be a good idea, unless that might impede the storyline of Warframe or The New War somehow. If it were to be recurring, even a month on and a month off (Coincidentally with COVID-19 happening it'll help provide everyone with a significant thing to try taking part in while staying indoors, though COVID-19 isn't why I thought of all this), it likely will help all the players feel less tension about rushing to get Scarlet Credits before the Consoles' given end date for the event, alleviating more stress if there is any. If Scarlet Spear will be a one-time-only sort of event, then I suppose it makes sense. Though, all things considered I feel that it would be very helpful for people that aren't able to access the event missions very much for various reasons, be it work, family matters or personal business of their own. Just so long as it wouldn't put more stress and pressure on you or everyone else working from home too, to help keep the event recurring off and on throughout these times. Thanks for hearing me out on all that! Be safe out there :]
  2. Hypothetically speaking, does that mean that a player would have two copies of the Syndana, with the newer one being denoted with something such as Gigelor Prime (Shortened)? edit: I just noticed the two syndana names being separate as Gigelorum Prime / Gigelor Prime, instead of a typo of "Gigelorum". (I made this small post via my phone earlier this afternoon, but I didn't see the word "Gigelorum" at the time, so I thought they were both named Gigelor Prime.
  3. Hey there! I've discovered a minor bug with the Kinetic Siphon traps used against Synthesis targets. There were a few others in my squad during a Sortie on the Nintendo Switch yesterday, and coincidentally synthesis targets showed up in each of the 3 segments. We managed to scan the first one after awhile, but mysteriously our traps didn't slow them down in the first two missions. With that in mind, I decided to go after the target after it showed up on Mars during the 3rd, a Spy mission. And then I witnessed the first trap work normally, suspending our guy for about 4 seconds. But then every trap used against the target afterwards only lifted him up for hardly a moment with each trap. Not sure if it matters that we tried to trap him during a Sortie or if this was an accidental change made to All synthesis targets, but I burned through 20+ traps over the course of that 3rd mission. I'll check to see if that's still the case with other synthesis targets when I encounter another one just in case. I don't have much more info on this besides the fact it occurred during a Sortie, but I will update this post when / if I am able to get some screenshots to show it happen. Considering Scarlet Spear and the global health situation going on, this is a minor issue in and of itself; I just wanted to bring it out in the open. I'm not sure if the other consoles and PC are experiencing this bug as well, but maybe there's a way to look into it eventually. Scanning Synthesis targets isn't relevant so much during the Operation (Recurring like Thermia Fractures, etc.?) when that comes, but at least now there have been some witnesses to it. As always be safe, everyone at DE 🙂
  4. Hey @[DE]Helen, I'm grateful that the update finally made it onto the Switch! & even more so after running missions and preparing for Scarlet Spear, it looks like the gear wheel and scanners, etc. are working better than ever :] (This may be the post which shedded light on it, I'm not sure if other people posted about it before me) https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1170931-coming-soon-devstream-139-review-revise-refresh/page/12/?tab=comments#comment-11388735 Although with various space aspects of Scarlet Spear in mind, I wanted to echo this topic I discovered with the PC version: Last night as I was leveling Archwing things on Salacia, Neptune (That one node may not be a relevant factor in this), a few times I had to resort to using my Prisma Veritux. But in doing so, the innate target tracking it (& the normal Veritux) retained since before the Warframe: Revised update has changed just like mentioned above in the PC version. The people in the above post have tested this in further detail than I have been able to, but I imagine the two situations are parallel to each other. In short, at least when using the Prisma Veritux, the target tracking now places you just out of arm's reach of your given enemy. If it's relevant, my build also uses the "Extend" mod. But even then I was unable to land a hit, unless the enemy moved into range coincidentally. In the event this can occur in some Railjack missions as well (I hope not), I think this needs to be fixed before Scarlet Spear launches, or at the same time it begins. That being said, I'm glad to hear a fix is already in the works for the PC version. Hypothetically, maybe the rest of the Arch-melee weapons will be able to have their target tracking restored in the same way as the Verituxes once they're figured out (Unless there is some intended reason for them to not have target tracking anymore)! I'll keep working on testing both of my Verituxes in the meantime to see how they work in Railjack battles. But above all else, safety first when it comes to what's happening around the globe! I mainly wanted to shed some light on this since it's also occurring on the Nintendo Switch version. Take care, and do what you can.
