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  1. True. I think that would be a nice thing to see if they ever talk about Mechs during a future Devstream, to update both of them with a couple of things (Including but not limited to actual passives). As it is, spray & pray isn't an innaccurate way to describe how the Arquebex fires (I never thought of it that way before), so I see what you mean on that. Best of luck on getting Dual rounds though; Ever since I found one, it's made all Archgun use a lot better. It can rarely be found in Emperean from certain enemies, but it has a 2.51% chance to show up in Rot. A of Archwing Interceptio
  2. That would be a useful addition for sure, just need to make sure there's enough space to allow your Config's name to show while you're in a squad (In case it'll overlap their information somehow). Although speaking of mod configuration names, I think it was around the Deadlock Protocol update (Or a little before that?) when all name limits were shortened to 16 spaces (Used to be roughly 32 spaces, more or less based on how long your other names were). Longer, previously named ones were left alone, however if you accidentally try updating one, it cuts the name off from that point on
  3. If it was ever considered, I'd be very grateful for Necramech Healing to be brought back to how it used to be (Even if it was basically a bug-turned-feature kind of thing). Including sources of healing such as Rejuvenation or Trinity, etc. Health Orbs still don't always work for the Mechs, where it says at the bottom "Health Full", regardless of your current HP. I'm actually not sure what the exact circumstances are for when they do work. But to that, it shouldn't then have to be exploited in order to get Healing out of Health Orbs (Hypothetcially speaking). If it
  4. That would be a really interesting thing to implement actually! A Cyst Prime could in fact lead to a Helminth Charger Prime; The first Primed Animal Companion (Aside from Venari Prime maybe, if she happens beforehand). Hypothetically, if a frame got innoculated by the Helminth from getting re-infected by the cyst already, there'll have to be some thoughts regarding how people can get a Helminth Charger Prime. Perhaps only a regular Nidus can be re-infected by that, or maybe only Prime frames can get the Primed Cyst? Otherwise, as soon as Nidus Prime comes, everyone in contact with one wo
  5. If it helps a bit, I made sure to stop killing enemies when the percentage shoots up & hits 100%, waiting for it to start falling while looking for enemies to shoot. That way (Similar to life support use in Survival) there will be enemies in plain sight to kill as soon as I see it fall. It does fall pretty quick when it starts, so I can understand the urgency in keeping enemies under control. It may be I happened to have a small abundance of enemies, but I only worried about the task at hand, so I didn't think about that part. I tried it last night with Garuda (Leveling he
  6. That's a good question; Unless I'm mistaken, I remember seeing a video of someone with the Dual Decurions, but whenever they aim with a Necramech or as a heavy weapon, only one of them is used. I think it would make more sense if you could dual-wield both guns at once, rather than hold the left one down to one side until you slap an enemy with it. Hopefully they'll be updated to work like that someday (Although I'm still figuring out if Bonewidow can hold someone on Meathook while firing an Archgun (Not the Decurions), after finishing my Voidrig build). Edit (01-13-2021): I fo
  7. Ooh, those are some good points too, good to know :) I didn't even realize about the scientific applications people could test out! As far as the "God roll" term goes, I think if someone wants to call their riven that then more power to them, but I'd just focus on getting a riven roll that I need or like regardless of any sort of meta type things. In a sense forging my own path on a riven-involved build basically, while still acknowledging (Sometimes reading or understanding about) the strong things that there may be; Whether or not one of those things is included in said bui
  8. I think those 2 points in the last quote could work actually :] It wouldn't be a permanent use regarding the riven slivers, which not only gives the player a choice of either; Keep using some riven slivers every few rolls, or if they change their mind, they can let the Riven be randomized fully again (That stat of it that is). With the 2nd point there, I believe giving the players a return on investment actually is considerate for the individual player to boot, rewarding their time. I do have one question though, with choosing a positive or negative stat, would that include the
  9. If you have a Necramech, can it still dive underwater to get it that way? I tried that once to get a close look at the third orb, and as I walked to it the camera stayed at the coolant's surface. Not sure if Deimos Arcana patched that scubasuit idea out though. It is unfortunate that happened to you though, I'm sorry to hear that.
  10. That's a great idea! I'm surprised it wasn't implemented sooner honestly. Aside from that, it might also help to see how Necramechs work against various enemies via the Simulacrum too (Assuming things like the Mechs / Archwing can be launched there). (Speaking of Archwings, what if there were a new Simulacrum with RJ or Archwing sections for testing those weapons out too? Or expand on the existing ones with a pathway off to one area that leads to an AW, etc. area)
  11. It might also be good if Ironbride could use an upper-body animation, similar to exalted blade. It would allow not only to stop her forward movement, but it could be movement in any direction when she activates it. Granted, I have seen others post that elsewhere, as far as that goes. But it sounds like it could help as well
  12. I suppose it would make it harder to find, sorry about that! Are there threads that Consoles can report to in order to gather bug reports like that in one place (Unless that would be the Megathreads for any particular most-recent update)? Ideally, I'd like to place it wherever it's fastest for staff to see or respond to, if there are too many threads to sift through most of the time. I'm grateful for your help with that in the meantime. I'll try making a thread to explain any major / reasonably minor bug(s) next time, if that'll be more efficient. Not to get too off-topic, but spea
  13. Ah, that makes sense. It'd be nice if one of the mainline updates can further clarify that in the future. It somewhat reminds me of how there's damage bonuses mentioned on Mesa's Peacemaker ability, vs the damage shown on her regulators. At the moment I'm not sure if Voidrig's Arquebex works the same way (Damage-wise) with Guard mode or not, and the UI doesn't fully describe that (Unless I missed something in the Mech's personal tips in it's profile / ability screen).
  14. That's a fair point, it's not impossible. There is one possible benefit to that at least; More prep time for what's coming.
  15. I've gotten a Voidrig build ready (At least by memory), but I found some more issues with it's build page that shouldn't be there. I'll go through what I discovered section by section. I thought it would be important to report these too: One final Polarity issue! Somehow Necramech Repair actually now has a Madurai polarity on the website. It just needs Vazarin's polarity officially :] Everything else looks good visually / polarity-wise with the mods themselves though, as far as I noticed. Various "undefined" values: When looking
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