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  1. That's true, yeah. Hopefully he'll have his own skating animation when he's revealed (More animations are always welcome :) )
  2. Out of curiosity, do you mean Mesa Prime? If so, she's still available in the relics, currently. That being said, it's not impossible that she'll be vaulted next.
  3. Alrighty, as far as I can tell the Ayanga's riven issue is indeed resolved :) I re-updated both builds with their hypothetical rivens' stats, and the website saved the information. Deadly Efficiency still didn't appear to change the damage on the atmospheric build, but that's alright for now. In theory, one way to figure out how much damage a particular weapon would do when D.E. activates is copy the damage you have currently, and multiply that by 2.2! I hope that helps in the meantime.
  4. I thought of something last night after I saw this; What if you tied Nightwave creds to every act in addition to some rank ups? Daily acts, upon completion could reward you 5 creds for a particular nightwave series after you finish the mission (Or immediately if you're in the orbiter / Relay, etc.); Weekly acts could reward you 10 creds each; & Elite Weekly acts, which often may be a bit of a real challenge depending on how prepared you are, can reward a whole 15 creds each! This would / should resolve things for those who felt or have said in the past that th
  5. That's pretty surprising! I haven't used the dev console on Chrome much before, but I might see how that works. I imagine the rivens were implemented long before I first began Warframe though :) It's good to know some possible cases where the riven fails to load up properly too; I can confirm on my end that simply accessing the build using the link from my Discord, brings you to the build but with the riven being reset to that blank state. I appreciate your help with those alternate solutions around the issue @Kalbintion :) It's not a major rush to be honest; I've been
  6. Similar to how Titania Prime has her own unique walking / sprinting animation, that skating animation for Nezha could be reserved for his prime! I'm thinking of it working like Shadow the Hedgehog, as an example (Especially leaving that Firewalker trail behind him). As for a Dodging / sliding animation, I'm sure there is a way to have those flow with Nezha Prime's hypothetical skating. As for Railjack, I wanted to share this here @[DE]Rebecca, in case it helps! I just thought it might be relevant to those asking about Railjack updates, and this mission type in itself sounds r
  7. Yeah :) Assuming you've successfully received the drop (Unfortunately not everyone's been able to in the past, due to varying reasons), Teshin will send you an inbox message in-game with the thing(s). That being said, the Twitch website is not part of that notice-wise, so you'll only ever hear about getting the drop from Teshin. Thankfully, Twitch Prime has nothing to do with getting drops or not to boot, (I've seen and heard of cases where people thought you needed Twitch Prime for some reason before) so it's free! At least in my experience, you just need to make sure your statu
  8. There's a few things I can think of off the top of my head, and other things I'd like to see happen have been mentioned already :) - It would help to be able to zoom in / out while you check yourself out in the arsenal, so that you can see exactly where your armor, syandanas and sigils are placed! Currently, like for viewing your Operator you need to move the cursor over different parts of the customization menu in order to move the camera closer or further back, which isn't ideal for Fashion-frame efficiency, etc. For frames, looking at the regalia (Shoulder emblems) is one main w
  9. Sure thing; I've set both builds for public use now :) (I had a wee bit of trouble with saving them as public instead of private, but I made it work by accessing the build links from the text channel on Discord while being logged into the site) (The issue that occurred was that the edit button wouldn't save it, so upon reloading the page I noticed I was logged out again, so the edit button itself may be alright! I'm not sure why the site logged me out, but it's not a serious / relevant issue at the moment) Both builds I made for the Ayanga use the same hypothetical riven,
  10. Hey @Kalbintion, Gamer-Steve again :) I just wanted to report a few minor things, and let me know if you need more information, or the links to the builds (I can set them to public in that case) if you need to see / test them firsthand. A little bit ago I noticed that the site has Primed Rubedo-Lined Barrel (Very glad to see it finally! Well worth the wait; it's been a fair while since I logged on), and so I updated my Imperator Vandal and Kuva Ayanga builds with that in mind, to replace the regular Rubedo-Lined Barrel. But after saving the edits, I noticed something surprisin
  11. Indeed, I think the best thing that can be done is to re-code the mobile format to how it was before, bringing back all the standard functions of the Computer version. Of course, with the recent visual updates it had remaining :) That being said, I'm not sure if it has to do with the mobile formatting itself or my Android phone (I'm leaning towards the site formatting) but when pressing the "enter" touchscreen keyboard button, it seems to de-select your cursor on your typing, if you're working on a post like I am right now. It then needs you to scroll up / down and re-select where
  12. I could definitely see this being a viable new mission at some point! There are also some various Orokin things underground, but of course a fair number of those caverns are dead ends. That being said, this could certainly expand from that, even extending to a new bounty mission type (Or personal star chart node if the community & OP / DE prefers that). The Corpus may have technology built onto the tunnel systems they manage that disable Archwings / AW Launchers, which would explain why they cannot be used. But perhaps the mission type could be introduced in a new operatio
  13. I've been wondering about something like that too. Considering how the Emissary became a new assassination boss node, perhaps at the climax of series 3, Nihil will stay around as a void assassination mission. As for what'll happen with Nora, I'm wondering if she's gone on the down low, causing the static we see from wherever she's broadcasting; Possibly far underground or far out in space with some protections in place that interfere with it. I think it would be interesting to see if the Tenno's collective actions (Lua & certain other quests) have led to Nihil's eme
  14. She has two alt helms as far as I know, but not a Tennogen one yet, so that would be interesting. Hypothetically @[DE]Taylor, has there been any thought towards Prime frames getting Tennogen alt helmets? I believe Mesa Prime is the only prime frame who has an alt helm, though that one isn't a Tennogen of course. Even if they weren't made by Tenno, more prime alt helmets would be a good idea to explore as well someday, I'm sure.
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