  5. Thank you @[DE]Helen for the sudden news! I was leveling my Imperator V. when the sidenote popped up onscreen. Should be prepared to help with the archwing / ground team aspects of scarlet spear when that comes 🙂
  6. I'm sorry to hear about Tennocon 2020 @[DE]Rebecca. But I'm glad there are precautions being taken to help people's health and safety! I wasn't able to get these posted before the topic was closed on the other forum, but this is the link to the original post: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1174685-coming-soon-devstream-140/?do=findComment&comment=11427148 Especially considering the circumstances with Tennocon and the upcoming updates for Consoles, etc. this can wait, but it is the main thing I wanted to suggest / bring up earlier; Would the Operator be able to wear the armor that goes onto a Warframe as a cosmetic? I've finished editing various images using the Dex Raksaka armor as a reference, using my own Operator :] Left shoulder no armor Dex Raksaka left shoulder Right Shoulder no armor Dex Raksaka right shoulder (Didn't anticipate the huge image sizes!) No armor (before) Dex Raksaka Chest & Knee armor (After) Side by side comparison without chest armor Side by side comparison with styled Chest Armor on Operator Side by side comparison of Dex Shoulder armor vs no armor Thanks for bearing with me on the huge image sizes! In any case, I hope this is a worthwhile idea to consider, because I do think it would seriously open up the customization options for all operators across the game if they were able to wear Warframe armor pieces! (As for me, I based my Operator off of my Fiancee, though it's not 100% accurate) These are the colors I used for the styled Dex armor (On the Switch, some people might recognize these for my Saryn Prime): Thank you guys for everything you do to help out people! I'm definetely grateful for that. Have a safe day out there :]
  7. Hey @[DE]Rebecca & @[DE]Helen, Gamer-Steve here. (Still new to the warframe forums, so I'm not sure who to ask specifically, but this way the ideas should get through still!) I'm really looking forward to the upcoming changes and additions to Warframe, but going over everything on the forum a couple of things came to mind; (I'lll be sure to be as concise as I can here and in future posts or replies) 2 Small questions 1. Hypothetically speaking, will the Gamma Color Picker and Rift Sigil return in Nightwave's Third Intermission, if not as a reward or Cred offering in the 3rd season (As the 3rd intermission will be after the next season of course)? If not, that's ok, I was just curious about that. (Those were the only 2 things I missed back through 2019 with Nightwave) One random thought 2. A bit of a wild card, but what would you think about players starting their own Tenno school with all the focus they've accumalated? That might be a storyline question as far as a player's operator is concerned (Not sure if there would be students to teach or not), but I just thought of that while thinking back to the Duviri Paradox trailer, and it involved an older version of the player's Operator during that. For that to be, I think some time progression must've happened, unless it wasn't a time-progression Story-wise. Favorite Question on my mind: 3. One final topic regarding the Operators: (I'll update this post with images as soon as I can, with my own Operator as a reference. I'll make a note of this when I do) Considering the new Dex Raksaka Armor set, I think it would look amazing with the Saito Prime suit! That being said, it could also go with other Operator looks as well. So here's what I've been wondering; Would the Operator be able to wear the armor that goes onto a warframe as cosmetics? Whether or not you'll be able to wear different things per shoulder is fine by me, but I think it would seriously open up the customization options for all operators across the game if they were able to wear Warframe armor pieces! That being said, thanks for all the work you've been doing! Warframe is still one of my favorite games on the Switch, and it helped get me through some things that happened in 2019 (Not that it's relevant here). I'm looking forward to hearing back in the future through the streams.
