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  1. I'd like to see this happen too; It could even be used in leu of the Exilus forma idea, since this would help with that slot. That does bring one question to mind though; Since you can't usually swap polarities between an Exilus slot and the regular ones, if someone doesn't put it in the Exilus slot first, would attempting to place a 2nd Multi-polarity forma just replace wherever the current one is at, as a way to "swap" that around? If so, I'd imagine the previous slot would just become blank, to leave room for a different forma. Just some food for thought, hypothetically speaking.
  2. That makes sense :) I almost forgot about the holiday things for a moment; DE could definitely expand on that with stuff like this. It'd be even more than a Lepus headgear / Pumpkin head though, so I could see that being Peculiar right off the bat. Certainly candidates for it. As far as Stealth options go in general, it sounds like that reddit post was aiming for all frames to be applicable with it (Octavia could provide the invisibility off the top of my head), so I imagine this would come across the minds of a lot of Tenno someday.
  3. I gotcha :) I still remember about that Gara thread. Perhaps the ability VFX customization could be achieved after The New War if DE decided to put enough time into it to make sure it doesn't break other things severely. Although some sort of Masking FX would be nice too at least.
  4. Anytime! Sorry if the link didn't work too well; I noticed the "share" option on that page & copied the link via that, and pasted it above. Hm, if Stealth was added to the Peculiar line, then maybe it would just make the other players' Frame be transparent with the appropriate settings set in the options? I'm not 100% sure which one I would go for, but I'd love to see more ideas come from this too. It might be possible to create Stealth Tennogen FX as well, if DE expanded that. Although I'm not sure if that would consist of transparent 3D models or just textures & screen option combinations to equip in the Arsenal (Like in the Deceptive Masking image), but I feel that it has a good amount of potential in & of itself as well.
  5. It probably doesn't count as "Peculiar" by itself, but I thought this would be interesting to share :) I just noticed the customizing similarity between this and the Peculiar option. One of the first comments on that post even suggested a fake nose / mustache & glasses, which would be a peculiar stealth method, heh!
  6. I don't have the screenshots at the moment, but I've seen this as well with Mirage Prime's Emissive colors too, as well as the dark sections of Octavia Prime; I've had a hard time getting those colors just right. In Mirage Prime's case, if you have certain emissive colors selected (The order of the colors also seems to make a difference), they appear different in & outside of the Arsenal; It'll need a bit of testing on my part to double check. I don't have Nidus Prime yet myself, but I can see what you mean about the difficulty of getting the colors well enough.
  7. I think that would be a decent idea if it were implemented! Almost makes me picture doing part of a K-Drive race with it (Perhaps Saw races in the PoE?). In any case, it reminded me of this too; That being said, pertaining to the melee aspects specifically I also think it should have multiple hits in succession while the blades are contacting an enemy. No matter how fast / slow you swing the weapon, since the engine is revved up I don't see why it wouldn't be able to deal multiple (Slightly smaller) amounts of damage per tick that add up to either the same total damage it does now (As noted earlier in this thread), or slightly more if all the hits occur during a combo. Unless I'm mistaken, during the most recent Devstream with Rhino showcasing the Ghoulsaw in action, I don't believe it was ever mentioned that you'd have to repeatedly tap the melee button to continue revving up the engine when moving forward. I'm not sure why it isn't simply a hold action while moving forward instead, one reason being that it would likely help reduce wear & tear on the controller / mouse / keyboard's buttons, which is always a good thing. Hopefully things are going well with The New War in the meantime :)
  8. Since the Karnolyth Necramech has arrived, I can add that to the list of Mech models to create / refresh ability kits for someday (Hypothetically speaking). Since that Mech was made with Infested in the design, perhaps its abilities may be a combination of infested aspects and Mech-like attacks? It could take a few ideas from both Voidrig & Bonewidow, perhaps. Off the top of my head at the moment, I'm not sure what those abilities or passive would be for it; But making sure those abilities can also help Warframes & other allies when the situation calls for it is important too. At some point in the future I can try to think of something as a baseline for an ability set for these three Mechs (Not that it'll be set in stone), though it'll be a fair while.
