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  1. That's a good point, I hadn't considered that! Although there is one thought I had in case the Auxiliary idea wouldn't be doable; Perhaps a new tab unique to each frame could be added, where instead of making it function like a literal toggle (Such as Chroma's Effigy on / off preview), it could be coded to act as a separate Armor attachment. I might be thinking a bit ahead here (I'm still learning about Game Development myself :) ), but in theory, what if you could just copy the code for the Arsenal tabs, and add one more "Unique Visual Feature" (Name not important) tab with a
  2. I agree. Another example to throw in would be Saryn Prime as well: The the extra flowy parts look great on Warframes new and old, but similar to how people ask about making Excalibur Umbra's scarf an Auxiliary piece (Which Valkyr / Valkyr Prime already make use of), there would hopefully be less work in the long run if it was an option. Quite some time ago I vaguely remember someone asked about Ivara Prime as well, but I can't recall where I saw it. Chroma / Chroma Prime's effigy taking his Armor off is another visual example; Previewing that in the Arsenal is alr
  3. Ooh, that sounds pretty good! I hadn't tried using a stealth frame at the Fortress for scanning everything before (Except for finishing Codex Entries). I'll give that a try sometime. 12,250 is quite a good amount of standing that early on. Currently I'm at 25k standing per day at MR22, as far as that goes. I think stealth scanning at the Fortress or via Archwing at the Vallis would be effective ways to fill that up. Thanks for letting me know :)
  4. Out of curiosity, how high is your MR? At a high enough MR your standing cap should be a more decent range than just 5k. The best place I go to for scanning would be the Orb Vallis; Scanning enemies from afar for stealth-scans. it takes awhile (Maybe half an hour, with some room for error), but it does work. (Even more efficiently on the Steel Path, but it takes awhile to get to that point, as far as that goes) It is a lot of scans, but just some food for thought.
  5. I’m glad to see the update’s on the way, and those sound like some good fixes. But there are quite a few that I didn’t see, unless those are coming in the Sisters of Parvos update? Here’s the bug report I’ve posted detailing about 18+ individual bugs, if it helps (10 Empyrean, and 8 Non-Empyrean). They all occurred in Solo mode, but I don’t have any reason to believe the matchmaking type affects any of them. There’s quite a few screenshots to go with them as well, but too much detail to list them all directly on here. Some of the most significant ones I found, summarized
  6. Thanks :) I was considering sharing what I had on the Command Intrinsic feedback thread as well; Unless you already posted this thread there, I think adding your thoughts regarding Liches would help too. That said from what I've been hearing, I can agree. I haven't converted a Lich yet (Waiting until I get a duplicate Lich Ephemera (Well, and rolling a Vengeful Ephemera to begin with, heh) ) myself, but even at a glance it's not hard to see how much they're missing out on compared to standard Syndicate crewmates. I'm working on my fifth Lich off & on currently, as fa
  7. The Lich presence sounds like an interesting idea, almost like elemental passives for your Lich! I would’ve replied sooner, but there’s a fair bit of work I’ve been doing week by week, so it couldn’t be helped. I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but I have recently mentioned my thoughts on how to streamline the Command Intrinsic ranks as a whole: This was the main thread where that came from, as a reference: "Post-Devstream (Railjack, etc.) feedback post (The original thread closed before I could post this)" Considering what I thought of for Rank 7 below, I though
  8. I referenced this thread in one of my much-earlier threads, so I thought it couldn't hurt to link this thread back to the most-recent post, to connect the two. There is one other thing I'd like to mention on here; If the Bruntspar Necramech ever became an official Mech (Rather than only a skin), then I'd be glad to go over it's abilities and see if anything could be improved upon. Same thing goes for the Cryptonaut, if / when we get the body of that Mech to go with its helmet. Come to think of it, the possibilities with that Necramech could be even greater since we don't hav
  9. I haven't updated this thread in quite some time due to college (Online) work and trying to get my feedback out in the open for some things related to Update 30 and the Command Intrinsic (Which I'm closer to finishing), but hopefully the ideas on the thread are still useful for a lot of you :) With that being said, a couple of things I'd like to add to the main post (These should've been added sooner): Feedback I've written covering multiple recent Devstreams: This discusses quite a lot of thoughts I've had on not only the Command Intrinsic, but also a solid way to hand
  10. Not to interrupt, but seeing that reminds me of Undertale's system of avoiding various kinds of attacks based on how you move / stay still, etc. Theoretically speaking tying certain types of enemy attacks to the movement actions of the player could be one way to design a game (The combat that is), if not implement that for Warframe. One attack that comes to mind off the top of my head is rolling / Void Dashing into one of Profit Taker's shields to avoid getting knocked down; Eximus Auras are kinda like that too, now that I think of it. It still shoves you back regardless, but at le
  11. Regarding specific Kuva Lich / Sisters of Parvos weaponry, that's part of why I was thinking the "weapon progenitor" method could not rely solely on a specific weapon, but the type of weapon used. So in this case to get a Chakkhurr, you could use any Semi-auto rifle, or after getting the Archgun launcher, any Archgun could be used against the Kuva Larvling for the Ayanga or Grattler (Or a Necramech when those are truly in all missions?). This would not guarantee what weapon your target has, but it could make it draw from the pool of those types of Kuva / Granum weapons. I'm n
  12. Third-ed! I remember quite some time ago mentioning about basing it off of the type of weapon used to down them in the past as well. You could even think of it from the Larvling's perspective; If they catch a glimpse of what weapon they nearly died to, they could be thinking of that weapon type while planning to exact their revenge against the progenitor. An eye for an eye, so to speak. Just a way to add some context behind the resulting weapon. Hope it helps :)
  13. Found two of my favorite things combined: That's the sort of musical callback / remix I'd like to see for Legends Arceus in 2022 (New versions of Sinnoh tracks with a bit of the old gen styles).
  14. @[DE]Helen, I have a quick question regarding the TennoCon 2021 badge; Is there any way to write someone else's name on it if you're getting it for someone else? I was about to order it for my Fiancee back home, but I don't know if the badge would wind up having my name (Or in-game name?) basically written onto the design or not. I was hoping I could get her one with her name on it instead :) Any clarity on that would really help! As soon as you have time. Unless anyone else has seen a way to do that?
  15. I can confirm I only had received one Scintillant as well, based on the Inbox message from Teshin: I checked my inventory afterwards, and noticed I have 22 as of now, so I'm not sure how many I had beforehand (I didn't think to check the other night). I'm guessing there must've been an issue with the drop itself, somehow.
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