  8. As far as assist trophies go, I've been thnking a Stalker (Maybe not shadow stalker, cuz spoilers) assassin appearance would be a good reference, and shouldn't be as big of a thing to work out compared to a full-on DLC character reveal. Assuming Nintendo & DE are on board with the idea.
  9. Speaking of which @[DE]Helen, have you heard anything else about this? I'll do my best to check back on here later today! Thanks in advance for looking into it :]
  10. Hey again! After my other post today I did remember one thing that will need fixing someday, if not being covered during this stream; Scanners and possibly other equipable gear items. It may be a bug on the other consoles and PC too, if people want to test this. It was touched on in a different way around when the most recent Melee rework came, if I'm not mistaken, when people mentioned about how trying to use melee weapons made them "fumble" whatever they were carrying, such as data masses for mobile defense missions. But I think there's something else people either missed or didn't say anything about. On the gear wheel, when trying to select the Codex / Synthesis Scanner or mining drill of some kind (Sunpoint Plasma drill is all I've tested on those), you instead pull out your primary weapon, rather than the intended gear item. It may also have you pull out your secondary weapon in the event you have no equipped Primary, but I have seen this occur since well before the rework, so I don't know how far back it started. A few places I've seen it happen if it helps! 1. In those unique extraction zones, the gateway between Cetus / Plains of Eidolon, and in the elevator from Orb Vallis. In squads, I like to scan mine & other people's companions / sentinels, but (& I think it's because of the gear item --> primary thing problem) the scanner cannot be equipped at all after entering the extraction zone. The scanner can only be used if you grab it before entering, to my knowledge. But again that will pull out your weapon. If you already have one of those weapons out, then you'll be able to grab the scanner / gear thing. 2. When in a mission, and you switch to your SPOILER mode, the gear wheel problem may (It did it to me a lot) cause you to ready your Amp! By trying to use the aim button (Like looking through the scanner, since the buttons are the same (I think)), it seems to happen just as if it was a primary or secondary weapon. Naturally, if you're as your SPOILER, and you do not grab the scanner, etc. before entering one of those extraction zones, you won't be able to use the scanner, since the gear wheel will treat it like pulling out a weapon, rather than just trying to get the scanner. To my knowledge, those are the main places /scenarios the scanner cannot be used in. In regular, non-bounty missions the gear wheel problem persists, making you grab your primary, etc. at least once before finally giving you the scanner. If anyone else has noticed this, feel free to let me know too. I know it's not a huge deal compared to something more game-breaking, but I feel this will need to be addressed sooner or later. Thanks for reading this DE! I appreciate any feedback about it. (And that idea about Smash Bros. Tactical Alerts, in my other post on page 7)
  11. Earlier this morning, I also heard about the Lotus herself being brought into Smash as a Spirit. http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2020/02/warframes_lotus_joins_super_smash_bros_ultimate_as_a_spirit But this afternoon I thought of a new idea, if it hasn't already been discussed with Nintendo: What if there were some Tactical Alerts in-game (Either on PC & Switch, or any other console / PC combination) which will reward you with the Super Smash Bros. Logo as a Glyph, Sigil, & / or Emblem? The main reason why I bring this up is because I first started Warframe on the Switch right around the time of the first Buried Debts event, and I have really enjoyed the game since then. Now I've reached MR11, and Smash is pretty high up there on my list of favorite series too! So once I saw that post, I immediately checked on my copy of Smash Ultimate, and learned it will be official. On the flipside of Smash having the Lotus as a Spirit, I thought it would be a fair idea to see if anyone at Digital Extremes has asked Nintendo & / or Masahiro Sakurai if it would be ok for equal representation within Warframe for the Smash Logo. If it's alright to ask, @[DE]Rebecca, have you thought about that too? (First time getting on the forums; By the way, my real name is Sage! "Gamer-Steve" is actually a title among some old friends of mine from High School, before I knew about Warframe. They go by variations of Steve as well)
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