  9. Not to get off-topic if I am, but I had another thought for some time relating to the squad voting. I don't know if this is the same controls-wise on the Switch compared to a PC keyboard or other controller, but on the Switch when selecting a relic for a Fissure mission one of the buttons you can use to select the relic is the same as the confirmation button to start the mission. I've heard a few bits & pieces where the mission starts accidentally (Possibly a bug on occasion?) when someone presses the Y button to select their relic, which happens to be the same button for voting yes in a squad for a mission. I think I've had it happen to myself as well, even when carefully trying to avoid pressing Y multiple times in succession (Like selecting the relic & voting yes before I noticed). That said, a fair number of times I've been told it was a misclick sort of thing, if the Y button was pressed too rapidly. So I make sure to just press A when selecting the relic directly (Because that relic selection button is different from a vote button), rather than accidentally starting a mission before others are ready. That's also why I think it may help to only have the A button be used for relic selection, although button-mapping may alleviate that part of the issue for an individual. But not everyone may change that for their controls, which leaves the possibility of a force-start, accidental or otherwise. As far as mission-canceling when a force start happens, I'm not sure why it should boot someone out of the squad; I remember there being a "Leave Squad" button right underneath your name in the top-left corner of the screen when you're on the pause menu (Not that it'll pause things), so I don't think a squad should disband just by pressing that X button like in the OP.
  10. Not sure how that's related to the thread topic, but more relevantly I think it would still be useful if Teshin's Wares were added to the mobile app, along with showing how much Steel Essence one has. Hypothetically, it could even track SP Incursions. But there wouldn't be a noticeable downside to implementing this as far as I can tell.
  11. Speaking of doing the bounty back to back, do you know if this could be considered? I'm not the only one who's been wondering about it, not to mention the fact that 10 isn't a multiple of 4 if that seems feasible. Not that I'm complaining of course, but I see no reason why it couldn't be changed if someone has a lot of Catalysts / Phylaxis crafted :)
  12. *Reads thread* The only way I could see this happening is if somebody made a Frame FighterZ mod and replaced all of the characters with Warframes and custom movesets. (Goes without saying there'd be some ping-ponging legal talk though) (Frame Fighter needs more Frames)
  13. Hm, as far as space goes would it help if the Wreckage system were tweaked a bit if it were applied to Veiled rivens? (I wanted to clarify this part, but it slipped my mind the first time) If you get a riven from someplace like NW or Teshin / Arbitrations, then it could go into your inventory with just the weapon type shown. Only when you select the riven stack, is when a challenge could be given. One could think of it like a deck of unseen (Effectively blank) cards. When you obtain the card(s), just checking on what weapon category it is should be all that's needed. Then one day when you have space for a veiled riven officially, the game could create a random challenge to reveal that riven, and then it takes up a slot. Or (If the servers can handle it well enough), only have it take up a slot when the challenge is completed. Otherwise hypothetically, I was just wondering if that'd save a bit of space, considering that even if you had a wreckage-style stack of veiled rivens for a specific weapon type, if the system had to track what the challenges were for each one that's still more space being taken up that doesn't need to be yet, as those rivens aren't being attempted or traded until you go to do so. So the most important part to keep track of is the weapon type, I think. Then you can open the deck of cards and pull one out, and look at its challenge :) Getting a veiled riven in a trade would probably come with a challenge, since (Hypothetically speaking) someone else must have then pulled that out of their inventory first. In that case having a challenge might make sense for it to need a slot, but this is just brainstorming at the moment. Hopefully the wreckage system could be applied to rivens either way though! NW Sortie challenges definitely need it.
  14. Not something in-game, but I noticed a tiiiiny slip up in the News section on the Nintendo Switch: Konzu's really trying to make sure people know to talk to him! I dunno if a Switch news article can be edited after it's made, but I thought I'd let you know.
  15. I'm surprised this hadn't been implemented on the first go-around, it would really help if this could be changed to match other gear item totals. @[DE]Ruu, hopefully this isn't interrupting too much, but is there a chance this could be considered? Or at the very least a higher multiple of 4?
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