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  1. I've been reading through the thread, and off & on I saw a couple of things that sounded similar to what I've been thinking about all of this. I'll go into detail here & there. That being said, I also have a few questions of my own regarding some of it. First things first, I'd like to suggest a couple of things for these new abilities! If they are open to feedback & changes. After all, the Helminth deals with abilities and resources, no reason why it can't become better than it was before. I think that can help out some Warframes who have more shields, but would
  2. Out of curiosity @[DE]Rebecca, are Sentinel weapons, Archmelee & Archguns (At least the first two) going to be considered for this as well, or will they be looked at in a future update? I can understand Archguns not being touched for now (I'm a bit surprised they don't have Exilus slots, considering there are a few Archgun mods that're Exilus-worthy), but I do think that Sentinels and Archmelee will need to be looked at sooner or later. I have some more in-depth thoughts on this here; I never had this answered from Devstream 154, but it's a bit of a read. Not
  3. Couldn't agree more; I made a similar thread for overall Operator Customization as well: Having some more hair options would be nice too, come to think of it! I'm curious what else there could be from that.
  4. Dang. That is interesting to learn about though! I did recently get Octavia Prime started in the foundry, so perhaps there's still no harm in trying to make something similar when she's finished. It'd be a decent way to start practicing with the Mandachord I think. Thank you for getting back to me on it at least, I appreciate it :)
  5. Hm, I'll have to test that when I can. I dunno if that's a bug or not; If so I hope it can be fixed in the near future. I'm working towards getting Gara Prime, so it's been awhile since I last used her.
  6. The Codex could be a good place to add Plague Star to, as far as mission types go. I remember suggesting about adding parts of the Railjack to the Codex as well (Prior to Update 30 & Corpus Railjack stuff). I thought that could be a way for people to get the gist of where to find things in your Railjack, how to use the Omni tool, etc.; I think the various steps of Plague Star displayed that way would help a lot of people understand it rather quickly, provided that enough of the important details are there. The tool tips could be included for more information as well. (Tha
  7. It may depend on if you have the Steel Path or not and a decent Archgun build, but for Necramechs I went with Steel Path Orb Vallis (Getting some Steel Essence while earning affinity is a good way to multitask); Voidrig can do well there, but it'll have a harder time surviving without a way to heal as often. Bonewidow could certainly survive longer thanks to Meathook though. Alternatively, with x2 or x4 affinity you could still level up Necramechs reasonably fast by doing non-Steel Path bounties in the Plains, Vallis or Deimos. Going from R0 to R40 will take the longest; I think if you g
  8. I think you have some good points with that, regarding implementation and concept :) I'm not sure if you've seen it or not, but I did think of a well-thought out way for DE to run SS again. It is quite a read though. I did try to use a few spoiler-drop-down things, but copying the text from the thread also copied the post's background; Otherwise re-formatting the entire thing to get rid of the grayness will take a good chunk of time. Here's my original post / thread including this, as a reference. This isn't quite set in stone, but if Scarlet Spear were to return w
  9. Seconded. I think it would be very handy if it got that functionality akin to Titania's Spellbind; Tap to cast on the reticle, and hold to cast on yourself. It would still be quick to use either way. I think that would be much easier / smooth-flowing (Wouldn't interrupt what you're doing) than having to look at the ground or above you to purposely avoid casting it elsewhere. In fact I think that was one of the reasons why Titania received that QoL change.
  10. In addition to changing the color to an allied one, perhaps it should have a music note icon instead of a mere dot in a hexagon; It would distinguish it much more compared to other things you might find in a mission. I think that would really help the roller out :)
  11. Juno, oh is it on Jupiter? I can see if it's happening on the Switch as well when I can. Out of curiosity, do they seem to stop spawning after a certain amount of time goes by in a mission, or where you haven't found a single one anywhere even throughout entire runs? I just wanted to double-check, since I haven't been there in quite awhile. Testing a couple of those Archwing bugs still, etc. :)
  12. Looking over the Ephemera (I haven't gotten it yet, since I'm saving my money for other things), I don't see why the glassed-over effect couldn't stay while you're moving as well; Since it seems to apply to your entire look, attachments & all. Regarding how the Glassed effect changes the way your frame looks beneath it (For lack of better phrasing), I think if it the glass was more transparent to help maintain your color scheme while retaining the sheen, that would be great. Apart from that I'm not sure how it could be more visually glass-like, unless anyone has some specific ideas o
  13. Hi there! Hopefully things are going alright on your end. I recently thought of something that I didn't see in your list, if this is doable: Prince of Persia - Warrior Within OST #3 Conflict at the Entrance I made sure to link it a few seconds in, where (What might be for some) the more recognizable part of the song begins. It's a rather old game now, but I had good memories with it (On the GameCube)! It repeats there ^ in a good rhythm that may work well for the Mandachord. I might go with the start of it, but honestly several standalone sections of "Conflict at the Ent
  14. That would be great. I'd almost wonder if it could be similar to the Emotion modules for MOAs, except in this case you'd have more unique personalities like what you've suggested! Of course along with any animations, I think that they should be able to "crouch down" with you as well when you want to avoid getting spotted in a mission somewhere. All the sounds they could make could still be silent enough to not alert enemies though. There's a lot of variety they could have with Sentinel customization if it were implemented. I can't think of much better than those personali
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